First queen reigns on

A different time for festival royalty

Karen Peterson

It has been 57 years since Karen Peterson was escorted through a guard of honour to receive her crown.

New varieties hitting shops in spring

Southland Times photo

As the weather slowly begins to warm, the garden centre shelves are groaning with new plants.

121 years on, issues remain the same


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: Today's the 121st anniversary of New Zealand women being the first in the world to gain the right to vote.

Wedding of the week at Lake Dunstan

Wedding of the week

A rare wet day in Cromwell threatened to ruin things, but these two were just thankful to be with their family and friends.

Story of 'Hore' frocks

 Eden Hore fashion


A dress historian hopes to convince disbelievers Central Otago's surprising Eden Hore high-fashion garment collection is a worthy investment and shed light on the life of the Naseby farmer.

Lamb shanks with garlic mash

Lamb shanks

As I write we are on day 27 of the most perfect spring weather in Queenstown's recorded history. It feels wrong to be submitting this slow cooked meal.

English passes on the electorate baton

Bill English

His parliamentary career continues, but last Friday was Bill English's last round of engagements as Clutha-Southland MP. Michael Fallow tagged along.

Homemade sausage rolls a real treat

Southland Times photo

I can still remember the aroma wafting through the kitchen at Harvey Street every time mum made a batch of sausage rolls.

Pride in southern reps as poll nears


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: How to Win Friends and Influence People: sounds slick today but in the middle of the 20th century this book was a best-seller and spawned a whole genre of literature dedicated to developing sincerity, warmth, genuineness and trust like they were overlapping layers of a new paint.

If you're asthmatic, wine may pose a risk

Red wine

A group of people, particularly asthmatics, are allergic to the 'preservatives' added to wine to prevent it turning into vinegar.

A look at rugby's first knight

Southland Times photo

Former Southland Times sports editor Lynn McConnell has unearthed more information about Southland and New Zealand rugby's first knight, Sir Henry Braddon.

Family favourite with a tangy twist

Southland Times photo

Over the years readers have given or loaned me family recipe books, many inherited from mothers, grandmothers and even great-grandmothers.

Plant a picking garden

Southland Times photo

Spring has arrived in my backyard. I've cleaned up my collection of black seed trays and begun sowing hundreds of annuals for my picking garden.

Sales take off like an e-rocket

Southland Times photo

E-biking could soon take over the Sunday drive as more people prefer pedals to petrol.

Take time to master risotto

Southland Times photo

Risotto ... a dish that seems to be feared by many a home cook. Fear no more! With a little care and attention, this versatile, healthy and delicious dish can become a household regular.

Add bingeing believers to the list

wine generic

Beware the Believers who drink too much.

Ferreting out those naked ladies

Southland Times photo

In the newspaper world there are five seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter - and the silly season.

When the lights go, jot a note to friends


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: They've let us know, weeks in advance. But it makes no difference.

Light, tasty muffins for satisfaction

Southland Times photo

The pace of rural life has begun to quicken. It's unmistakable.

Prized gift of sight

Southland Times photo

Thirty-four year old Stacey Waldron sits beside her husband on a park bench in an Alexandra park.

Call of the mountain

Call of the mountail

Contrary to public perception, mountaineers are not blase about risk, New Zealand Alpine Club general manager Sam Newton says.

Giving the gift of life

Southland Times photo

Many Southlanders may be oblivious to what the Southland Kidney Organisation does.

Parsnip the vege that keeps on giving

Southland Times photo

There's something very old-fashioned about parsnips.

Uphill Battle: Tortuous times

Abs-olutley burning to meet challenge

Uphill Battle column

Mum and reporter JO McKENZIE-McLEAN is taking on one of the biggest challenges of her life training for the Northburn Station 50km mountain run in March next year. She reports on her progress.

Heart-warming beet treats

Southland Times photo

Despite long spells in the culinary wilderness, beetroot always makes a comeback. This time around, popular TV chefs are cooking risottos, baking baby beets and tossing warm salads fit to bust.

