Teenager pleads guilty, siblings deny charges

Three brothers from Albert Town charged in relation to robbing a tourist appeared in Queenstown District Court yesterday.

Beaudine Wira, 17, and his siblings Daarian, 18, and Jarred, 20, appeared separately before Judge Michael Turner.

Beaudine Wira entered a guilty plea to injuring with intent to injure on January 9 and was remanded on bail for sentence on June 16.

His lawyer said a school formal was scheduled for May and he was seeking a bail variation to allow his client to attend.

The judge said the teenager was convicted of an offence that carried a starting point of around two years' jail and a separate consideration of a bail variation was needed to determine "whether he is let out at night to go and enjoy himself at a school ball".

The elder brothers entered not guilty pleas and elected trial.

They were remanded in custody for a callover in the Invercargill District Court on June 20 after entering not guilty to a joint charge of robbing $350 from a tourist on January 9.

The Southland Times