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Dunstan High School senior prizes and dux

Last updated 17:24 07/11/2011
Ben Lewis

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2013 A & P show photo galleries 2015 Upper Clutha A&P Society 2015 Wyndham A & P Society Eastern-Southland dairy heifer competition Mt Benger A&P Show 2015 2015 Gore A & P Show 2014 FIORDLAND COLLEGE PRIZE GIVING AND YEAR 13 GRADUATION Cromwell College Junior Prizegiving 2014 South Otago High School Prizelist 2014 Maniototo Area School Prizelist 2014 St Peter's College, Gore - Prizegiving 2014

The Dunstan High School Dux for 2011 is Ben Lewis.

Ben was 1st economics, 1st mathematics with calculus, 1st mathematics with statistics, 1st physics, 1st accounting.

Next year, Ben will commence a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Otago University.


Special Awards

2011 inter-house trophy: Caples house - Captains Jayden Laws-McKay and Harriet White; sportswoman of the year: Sophie Williamson; sportsman of the year: Leigh Grieve; class act awards 2011: Sophie Williamson and Callum Geddes; award for technical excellence in year 11:  Daniel Williamson;  award for technical excellence in Year 12: Ged Finch; award for excellence in year 11 graphics: Matthias Schorer and Nathan Mawhinney;  award for excellence in year 12 graphics: Ged Finch; award for excellence in year 13 graphics: Matthew Ryley;  award for excellence in year 13 ict:  Ged Finch; award for excellence in year 12 ict: Leah Morati and Charlotte Stringer; award for excellence in year 11 ict: Aiden Smith;  award for a girl achieving excellence in two or more sciences: Robyn Hall; science faculty prize for excellence in year 13 physics: Ben Lewis; science faculty prize for excellence in year 13 chemistry: Robyn Hall; prize for excellence in biology: Robyn Hall; prize for senior economics: Ben Lewis; prize for excellence in senior commerce: Daniel Hamill; all round ability in agriculture: Matt McLellan; social science faculty award for excellence in year 13 geography: Daniel Hamill and Jenna Keane; social science faculty award for excellence in year 13 history: Ruth Price; performing arts faculty award for achievement in ncea level 1 drama: Paige Richmond and Lauren Ross; performing arts faculty award for achievement in ncea level 2 drama: Madeline Dykes; performing arts faculty award for achievement in ncea level 3 drama: Victoria Martin; performing arts scholarship:  Kate Mulvihill; school of tourism prize: Kelsi Harvey; award for excellence in year 12 and 13 tourism: Colleen Driehuis; award for excellence in year 13 physical and outdoor education: Sophie Johns; prize for excellence in year 11 English: Isabella Grant and Tom Pedofsky; prize for excellence in year 12 English: Madeline Dykes and Ged Finch; prize for excellence in year 13 English: Pip McNabb; diligence in English: Zhane Tipene; arts and language award for excellence: Pip McNabb; prize for excellence in year 13 French: Jordan Sprosen; visual art award for artistic endeavour in year 11 art: Ashley Wilson; visual art award for artistic endeavour in year 12 art: Tegan Hollis-Ristow; visual art award for artistic endeavour in year 13 art: Clark Rogers; prize for excellence in year 11 maths: Liam Hopkins; prize for excellence in year 12 maths: Sandri Jonker; prize for excellence in year 13 maths with calculus: Ben Lewis; prize for excellence in year 13 maths with statistics: Ben Lewis; award for service to others: Katelyn Taal; prize for outstanding contribution and involvement in school life: Jess Linwood; award for all round achievement and involvement: Haoyn Oh; breen construction scholarship: Matthew Ryley; scholarships:  Katelyn Taal, Nakia Randle, Haoyn Oh, Philippa McNabb, Jessica Linwood, Harriet White, Natasha Hoskins.

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Dunstan High School Proxime Accessit  2011 - Robyn Hall

Dunstan High School Dux 2011 - Ben Lewis

Trophies/Awards- Arts

best rock musician: Jacob Shirley and Jackson Wagstaff; contribution to choral music: Victoria Martin; contribution to the performing arts: Alex Fisher and Kate Mulvihill; contribution to performing arts: dunstan speakeasy trophy: Tom Pedofsky; contribution to music: Harim Oh;

Arts Bar Awards: students who have represented the school for three or more years

choir: Morgan Blance, Nicholas Goudie, Caroline Harmsworth, Aimee Hazlett, Kate Maclean, Vitoria Martin, Jessica Monaghan, Lauren Ross, Brittany Smith, Nadine Ward; kapa haka: Rachael McLellan

