Two mums, one card, lots of love

DOUBLE CELEBRATION: Corey (left) and Toni Daane read the card their son Jaylen-Blaze made them for Mother’s Day.
DOUBLE CELEBRATION: Corey (left) and Toni Daane read the card their son Jaylen-Blaze made them for Mother’s Day.

At just 17 months, Jaylen-Blaze Daane is too young to realise the significance of the second Sunday in May, but he will have plenty of opportunities in the future to make the day special for his two mums.

Corey and Toni Daane were among the thousands of southern mothers who were, hopefully, pampered, given the day off and showered with gifts for Mother's Day yesterday.

It might be a couple of years before Jaylen-Blaze will be able to treat them to breakfast in bed. While he had made his mums a card, he was more interested in playing with toys than letting them put their feet up and relax yesterday.

The pair are one of more than 1000 same-sex female couples to have had civil unions in New Zealand since they were introduced in 2005.

They met as bridesmaids at a mutual friends' wedding in Hamilton eight years ago – the groom was worried about keeping the groomsmen away from friends, not expecting romance to blossom between them. They developed a close friendship that led to them falling in love, Toni said.

After their civil union four years ago, they used the services of a fertility clinic in Hamilton, where they were living, to conceive, spending two years on the waiting list and using an anonymous sperm donor. They were lucky to get pregnant after just the second attempt, she said.

While they believe same-sex relationships were more common in the North Island, partly because of the larger population, they have had no problems being accepted in Invercargill since moving to the city earlier in the year to be closer to Toni's family and to give Jaylen-Blaze the chance to grow up around family.

They found once people got to know them, and saw the love they had for each other and Jaylen-Blaze, they were quite accepting of their relationship, Toni said.

"It's really no different to a child having a single mother looking after them and having an absent father. Except he has two people who love him so much."

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