Intense training for mouth-watering success

culinary medals

Medals and trophies are piling up for Southland Boys' High School food programme.

'Tasty Blacks' win Pacific trophy

Cheese fondue

The New Zealand Culinary Team has once again proven they are the best in the Australasia Pacific region.

Hands on the reins

Keeping busy while in good health

Thelma Busby

Showing horses is in Thelma Busby's blood.

It's flu - just get over it


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: Listen, who's getting all these supposedly overprescribed wonder antibiotics the medicos are worried about?

Roy of the Rovers

A gift to the nation: the 1kg oyster

Eric Roy

Invercargill MP Eric Roy is retiring this election. A yarn or two would seem to be in order, then.

Heritage and food memories abound

Southland Times photo

Our Past, Our Story, Our Future was the theme of the Heritage Forum in Invercargill aimed at working together towards a united southern heritage community.

Spritzy fruit-spangled succulent Sangria

Southland Times photo

Now you can pour this delicious mix of wine, fruit, a spritzer and sometimes spirits straight from the bottle.

Reg lived what he believed in

Southland Times photo

When Reg and Win Small marked their 65th wedding anniversary this time last year, the celebrations in Central Southland went on for four days, generations of family and friends from all over returning to their home base in Winton.

The lost child

Story leads to family reunion

Southland Times photo

A Southland Times story about a soldier's tiny Gallipoli diary has helped two branches of a family connect at last.

Tempting tatties always a treat

Southland Times photo

Ireland is the country we associate even now with the great famine of the 1840s, so devastating were the effects of potato blight on a population already on its knees.

City sisters launch design label

Kelk and Adam

Two Invercargill sisters are making it big in the world of design in Australia.

Hail, Caesar's salad

Southland Times photo

Let's take another trip on our culinary journey and visit the salad created in 1924 which changed the way the world we viewed salads - from there on, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Uphill Battle: Children give inspiration

My first sports-related injury

Uphill Battle column

I'm barely into a 10km race, my armpits are chaffing . . . but a drive-by high-five helped pick up my speed.

Tulloch scratches endurance itch

Southland Times photo

Southland's Ian "Inky" Tulloch will create local motorsport history next month.

When thoughts turn to tomatoes


Now that we are into August, it's the right time to start thinking about tomatoes for the new season.

Opportunity for city makeup artist

New Zealand Fashion Week 2014

Finishing touch: Christchurch designer Wendy Jerard, left, with a model on the last day of fittings for New Zealand Fashion Week.

Invercargill makeup artist Kerry Penisula-Spain is living the dream at New Zealand Fashion Week.

For your eyes only just an old song


Pat Veltkamp Smith

Isn't it odd that people who'd not read other's letters or wouldn't admit to so doing, whack into emails like they were sheets of printed newspaper there for open consumption?

Catching the dragon's tail

Southland Times photo

Tourism is a bit like the traditional Chinese school-yard game, "catch the dragon's tail."

Herbal liqueurs


Fancy your own homemade tipple? Homegrown herbs aren't just beneficial for flavouring foods, they're an excellent ingredient in homemade liqueurs.

The dirty on oven cleaning


Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: You think you've seen it all with these on-telly cooking shows, aspiring young chefs, the grumpy dismissive old guys they all fawn over, shiny modern equipment, fabulous fresh foods, dishes to die for.

Uphill Battle: Part of deal

A steep learning curve

Uphill Battle column

Rabbits. Those cute little pests are a pain to landowners - and runners.

Winter magic from a tough customer

Red cabbage

You love it or hate it. If the latter, I bet you've only had it boiled - until the Moon sets over the cow shed - a crime that should be relegated to the Cooks Hall of Shame.

Drink up, but watch for collateral damage


The very mention of fat (which is why I have suits of four different sizes in my wardrobe) always grabs my attention.

Messing with natural order comes at a cost


Mankind has a problem messing with nature and the natural order of things for either greed or their own ego.

Rosemary: Brain tonic


The 1866 publication Treasury of Botany offers a possible reason for dying rosemary plants.