Lake Hayes A and P Show 2012

02:11, Jan 15 2012

Lake Hayes A and P Show resulted:

Champion List 2012


Champion A Pony: Apsley Just An Image, Lucy Brown; Reserve Champion, Buddy, Indiana Williams.
Champion B Pony: Lady Jane, Lucy Brown; Reserve Champion, Glen Cree Glizzard, Isaacs-Kennedy Family.
Supreme Champion Pony: Lady Jane, Lucy Brown.
Champion Paced and Mannered Pony: Rustroon Shimmering Jack, Grace Thomson.
Champion First Ridden Pony: Burnlea the Urchin, Annabelle Jones; Reserve Champion, Mangakarra Everglades, Adine Russell.
Champion Lead Rein Pony: Woodrow Ambassador, Billie Wilson; Reserve Champion, Crecchaw Snapdragon, Adine Russell.

Champion Park Hack: Amberleigh Resemblence, Bailey Family/Sarah Lee; Reserve Champion, Best Kept Secret, Isaacs Family.
Champion Hack: Shoot the Breeze, Kirsty Sharapoff; Reserve Champion, Amberleigh Annalisa, Kristen Darby.
Champion Hunter: HV Wolfetone, Crossan-Nichol; Reserve Champion, Freestyler, Anna Nesbit.
Champion Paced and Mannered Hack: Freestyler, Anna Nesbit.
Supreme Champion Hack: HV Wolfetone, Tracey Crossan-Kat Nichol (r).
Supreme Champion Paced and Mannered: Rostroon Shimmering Jack, Grace Thomson.

Champions - other sections


Champion Merino Ewe: Matangi Station.
Champion Merino Ram: Matangi Station.
Champion Meat Ewe: Slopehill Downs.
Champion Meat Ram: Slopehill Downs.
Supreme Sheep of the Show: Matangi Station; Reserve, Matangi Station.
Gift Lamb
Crossbred: Walter Peak Station.
Merino: Mt Nicholas Station.

Champion Fleece: Cecil Peak Station.

Dog Trials: G Sim.
Shearing: Blair Duffy.

Champion Pet: Scarlett Buckenham, Goldie; Reserve, Scott Duncan, Quinn.
Champion Lifestyle: Millie Lewis, Google-Eyes; Reserve, Olivia Whelon-Henderson, Bessie Buttercup.

Fashion in the Field: Adult, Dan Iosefo; Child, Lily.
BBQ Champion: Toby Stanton.

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