Anzac Day 2012 around the south

02:29, Apr 30 2012

Southerners gathered in their thousands around the region to mark Anzac Day 2012.

These are the stories and photos from this special day of remembrance.


Youngsters buoy veterans
Renewed interest in Anzac Day brought thousands of young people and families out in record numbers to Anzac Day services throughout the south.
Youngsters join
crowd at Bluff

As the Bluff community remembered the brave, the courageous and their dead, a poignant silence descended.
Flowers faithfully delivered
Every year on Anzac Day, 8-year-old Mason Aitken does his grandmother a favour.
Big day out for
Bluff-born war hero
Anzac Day was a memorable one for Bluff veteran Graham Burton, who served in four services during the Korean war.
Special appearance
There was one very noisy special guest at the Winton Anzac service: a Howitzer artillery piece used by New Zealand forces in Vietnam.
Grief remains 70 years on
Grief was still fresh for servicemen and families of fallen soldiers at Anzac Day services in Gore and Riversdale.
Three brothers left;
one returned
Three brothers left the Ida Valley to fight in what was to be the war to end all wars; only one returned.
Interest rises as soldiers
tell their stories
There is a resurgence in Anzac Day interest among younger generations.
Iranian pays tribute
Among the wreaths solemnly laid at the base of the cenotaph in Invercargill yesterday lies one from a man born thousands of kilometres from NZ.
'Good thing the kids know'
The growing meaning of Anzac Day to younger generations of Kiwis is something many former servicemen are quietly appreciative of.
A region remembers
Southerners turned out in their thousands to commemorate the fallen at Anzac Day services throughout the region.

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