Invercargill District Court News - April

01:47, Apr 14 2014

A man who didn't stop for police told the Invercargill District Court his car stereo was too loud to hear the siren.

When he appeared before Judge Michael Turner on April 11, Stephen Wayne Dunn, 21, was fined $200 for failing to stop for police on April 5.

Dunn was noticed by police leaving a car park without his seatbelt on, and they followed him, the court was told.

They activated the patrol car's flashing lights and sirens, but Dunn failed to stop, driving for more than 1.5km before pulling into a driveway. When police confronted Dunn in the driveway, he approached them in a "very hostile manner".

Lawyer Rachael Adams said Dunn had been buying legal highs immediately before the offending, and had been verbally abused by protesters when he left the store. He felt intimidated by the behaviour of the protesters and was so eager to leave he forgot to put his seatbelt on, Adamson said.

"In his mind, he just wanted to get in his car and get out."


He had just installed a new sub-woofer in his car, and had the stereo turned up so loud he did not hear the police siren behind him, Adams said.

The judge acknowledged Dunn was not under the influence of legal highs at the time of the offending but warned him that the drugs would ruin his life.

He told Dunn he should make sure to wear a seatbelt in future, stop taking legal highs, and turn down the volume on his stereo.


Brandon Anthony Mcgregor, 20, was sentenced to nine months' jail for burglaries on August 25, and February 18 and 19, and for trespass on February 19.


Judge Walker Henry, 22, was remanded on bail to May 23 for sentence for driving carelessly, with a sustained loss of traction and with a breath alcohol level of 864mcg on March 14.

Joshua Richard Briggs, 27, spraypainter, was sentenced to 60 hours' community work and disqualified from driving for seven months for driving while suspended and with a sustained loss of traction on April 6.

Gordon Macdonald Leask, 53, fisheries worker, of Stewart Island, was fined $1400 and disqualified for nine months for driving carelessly and with a blood alcohol level of 132mg at Half Moon Bay on January 28.

Karlton Ratana, 31, forestry worker, was sentenced to four months' community detention, 100 hours' community work and disqualified for one year and one month for driving while disqualified on February 8.


John William McEwan, 44, meat grader, was fined $670 and disqualified for six months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 679mcg on April 6.


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