Roy of the Rovers

A gift to the nation: the 1kg oyster

Eric Roy

Invercargill MP Eric Roy is retiring this election. A yarn or two would seem to be in order, then.

Heritage and food memories abound

Southland Times photo

Our Past, Our Story, Our Future was the theme of the Heritage Forum in Invercargill aimed at working together towards a united southern heritage community.

Spritzy fruit-spangled succulent Sangria

Southland Times photo

Now you can pour this delicious mix of wine, fruit, a spritzer and sometimes spirits straight from the bottle.

Reg lived what he believed in

Southland Times photo

When Reg and Win Small marked their 65th wedding anniversary this time last year, the celebrations in Central Southland went on for four days, generations of family and friends from all over returning to their home base in Winton.

The lost child

Story leads to family reunion

Southland Times photo

A Southland Times story about a soldier's tiny Gallipoli diary has helped two branches of a family connect at last.

Tempting tatties always a treat

Southland Times photo

Ireland is the country we associate even now with the great famine of the 1840s, so devastating were the effects of potato blight on a population already on its knees.

City sisters launch design label

Kelk and Adam

Two Invercargill sisters are making it big in the world of design in Australia.

Hail, Caesar's salad

Southland Times photo

Let's take another trip on our culinary journey and visit the salad created in 1924 which changed the way the world we viewed salads - from there on, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Uphill Battle: Children give inspiration

My first sports-related injury

Uphill Battle column

I'm barely into a 10km race, my armpits are chaffing . . . but a drive-by high-five helped pick up my speed.

Tulloch scratches endurance itch

Southland Times photo

Southland's Ian "Inky" Tulloch will create local motorsport history next month.

When thoughts turn to tomatoes


Now that we are into August, it's the right time to start thinking about tomatoes for the new season.

Opportunity for city makeup artist

New Zealand Fashion Week 2014

Finishing touch: Christchurch designer Wendy Jerard, left, with a model on the last day of fittings for New Zealand Fashion Week.

Invercargill makeup artist Kerry Penisula-Spain is living the dream at New Zealand Fashion Week.

For your eyes only just an old song


Pat Veltkamp Smith

Isn't it odd that people who'd not read other's letters or wouldn't admit to so doing, whack into emails like they were sheets of printed newspaper there for open consumption?

Catching the dragon's tail

Southland Times photo

Tourism is a bit like the traditional Chinese school-yard game, "catch the dragon's tail."

Herbal liqueurs


Fancy your own homemade tipple? Homegrown herbs aren't just beneficial for flavouring foods, they're an excellent ingredient in homemade liqueurs.

The dirty on oven cleaning


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: You think you've seen it all with these on-telly cooking shows, aspiring young chefs, the grumpy dismissive old guys they all fawn over, shiny modern equipment, fabulous fresh foods, dishes to die for.

Uphill Battle: Part of deal

A steep learning curve

Uphill Battle column

Rabbits. Those cute little pests are a pain to landowners - and runners.

Winter magic from a tough customer

Red cabbage

You love it or hate it. If the latter, I bet you've only had it boiled - until the Moon sets over the cow shed - a crime that should be relegated to the Cooks Hall of Shame.

Drink up, but watch for collateral damage


The very mention of fat (which is why I have suits of four different sizes in my wardrobe) always grabs my attention.

Messing with natural order comes at a cost


Mankind has a problem messing with nature and the natural order of things for either greed or their own ego.

Rosemary: Brain tonic


The 1866 publication Treasury of Botany offers a possible reason for dying rosemary plants.

Recipe: Peri peri chicken quinoa salad


Forget the stews and soups - it's time for salad. Here's a great quinoa option by MasterChef finalist Bec Stanley.

Marathon challenge

Mal Laws

A Wanaka man has set himself an "off the scale" challenge of completing 50 off-road mountain marathons in 50 days - back-to-back to support mental health.

Leading the way to build warmer homes

'Hard slog for a young kiwi fellow'

Scott Pickett

Luggate builder Scott Pickett doesn't like draughty homes.

