Alexandra District Court News - March

23:21, Mar 27 2014

Driving herself home from court with a suspended driver's licence landed a wool handler with another court appearance on March 28.

Tui Waireti Holmes, 25, was in the Alexandra District Court on March 6 on an unrelated matter. However, she was caught driving home on a suspended licence.

Yesterday, she appeared in the same court before Judge Dominic Flately for driving while suspended and was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for a further six months from May 28.


Sinead Terri Booth, 17, shedhand, of Cromwell, was sentenced to 75 hours' community work for entering a building without authority between September 1 and 15 and taking nine items of clothing and shoes. Booth knew the owner of the house and took the clothes because she liked them, police said.



Daniel James Musson, 30, of Wedderburn, was ordered to reappear if called upon within 12 months for behaving in a threatening manner likely to cause violence in a public place on February 14.

Intentional damage

Lauree Dorothy O'Neill, 28, dairy worker, of Omakau, was convicted and ordered to continue supervision until November for intentionally damaging a car window on December 9.


Joel Roy Blissett, 21, farm worker, of Ranfurly, was fined $500 for possessing a rifle without a firearms licence on March 18.


Timothy Ian Jopson, 26, automotive dismantler, of Cromwell, was fined $450 for smoking cannabis on March 14.


Mark Stacey Thompson, 37, of Cromwell, was fined $500 and disqualified for six months from April 1 for driving while suspended on February 20.

Leon Matiu Flutey-Tuheke, 21, shearer, of Alexandra, was sentenced to 50 hours' community work and disqualified for six months for sustained loss of traction on February 22, actions the judge described as "dumb and with having the potential to lose control."


Bevan Ian McKenzie, 41, butcher, of Wanaka, was sentenced to six months' jail for driving with a blood alcohol level of 93mg at Ashburton on December 13 - his fifth drink-driving offence - and disqualified from driving for at least 18 months.

Tu Rangi Morehu, 55, was sentenced to five months' community detention, eight months' supervision and disqualified for 13th months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 617mcg on December 21 - his fourth offence, convicted and discharged for driving while forbidden.

Darren Keith Jeffries, 29, presser, of Alexandra, was fined $500 for driving with a breath alcohol level of 478mcg on February 23 and fined $200 for driving while suspended in the same incident.

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