Funds used for holidays, court told

03:31, Apr 28 2014
Jenna Lee Robinson
Jenna Lee Robinson.

A former ANZ bank employee convicted of a $400,000 theft used the money to buy a house and pay for holidays to Canada and Japan, Queenstown District Court was told today.

Jenna Lee Robinson, 29, of Arthurs Pt, appeared before Judge Christina Cook charged with directly accessing a computer bank system, the ANZ computer network, to set up 16 fictitious accounts with loan and overdraft facilities and five counts of theft on dates between August 2010 and July last year.

Her lawyer Nic Soper entered guilty pleas and she was convicted and remanded for sentence on May 19.

Sergeant Ian Collin said Robinson was a business banking relationship manager with the Camp St branch of ANZ and she resigned from her job in Queenstown in August last year to take a position with another bank.

In November, an ANZ asset recovery manager reviewed a file with a home loan in arrears and identified the bank did not hold any security regarding the loan.

Multiple discrepancies were identified and the matter was passed to a bank investigaion team, who found Robinson used her staff access code between August 16, 2010 - her 26th birthday - and October 25, 2012 to create 16 fictitious accounts and arranged for loans and overdrafts for all the accounts.


Bank staff reviewed CCTV and spotted Robinson making a cash deposit to an account under investigation, the court was told.

Overdrafts and loans ranged between $12,000 and $120,000 and the final sum was $402,386.

''The defendant's actions were well planned and very deliberate. She created fake documents and other company documentation to support some of the loans and overdrafts,'' the sergeant said.

She declined to speak to ANZ and when interviewed by police she said she used the money to fund a $115,000 deposit for a $575,000 home in Arthurs Pt.

Money was also used to pay off credit card debt, pay for a five-week holiday in Canada and a four-week holiday in Japan, holidays in New Zealand and furnishings, the court was told.

''On the face of it given that amount of money imprisonment is a very real outcome,'' Judge Cook said.

The judge granted bail and asked for a full pre-sentence report.

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