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01:12, Jul 23 2014
Jason Shon Bennett
HEALTHY LIFESTYLER: New Zealand leading health guru and best-selling author Jason Shon Bennett will host The Secret to Exceptional Health seminar in Wanaka next week.

Sick of being sick and on daily medication for over 25 years Jason Shon Bennett kick-started a lifelong pursuit to find a solution to live a long and healthy life.

After an all-night drinking session at the age of 18, Bennett vomited on a bus floor.

It was at that moment he decided to give up drinking and smoking cannabis.

However, three years later he was still getting multiple colds, flu and coughs every year and would be in bed for up to a week at a time as well as suffering from long-term lower back pain.

"I just hated being sick badly enough to do something radical about it."

After 25 years of personal research, trial and error, at age 46 he says he was now 100 per cent cured, even from asthma he was diagnosed with as a young child.


"I have not had a cold, flu, cough, bug or virus for around 20 years and I did it the natural way, through changing my diet, lifestyle, environment, attitude and habits."

For the past 20 years his focus have been been studying Centenarian's - People who live to 100.

He has condensed his findings about what keeps you living a healthy life, free of disease into your 100's into his newly released book Eat Less Live Long.

The book has been listed in Whitcoulls Top 100 reads for 2014.

"People generally want to be healthier and live a longer life with fewer ailments, but there are so many conflicting health messages out there," says Bennett.

It was "basic human desire" for a long and healthy life but many people were "beginning to fall apart in their forties", Bennett said.

Being able to live to 100 was not about genetics but diet, lifestyle and environment, he said.

He is hosting a seminar in Wanaka tomorrow.


What: The Secret to Exceptional Health Seminar

When: July 24 at 6pm

Where: Lake Wanaka Centre

Cost: Tickets $25 or $20 for two or more when purchased at the same time.CHE BAKER

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