Arts Blue Awards: students who have represented the school for two years

choir: Alex Fisher, Robyn Hall, Sarah Hesson, ; kapa haka: Nakia Randle

Individual Art Achievement outside school

music: Esther Oh, Harim Oh; singing: Victoria Martin; speech and drama: Ged Finch;

Sports Bar Awards: students who have represented the school for three or more years

adventure racing: Nakia Randle; athletics: Cody Benck, Madeline Dykes, Leigh Grieve, Emily McGimpsey; basketball: Liegh Grieve, Sophie Johns, Rachael McLellan, Nakia Randle; bowls: Conor Muir; cricket: Leigh Grieve, James McDonald; cycling (road): Liam Aitcheson, Tom Vessey, Sophie Williamson, Ryan MacKay; equestrian: Callum Geddes; hockey: Ged Finch, Ben Fisher, James McDonald, Bryce Smith, Aidan Smith, Nathan Smith; ice hockey: Daniel Hamill, Conor Muir; kayaking: Matthew Arnott, Finn Butcher, Robert Hervey, Geoff Johnson, Rachael McLellan, Marcus Norbury, Nick Pascoe, Nakia Randle, Deahna Shearer; multisport: Callum Geddes, Leigh Grieve; netball: Courtney Davies, Jonelle Fulton, Sophie Johns; rowing: Kyle Harris, Jess Linwood; rugby: Keelan Baird, Tom Dougherty, Jonelle Fulton, Bella Grant, Jayden Laws McKay, Jess Linwood, Georgie Pierce, Cara Wiffen; ski/snowboarding: Jake Lucas, Luke Meehan, Harry Paulin, Nick Pascoe; softball: Lucy Anderson, Courtney Davies, Jonelle Fulton, Sophie Johns, Jenna Keane, Jayden Laws McKay, Paige Luff, Nathan Smith, Harriet White; tennis: Lucy Anderson, Ryan MacKay, Harriet White

Sports Blue Awards: students who have represented the school for two years

adventure racing: Deahna Shearer, Nick Pascoe, Robin Pieper; athletics: Emily McGimpsey, Greg Redai; basketball: Harry Paulin, Leigh Grieve, Liam Mulvihill, Luke Meehan, Tahnae Wilson-Brown, Jamie Hume; clay target: Ruth Price; cricket: Harry Paulin, Bryce Smith; cycling (road): George Blackie; equestrian: Madeline Dykes, Caroline Harmsworth; hockey: Sam Wilson, Raman Parbhu, Leila Parbhu, Georgia Crowle, Sara Hutton, Danika Gilbert, Rachel Forsyth, Lucy Allan, Pip McNabb; kayaking: Robin Pieper, Daniel Arnott; multisport: Nakia Randle, Robin Pieper; netball: Harriet White, Jenna Keane, Shaun Robinson; rowing: Leah Morait, Kyle Harris, Ryan fulton, Isaac Scherp, Danyon Trask, Sam Galletly, Matt Enright, Mark Duncan, Reed Frewen, Leah Morait, Caitlin Lowe; rugby: James Dobson, Callum Geddes, Kyle Harris, Harry Paulin, Britt Chamberlain, colin Frew, Kyle Harris, Ryan Fulton, Scott Cameron, Tahnae Wilson-Brown; skiing: Geoff Johnson; softball: Shaun Robinson, Jamie Hume; tennis: Nathan Garry

Individual Sports Achievements

Matthew Arnott (kayaking), James Bailey (ice hockey), Finn Butcher (kayaking), Rosie Coutts (netball), Joshua Dackers (football), Isabella Grant (karate), Robert Hervey (kayaking), Cole Mackie (karate), Kate Maclean (equestrian), Rachael McLellan (kayaking), Marcus Norbury (kayaking), Nick Pascoe (kayaking, skiing), Robin Pieper (kayaking), Nakia Randle (kayaking), Deahna Shearer (kayaking), Aidan Smith (cricket), Bryce Smith (cricket, hockey), George Smith (football), Liam Turnhout (football), Thomas Vessey (road cycling), Nadine Ward (netball), Abby-Lee Washington (netball), Sophie Williamson (road cycling, track cycling), Ashley Wilson (netball)

Merit Certificates

Year 13: Lucy Allan, Lucy Anderson, Monique Anderson, Alex Fisher, Leigh Grieve, Robyn Hall, Daniel Hamill, Timothy Harrex, Samantha Hazlett, Sophie Johns, Jenna Keane, Benjamin Lewis, Jessica Linwood, Paige Luff, James McDonald, Philippa McNabb, Rachel Millar, Jessica Monaghan, Kate Mulvihill, Haoyn Oh, Harry Paulin, Nakia Randle, Nicole Ross, Matthew Ryley, Victoria Sanson, Jordan Sprosen, Katelyn Taal, Harriet White, Emma Wiffen, Lily Williams, Sophie Williamson

