Creative fundraising for Kiwi in Thailand

04:19, Jul 16 2012
Sean Kenzie
THAI NIGHTMARE: Napier man Sean Kenzie was knocked off a scooter in Phuket and his medical insurers are refusing to pay out.

The friends and family of a Napier man under armed guard in a Thai hospital are auctioning themselves to get him home.

A Phuket hospital has ordered an armed guard for Sean Kenzie, 27, who is in a serious condition after being knocked off his moped nearly two weeks ago.

Kenzie's mother, Nadine Mouritsen, said he had two punctured lungs both of which had collapsed, a ruptured kidney and broken limbs.

Michelle Carlton
CASHING IN: Michelle Carlton (r) is offering a date to the highest bidder on her Trade Me auction.

His jaw was also broken and while that was operated on immediately when he was taken to hospital, more surgery was needed to put it back in place.

The hospital was refusing to carry out further surgery until its first $16,000 bill was paid, but Kenzie required it urgently before his jaw set in its current position.

The guard was in position so he couldn't escape without paying, Mouritsen said.


"Like he can move anywhere."

Kenzie's friends and family are scrambling to get the money together, and it is estimated by the time the ordeal is over, more than $43,000 will be needed.

As well as an account set up under Mouritsen's name to collect donations, some are coming up with more novel ideas to fundraise.

Michelle Carlton, 21, of Lower Hutt is auctioning off a date on Trade Me to one lucky winner, with all the proceeds going toward the fund to bring Kenzie home.

While she doesn't promise any "physical activity", she does leave the door open for prospective suitors to wow her and keep her up past midnight.

Bids had already risen to $300 with the auction closing at 10.40pm this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Kenzie's brother Kane is also selling his flesh for the cause.

"I'm willing to get a tattoo of ANYTHING you like, ANYWHERE on my body (sic)," he said.

Nothing is sacred for the devoted sibling, who said he wouldn't even rule out getting one on his face if the price was right.

He said a facial tattoo would remain inked for at least a year before he considered getting laser removal surgery, but the winner would have to bid more than $5000 to get it there in the first place.

Kenzie is conscious and able to access the internet. On Wednesday, he posted details of the crash and thanked those who had supported him.

He said a taxi driver had knocked him off his scooter, but although police attended a report was never written.

His mother said Kenzie sought full cover for travel and medical insurance before he left, and was under the impression that was what he was paying for.

But since the accident he had been told his cover with travel insurer Covermore did not extend to riding scooters or mopeds.

She said the care had been largely okay, but there were one or two incidents which were worrying.

"There was an instance where he wasn't getting any of the medication he needs, and that was when we called Foreign Affairs and they must have helped because that night he was given his medication."

Foreign Affairs has confirmed it was giving "consular support and advice" to a New Zealand man in a Thai hospital.

Mouritsen herself is unwell, battling stage three liver cancer. She said it had been a "stressful" time, not knowing how her son was doing.

Fund raiser account details: Nadine Mouritsen, ANZ, 11-6401-0087968-47