'Nothing sinister' in having rifles

A 31-year-old man has been fined for unlawfully possessing rifles.

Reuben Huxtable, of Otahu Flat, was fined $400 when he appeared before Judge Christina Cook in the Invercargill District Court last week and admitted possessing firearms without a licence, namely a .22 rifle and .308 rifle, at Tuatapere on January 17.

The court was told police attended his house on an unrelated matter and found one of the firearms in a bedroom and another in a vehicle outside.

Huxtable admitted possession and said he had tried to get a licence but was unsuccessful. He used one for farm work and the other for hunting deer. His lawyer, John Fraser, said there was no sinister reason for the possession.

Judge Cook agreed. But New Zealand had a strict firearms policy and it was there for a good reason, she said.


Shane Michael Campbell, 34, unemployed, was remanded on bail to February 21 for assaulting a female and stealing a cellphone on January 7 and driving while disqualified on January 10 and 11.

Jonathon Scott Davidson, 33, dairy worker, was convicted and ordered to come up for sentence if called upon within six months for assaulting a female on January 9.


Steven John Blanch, 30, was sentenced to four months' jail and ordered to pay $600 reparation for stealing a PlayStation 3 and 12 games on May 2. The court was told Blanch borrowed a PlayStation 3 and games. He was to return them the next day but five months later still had not done so. When spoken to by police he said the man owed him money and it was given to him as payment.

Jamie Michael Swinburne, 22, was sentenced to 80 hours' community work for receiving a cellphone, valued at $799, knowing it had been stolen on December 2.


Jamie Brian Ruddell was sentenced to 40 hours' community work for breaching supervision.

Phillip Andrew Ward was remanded to March 7 for compliance for breaching community work on January 18.


Karwyn Matai Ngatai, 17, was sentenced to 80 hours' community work and disqualified from driving for six months for driving while disqualified on January 1.


Ashleigh Kay Wilson, 17, of Frankton, was fined $350 and disqualified for three months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 397mcg (under 20) on December 15.

John Ronald Hunter, 24, was fined $450 and disqualified for six months for driving with a blood alcohol level of 84mg.

The Southland Times