Year 12: Liam Aitcheson, Azalia Anderson, Matthew Arnott, Amber Bentley, Sarah Booth, Brittany Brown, Alesha Bruce, Finn Butcher, Brittany Chamberlain, Callum Clark, Dylan Cornish, Aleisha Cruse, Bailey Davidson, Dominik Dawidowitsch, Colleen Driehuis, Stephanie Dwyer, Madeline Dykes, Sarah Faigan, Gerard Finch, Nathan Garry, Tegan Gourley, Sophie Hall, Caroline Harmsworth, Kyle Harris, Kelsi Harvey, Aimee Hazlett, Eva Heller, Robert Hervey, Tegan Hollis-Ristow, Joanna Huddleston, Malin Johnsen, Geoffrey Johnson, Sandri Jonker, Angus Lane, Heidi Little, Caitlin Lowe, Jake Lucas, Ryan MacKay, Brooke MacKenzie, Cole Mackie, Zoe McBride, Sarah Meanwell, Victor Monteiro, Leah Morait, Samuel Morris, Marcus Norbury, Nick Pascoe, Hester Philip, Shaun Robinson, Zoe Roche, Sophie Rogers, Bryce Smith, George Smith, Sarah Stevenson, Charlotte Stringer, Kirsty Sutherland, Zhane Tipene, Samual Toms, Ellie Trask, Liam Turnhout, Pann Tweesaengsakulthai, Thomas Vessey, Nadine Ward, Abby-Lee Washington, Amy Wigglesworth, Grace Williams, Samantha Wilson, Tahnae Wilson-Brown

Year 11: Jaydin Aburn, George Blackie, Nicola Blance, Emma Brenssell, Jordan Carroll, Amanda Corkin, Rosie Coutts, Joshua Dackers, Philine Dinnebier, Mark Duncan, Matthew Enright, Benjamin Fisher, Rachel Forsyth, Anita Frew, Reed Frewen, Sam Galletly, Sean Garratt, Suzie Gibson, Danika Gilbert, Mathew Gordon, Hogan Gourley, Isabella Grant, Hayley Greaves, Drew Henderson, Sarah Hesson, Andrew Sanford, Liam Hopkins, Dylan Hoskins, Eilish Hoskins, Jamie Hume, Sara Hutton, Kate Maclean, Aleisha McAra, Daniel McBreen, Kayla McDonald, Emily McGimpsey, Matt McLellan, Will Meehan, Shane Millar, Andrew Morrison, Liam Mulvihill, William Neilson, Rachel Nelson, Harim Oh, Leila Parbhu, Raman Parbhu, Thomas Pedofsky, Robin Pieper, Paige Richmond, Emilie Rogers, Lauren Ross, Daniel Ryley, Deahna Shearer, Jacob Shirley, Aidan Smith, Brittany Smith, Templer Smith, Ryan Snodgrass, Bailey Sprosen, Makaila Stewart, Matthias Thiele, Dallas Tily, Sarah Vendt, Jackson Wagstaff, Rhian Ward, Brian Wheeler, Claire Whyte, Cara Wiffen, Daniel Williamson, Ashley Wilson, Timothy Wolffenbuttel, Ryan Wood

Places in Class

Year 11: Jaydin Aburn 2nd economics; Nicola Blance 3rd history; Royden Campbell 3rd economics; Ella Cron 2nd mathematics 3; Benjamin Fisher 1st geography; Rachel Forsyth 1st food and nutrition; Anita Frew 2nd Maori; Sean Garratt 3rd = outdoor education; Mathew Gordon 3rd = graphics; Hogan Gourley 2nd outdoor education; Isabella Grant 2nd = geography; Andrew Highsted 2nd = food and nutrition; Liam Hopkins 1st mathematics 1, 2nd = geography; Sara Hutton 3rd economics, 3rd French, 3rd = drama; Kate Maclean 3rd - ict; Nathan Mawhinney 1st = graphics; Aleisha McAra 1st = science 2, 2nd = food and nutrition; Kelly McCauley 1st mathematics 2; Emily McGimpsey 1st economics, history, health and physical education, 1st = science 1, 2nd = mathematics 1; Duncan McLean 3rd = ict; Matt McLellan 3rd year 11/12 rural pathways; Will Meehan 2nd art; Andrew Morrison 1st mathematics 3; Raman Parbhu 1st year 11/12 rural pathways; Thomas Pedofsky 2nd history; Robin Pieper 1st French, 1st = science 1; Paige Richmond 1st = drama; Emilie Rogers 1st = science 1, 3rd = art; Lauren Ross 1st = drama, 1st music; Shane Ryan 1st outdoor education; Daniel Ryley 3rd = ict; Matthias Schorer 1st = graphics, 2nd = mathematics 1; Deahna Shearer 3rd = art, 3rd = drama; Aidan Smith 1st ict, 2nd health and physical education; Brittany Smith 1st = science 2, 3rd = mathematics 3; Nathan Smith 3rd = mathematics 3; Bailey Sprosen 2nd French; Makaila Stewart 1st = science 2; Danyon Trask 3rd = outdoor education; Morgan van Boxtel 1st = science 2, 2nd = mathematics 2; Brian Wheeler 2nd = mathematics 2; Cara Wiffen 1st = science 2; Daniel Williamson 1st design technology, 3rd = graphics, Ashley Wilson 1st art, 2nd ict;

