Robin Allison

Digging the communal way

Do you ever feel you're "over" managing a conventional Kiwi section and garden by yourself and ponder some different form of housing where there's more neighbourly co-operation, sharing of knowledge and skills?

Get the dirt on winespeak

Want to fool dinner party guests into thinking you're a proper connoisseur? Then get to grips with these buzzwords.

It's time to put down the put-downs


OPINION: Look, it might be OK to crack "seen better" to an idle flasher in the park but honestly, how often should we be using these put-down phrases?

Gone fishing

What's going on in the angling world?

It's the time of the year when southerners spend time in a pursuit so appealing that others are prepared to cross the world to join them.

Perfect brussels sprouts

I have memories of horrible grey unpleasant smelling little cabbages.

Wartime experiences

"Call yourself the cream of New Zealand?" barked the sergeant major. "Good God, I wouldn't like to taste the milk!"

'Who'll come with me?'

Jack Hinton had had enough of this retreating malarky. It was April 1941 and in military terms the Greek campaign was already lost.

Inconspicuous memories

Dick Travis' exploits

Looking to the future

Aaron Horrell The RSA is three years shy of its 100th birthday. It has a long history, but does it have a future?

Region marks Anzac Day 2013

Stories from around the region as we mark Anzac Day 2013.

The Blue Line

The forgotten army

War memorials of the south

The south is dotted with war memorials, stark reminders of the tragedies that successive wars have brought.

People felt pressured

No one drowned. No one was electrocuted. No one succumbed to disease. But people did die from the 1984 floods.

Your say: The 1984 floods

The floods of 1984 had a wide impact throughout Southland, cutting Invercargill in half and causing devastating damage around the province.

If it's this bad now, what's still to come?

Watching as your life washes away

Flood of memories

Twenty-five years ago today, at 4am on a Friday, Invercargill declared a state of emergency.

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