Conviction over blackmail attempt

A mother who tried to blackmail a man who slept with her sister was yesterday convicted and remanded for sentence.

Moetahi Walker, 27, masseuse, appeared before Judge Christina Cook in the Queenstown District Court charged with expressly threatening to make an accusation with intent to cause the victim to act to obtain a benefit, namely $6000 on December 19.

A summary of facts said a 39-year-old Turkish man had sex with Walker's 18-year-old sister then drove her home. The teenager had a sheet wrapped around her waist and was questioned by her older sibling, who formed the opinion the victim's actions amounted to rape.

She sent a text message pretending to be her sister and told the victim she wanted to meet at a house in Man St.

When he arrived she took digital photos of his face, yelled at him and accused him of rape. He left and 15 minutes later received a text message asking him to return.

Walker got into his car and drove to Thompson St, where she told him there were two ways to deal with the situation - either he went to jail and was deported or he could pay $6000 compensation.

He told her he did not have that kind of money and she suggested he paid $200 a week, with the first payment starting on Christmas Day.

During the next few days, Walker sent texts reminding him of the meeting but he did not reply. Eventually he sent a message saying she was the criminal, he was not going to pay and to go to the police. She then rang 111.

Judge Cook remanded Walker for sentence on February 24.

Theft in a special relationship

Kim Abrahams, 24, South African national, of Fernhill, appeared for an application for a discharge without conviction for theft in a special relationship last year.

Abrahams, a former waitress, was convicted for stealing more than $3000 from her employer, who installed CCTV cameras when the till was left short. She was ordered to come up for sentence if called upon within six months.

Lawyer Mike Newell said Abrahams moved to New Zealand to escape a troubled life in South Africa and had repaid $2500 to her former employer before Christmas.

Judge Cook said the offending was serious, the methods used indicated relative sophistication and there was a clear abuse of trust. "I take the view the prolonged abuse of trust combined with the large amount of money must have consequences. While I accept those consequences will be substantial I do not accept they will be out of proportion to the nature of the charge."

Police opposed the application for a discharge and the court was told she was likely to face deportation.


Jackson James Todd, 26, stonemason, of Glenorchy, was sentenced to 18 months' intensive supervision for burglary at Glenorchy Lodge, January 2, and convicted and discharged for possessing cannabis and possessing instruments on January 3.

Ryan Ian Sanderson, 28, of Otatara, was sentenced to 80 hours' community work for entering a building without authority and with intent to commit theft on November 8, and convicted and discharged for being unlawfully in a building, November 7.


Jonathan Herbert Robertson, 41, was sentenced to 20 months' intensive supervision, including a condition that he attend a drug and alcohol assessment and a domestic violence programme, and 175 hours' community work for assaulting a female. Judge Cook also imposed a protection order and emotional harm reparation of $500.


Sean David Thomas, 25, researcher, of Fernhill, Zachary John Marwick, 25, computer programmer, and William David Shanks, 23, plumber, were each fined $450 for behaving in a disorderly manner that was likely in the circumstances to cause violence to continue on January 8. Thomas was also convicted and discharged for obtaining by deception after refusing to pay for a taxi fare to Fernhill on December 21.


Ethan Neville Wright, 19, of Fernhill, was convicted and warned for failing to report to a probation officer on November 30 at Dunedin following a sentence of nine months' supervision in Queenstown on July 29.


Nicholas Myles Robertson, 35, plumber, of Luggate, was fined $500 for cultivating and possessing cannabis on December 1.

Refused specimen

Ned Edward Reo Webster, 31, labourer, was fined $1000 and disqualified from driving for eight months for refusing to permit a blood specimen under the Lane Transport Act on January 17.

Careless driving

Devin John Parker, 39, bus driver, of Frankton, was fined $550 for careless driving on October 19.


Oliver David Yelland, 25, bouncer, was fined $1700 and disqualified for 10 months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 1030mcg on January 10.

Jessica Charlotte Warren, 26, 508mcg on January 17. Fined $450 and disqualified for six months.

Daniel Caleb Rooke, 31, 771mcg on October 26. Fined $850 and disqualified for seven months.

Assaf Hussain Hamad Alharbi, 21, of Dunedin, 645mcg on January 2. Fined $600 and disqualified for six months.

Lilly Dianne Boden, 20, 770mcg on January 25. Fined $850 and disqualified for six months.

Lucia Criasia, 31, 639mcg on January 18. Fined $650 and disqualified for six months.

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