Year 12: Azalia Anderson 1st early childhood education, 3rd tourism; Amber Bentley 1st independent living; Sarah Booth 3rd = biology; Alesha Bruce 3rd photography; Callum Clark 2nd accounting; Dylan Cornish 1st = hospitality and tourism, 2nd year 11/12 rural pathways; Cody Couper 2nd = mathematics 2; Connor Diver 1st art; Colleen Driehuis 1st tourism, 2nd mathematics 3; Stephanie Dwyer 2nd outdoor education, 3rd geography; Madeline Dykes 1st drama, 1st = English 1, 2nd = history, 3rd = chemistry, 3rd history; Sarah Faigan 2nd early childhood education; Gerard Finch 1st design technology, 1st graphics and design, 1st year 13 ict, 1st = English 1, 2nd mathematics 1; Nathan Garry 1st = physics, 2nd year 13 mathematics with calculus, 3rd = chemistry; Claudia Gillies 1st year 11 Maori; Tegan Gourley 2nd biology 2nd = history, 3rd English 1; Caroline Harmsworth 3rd = drama; Kyle Harris 1st = physical education; Aimee Hazlett 3rd = drama; Lyndon Hills 2nd photography; Tegan Hollis-Ristow 1st mathematics 2, 3rd art, 3rd ict, 3rd graphics and design; Geoffrey Johnson 2nd graphics and design; Sandri Jonker 1st biology, 1st chemistry, 1st mathematics 1, 2nd drama, 3rd physics; Caitlin Lowe 3rd physical education; Jake Lucas 2nd tourism; Brooke MacKenzie 1st = hospitality and tourism, 3rd early childhood education; Zoe McBride 1st outdoor education; Victor Monteiro 2nd geography, 3rd year 13 mathematics with calculus; Leah Morait 1st = ict, 3rd = biology; Samuel Morris 1st geography; Nick Pascoe 1st = physics; Leigh Robertson 2nd art; Zoe Roche 3rd = year 13 ict; Lewis Siggleko 2nd = mathematics 2; Bryce Smith 1st history, 2nd chemistry, 2nd physics; Charlotte Stringer 1st = ict, 1st French, 3rd accounting; Samual Toms 1st mathematics 3, 3rd = outdoor education; Pann Tweesaengsakulthai 1st accounting; Thomas Vessey 1st = physical education, 3rd mathematics 1; Nadine Ward 1st photography; Amy Wigglesworth 3rd = outdoor education

Year 13: Lucy Anderson 2nd graphics and design; Monique Anderson 3rd = biology; Alex Fisher 3rd drama, 3rd economics; Leigh Grieve 1st hospitality and tourism; Robyn Hall 1st biology, 1st chemistry, 2nd = physics, 3rd = English 1; Daniel Hamill 1st = geography, 2nd economics; Samantha Hazlett 1st early childhood education; Natasha Hoskins 1st = art-photography; Jenna Keane 1st = geography, 3rd = ICT; Benjamin Lewis 1st economics; 1st mathematics with calculus, 1st mathematics with statistics, 1st physics, 1st accounting; Jessica Linwood 1st English 2; Victoria Martin 1st drama, 2nd biology, 2nd = history; Rachael McLellan 2nd year 12 Maori; Philippa McNabb 1st English 1, 2nd French; Kate Mulvihill 2nd drama; Haoyn Oh 2nd chemistry, 2nd English 1, 2nd = physics, 3rd mathematics with statistics; Ruth Price 1st history; Nakia Randle 1st year 12 Maori, 2nd = history, 2nd mathematics with statistics; Clark Rogers 2nd art-painting, 3rd art-photography; Shenae Ruffell 1st = art-photography, 3rd art-painting; Matthew Ryley 1st art-painting, 1st graphics and design; Victoria Sanson 3rd = biology; Jordan Sprosen 1st French; Katelyn Taal 3rd chemistry, 3rd = English 1; Harriet White 3rd Geography, Emma Wiffen 2nd ict

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