Milk bottles found to feed imagination

'Small' hobby yields big creations

Archie McDonald

Invercargill man Archie McDonald has discovered an everyday item could double as an affordable child's building block.

Now's good for planting, feeding, repotting


This is the best time of the year for planting trees, shrubs, roses, perennials and also hardy vegetables and annual flowers.

Super kumara

Kumara muffins.

This week let's look at a vegetable that could well be called one of our national treasures.

Last lot of knitteds for group stalwart


Southerners are furiously looping and crocheting to help children in villages and orphanages in Eastern Europe to keep warm.

A cut above the rest

Mint and Pistachio Lamb Noisette

Our "Pure South" Sharp Blacks have achieved the ultimate and been named the best butchers in the world. All Alliance Group suppliers should take great pride in the success of the team adding further international exposure to their Pure South brand and the satisfaction they have supported the best in the world.

Plantings save penguins

Southland Times photo

More than 500 trees have been planted on the Catlins coast to improve the environment for the endangered yellow-eyed penquin.

Pukerau Nurseries scoops landscape honours

Hokonui garden wins honours

If there's some quiet satisfaction around Pukerau at the moment it's well deserved.

Price v quality: a question of psychology


There is always an awkward moment when my wife and I go out to dinner at the homes of friends who don't share our interest in wine but are, nevertheless, partial to the odd drop out of a clean glass.

Boom! A kakapo in the night

DOC efforts help kakapos make a comeback


Rare bird's population is growing once again, thanks to a recovery programme on a tiny island in the Foveaux Strait.

Chickpeas pulse with goodness


Poets have been celebrating food and drink since time began, so it's a fair bet that someone - probably in Ancient Rome - wrote an ode to the venerable chickpea.

A loo roll checking disorder

Toilet paper

OPINION: Y ep, I do like having the last word, whether it is goodbye, thank you or I love you.

A sucker for edamame


One of our family's favourite "snack" foods is the Japanese named edamame. Generally we enjoy them served in the pod, simply poached, salted then dipped in a delightful mixture of soy sauce and wasabi.

Former Kiwi swaps league for speed

Whetu Taewa in a league of his own

Whetu Taewa

Whetu Taewa blitzed the opposition with pace and power throughout his international league career.

Grape expectations for pinot noir lifestyle

John Rasmussen

John Rasmussen's dream was to build a home within a vineyard, where he could enjoy retirement.

Uphill Battle: Diabolic ride

A little too much new-found confidence

Uphill Battle column

It has been about two months since Southland Times reporter Jo McKenzie-McLean first put on her running shoes and started training.

Longevity secrets studied

Jason Shon Bennett

Sick of being sick and on daily medication for over 25 years Jason Shon Bennett kick-started a lifelong pursuit to find a solution to live a long and healthy life.

Ravishing risotto


Risotto - it is one of those dishes that started as a humble meal that has moved on to gain gourmet status.

Pinnacle of health

Aro Ha

An unexpectedly rewarding journey of denial and deprivation.

Apples for Africa

Southland Times photo

In the 1960s I worked on a back-country sheep station where apples were stored in a way that kept them fresh but, more importantly, protected from savage frosts.

Climber's ascent hailed as exceptional

Attempt 'long and arduous beyond words'


A mountaineer's winter climb of Pope's Nose has been described as "possibly the finest alpine achievement of New Zealand's modern era".

Skinny wine a sign of the times


Damned if I know why people suddenly want to drink wines from which much of the "kick" has been removed.

Make a meal of the Welsh emblem


Like many Southlanders we grow our own leeks for as much of the year as possible.

Amisfield viticulturist wins

Mike Winter

It was second time lucky for Amisfield assistant vineyard manager Mike Winter.

Print is king in ad world


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: Whoever takes the time to commit print to paper has a fan in me.

Stock key to good soup

With cold weather there is nothing more heartwarming than a good bowl of soup.

Uphill Battle: Making progress

Jo can now talk while running

Uphill Battle column

Things are about to get tougher for running trainee and Southland Times reporter Jo McKenzie-McLean.
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