'Reckless' driving results in golf cart ban

06:02, Aug 11 2014

A 12-year-old has been banned from riding the family golf cart after police spoke with his parents about his reckless driving.

The boy was seen driving around Lakes Hayes Estate, near Queenstown, on Friday afternoon, Constable Chris Blackford said.

''His driving was described as reckless. Him and his mates were in it,'' he said.

No further action was taken.

In other police news, a 24-year-old male and a related female from Auckland were arrested in Queenstown on Saturday morning after the male was caught fighting.

''When police checked the CCTV footage, they also identified a person with the same surname and the same address... the 26-year-old female was identified stealing two jackets.''


It was possible the fight was a discretionary tactic, Blackford said.

The jackets were found at the apartment the pair were staying at. Police then identified other bags and jackets stolen from Vinyl Underground the previous evening.

They were likely to face further charges.

And at about 11am on Saturday morning, an Arrowtown postie suffered grazes to her legs and arms after being hit by a SUV, which pulled out in front of her.

Enquiries were continuing as the postie did not have the driver's details but the driver did have the postie's details.

The Southland Times