The roguish philanthropist

Or, if you prefer, the philanthropic rogue. Either way, Louis Crimp was the stuff of legend in Invercargill. Michael Fallow reports

Dust and discourse in Waianiwa

A collection of chairs in varying states of disrepair, coated in dust, are assembled around an old fire.

Murrray family heads for the hills

The Murray family of Wanaka have spent the last four months in the hills, training for the tough Godzone Adventure Race.

Mum mistook tumour for blocked duct

A young mum is warning others not to dismiss breast cancer as an older person's disease after ignoring a cancerous lump.

Southland Times stringers prove compatible correspondents

Two longstanding Southland Times stringers' lives have entwined at Wick Cottage.

Spirit of Munro rides on

'Indian Motorcycles have done Dad proud'

One of John Munro's earliest memories involves him riding to school on the tank of his dad's motorbike.

Blazing a trail in the south

Years of toil about to pay off

Tom O'Brien has toiled relentlessly for two years in some challenging terrain to realise his dream. But Hannah McLeod discovers his "mad" dream is about to be realised.

For flashy flower heads, think bearded irises


Love fat, flashy flower heads? Then take a look at the bearded iris.

Going without is a Lotta struggle

Uphill Battle: Going without

Uphill Battle column

Mum and reporter JO McKENZIE-McLEAN is taking on one of the biggest challenges of her life training for the Northburn Station 50km. She reports on her progress.

A lovely lunch for two


Watching decent-sized asparagus spears shoot up after waiting several years is a quite a thrill.

Oh, for return of common sense


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: Do you ever feel that loads of good solid info we once had is getting lost?

Designers take pop-up option


While some Gore shopkeepers are struggling to compete with online shopping, two businesses that do most of their trade on the internet set up shop in Gore last week.

Potted fruit trees are the way to grow

Southland Times photo

Here are couple of topics I've been pondering recently that might help you in your garden.

Sublime salmon and sumac salad


Middle Eastern food often has that characteristic sour flavour.

Boy becomes Old Man at camp

Baxter Thomas

Wakatipu High School student Baxter Thomas was the first to participate in the Wakatipu Youth Trust's new International Cultural Experience Programme.

On the path to parliament

Todd Barclay

It's hardly his fault, but Todd Barclay has been making a lot of people feel old.

Celebrating lamb, glorious lamb ...

Lamb shoulder chops

One day, some enterprising soul will write a musical based on Southland lamb.

Foodie spreads skills

Ex-Alexandra man fighting poverty

Southland Times photo

Former Alexandra man Ben Whitaker is doing his bit to overcome poverty in Argentina.

Wine-buyers lured by labels

wine generic

Ever wondered what drives your wine-buying choices?

Athlete leaves door open on sporting future

Aaron Barclay

It is ironic that triathlete Aaron Barclay may have found a cure for the shin condition that has plagued his sporting career, just as he calls it quits.

Ruby rhubarb for a spring sensation


Rhubarb's amazing transformation seems to happen in a matter of days.

Italian classic with vegan twist

Southland Times photo

It's vegetarian awareness month, so try something new.

Trapping a trout takes a sense of smell


A smelt lying on the bottom of an estuary impaled on a small bait hook is an easy meal for a trout.

How times have changed for lady rowers

Christine North

New life member Christine North remembers when the Invercargill Rowing Club had no changing room for women.

Fabulous homes tour fun day out


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: After touring 10 open homes I am convinced there are just two sorts of homemakers - modern minimalists, and me.

90-year-old runner 'only a plodder'

Retired dairy farmer eyes 95th half-marathon

Colin Thorne

Colin Thorne has run 50 marathons, 94 half-marathons and trains five or six times a week.

Guide to gardening at Labour Weekend


Labour Weekend is our big gardening event of the year.

Kenyan visitors admire Godzone

Kenyan missionaries

It took 36 hours, five connecting flights and another hour driving, but for two special visitors, arriving in Balclutha was worth the long journey.

Hot and spicy


A cuisine that has gained popularity over recent years Down Under is that of Mexico.

Artist leaves her Faithful followers


Julia Faithful

Southland artist Julia Faithful has died, leaving a great body of work.

Hip injury proving to be a worry

Uphill Battle: Getting back in the game

Uphill Battle column

Mum and reporter JO McKENZIE-McLEAN is taking on one of the biggest challenges of her life training for the Northburn Station 50km. She reports on her progress. 

DIY bug sprays save cash


As the weather warms up, the number of bugs and diseases also rises. Start a regular pest control programme now and you should be able to stay on top of any problems when and if they arise. But save your dosh and make your own solutions to banish bugs, diseases and weeds.

The power and the glory of the best of the whites

Generic wine glass

I like riesling. Why don't you?

Potted lemons show when they're hungry

Southland Times photo

Q My lemon tree has very few leaves on it. It’s planted in a large container and is about five years old. It hasn’t been frosted and it’s sheltered from wind. Do lemon trees normally lose their leaves over winter?

Tom Kha Gai - Thai herbed coconut soup

Thai herbed coconut soup

Tom Kha Gai is one of the two most well known soups to come out of Thailand.

Tracing uncle's WWI footprint

Jim Flett

It wasn't until Otautau man Jim Flett watched a movie with his grandson that he decided to trace the footsteps of his uncle.

Make cheap plonk, someone will drink it

Red wine

Describe lower-end Marlborough sauvignon blanc as rubbish and you'll find yourself up to your neck in it.

Spearheading spring


New season asparagus is in supermarkets now.

Find best seeds in your mailbox

Southland Times photo

Head to your local garden centre or visit online mail order companies to pick up the latest plants on the market.

New funk in old-fashioned lovely

Southland Times photo

Modern-day breeders are churning out flashy cyclamen forms.

Coffee and cake with a touch of luxury

coffee sponge

This coffee sponge recipe never fails to produce gasps of admiration.

A taste of jihad for Wanaka

Damien Fenton

New Zealanders' first taste of jihad was at Gallipoli, says military historian Damien Fenton.

Shorts cause gym scene

Uphill Battle: Impressions of Urkel

Uphill Battle column

Jo McKenzie-McLean's legs suffered a recent wardrobe calamity.

Asparagus a simple summer wonder


Make the most of NZ's short asparagus season.

Sour ingredient means sweet result


There was a time when for most of us, vinegar came in just two varieties.

Lesley Elliott wins Women of Influence top award


Anti-domestic violence campaigner Lesley Elliott wins top prize at 2014 Women of Influence awards.

Mum vows to fight despite 'incurable' diagnosis

MaryEllen Bryan

An Invercargill mother has been told her breast cancer is incurable, but she's still vowing to fight.

Determined detective work restores honours boards

southland world war 1 honour board

World War I roll of honour board thought missing for about 30 years has been discovered in a town hall.

Court in time

Engaging tales from the legal profession

Christine French

Esteemed jurist and local girl done good Justice Christine French has delivered an inaugural commemorative address to the Southland Law Society.

East meets West

Lamb Belly

Cheaper cuts of meat produce tender and tasty dishes when respectfully handled.
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