Taieri College senior prizes and dux, 2012

The Taieri College senior prizelist is:


DUX — SARAH SANDFORD (english, chemistry, biology, french, statistics and modelling, merit: physics)


PROXIME ACCESSIT — ALEISHA LORD (history, economics, geography, Taieri Scottish Society Prize for top student in geography and history, merits: statistics and modelling, biology)






Merits: Michael Campbell(award for personal excellence); Kiran Dixon (award for personal excellence); Rebecca Jones (award for personal excellence); Joshua Lieshout (award for personal excellence); Shaye McKay (award for personal excellence); Danielle Veenvliet (award for personal excellence); Ellicia Hiom (primary rural management); Ruby-Rose McDonald (health, award for personal excellence); Ahleah Payne-Gee (mathematics with application); Callum Robson (mechanical engineering); Alesha Manley (mathematics with application); Harrison Tomlinson-Hoad (english literacy); Natasha Lombardi (self-directed learning); Liam Harris (English); Matthew Christie (information management); Sophie Jordan (practical science); Keegan Boyes (workshop technology wood); Georgia Raudon (physical education and health); Sarah Pine (self-directed learning); Vanessa Simpson (art – design and photography); Christian Henderson (woodwork); Rebecca Murray (mathematics fundamentals, dance – VC); Benn McDonald (english literacy); Kaitlyn Wheeler (physical education and health, award for personal excellence); Mhairi McKay-Stewart (history); Joanne Jones (health); Callum MacLeod (mechanical engineering); Conner Shore (hospitality); Chace Moody (workshop technology wood); Matthew Pearce (english literacy); Samuel Kirk (physical education); Cameron Archer (geography, physical education); Michael Jopson (mathematics, music); Eilidh McKay-Stewart (english, geography, award for personal excellence); Tayla Shaw (textiles technology, mathematics fundamentals); Molly Clark (graphics, art – painting and printmaking, science, award for personal excellence); Daniel Mason (english, mathematics, japanese, award for personal excellence); Georgia McLeod (history, science, primary rural management); Sarah Smeaton (english, drama, physical education); Martha Butler (english, music, mathematics fundamentals, art – design and photography)




Riley Bungard (mathematics fundamentals); Peter Coates (mechanical engineering); Lynsey Macaskill (drama, award for personal excellence); Max Newall (physical education, award for personal excellence); Myles Rosson (art – design and photography); Calvin Ross (communication english); Latana Sickels (primary rural management, award for personal excellence); Isaac Murray (english literacy); Daniel Van der Veen (self-directed learning); Ryan Adam (workshop technology wood, merit: mechanical engineering); Jayne Beattie (hospitality, award for personal excellence, merit: physical education); James McKenzie (music, merit: science); Rebekkah Choie (accounting, award for personal excellence, merits: science, economics); Rachel Pilley (physical education and health, merits: english, mathematics fundamentals); Jack Huang (health, merits: mathematics, science, accounting); Todd Hannah (practical science, communication English); Kimberley Smith (information management, textiles technology); Kelly van der Hurk (graphics, art – painting and printmaking, merit: information management, award for personal excellence); Tia Wylie (science, geography, award for personal excellence, merits: mathematics, english, physical education); Bart Lind (history, economics, merits: english, science, drama); Tyler Broome (english, mathematics, japanese, award for personal excellence, merit: accounting)




Merits: Jessica Wilson (mathematics vocational); Craig Elfield (mathematics vocational); Luna Galdino Chaparro (english for speakers of other languages); Alia Stefani (sports leadership); Brittany McGregor (gateway); Paige Reriti (individualised career programme); Alexander Thomson (workshop technology wood); Caedan Lavender (computer and information technology); Jasmine Elfield (digital technology – information management); Thomas Smith (personal financial management); Teana Warden (self-directed learning); Scott Savage (drama); Jessica McFarlane (tourism); Tessa Nicol (music); Taylor Smith (mathematics fundamentals); Jarrod Casey (physical education); Helena Findlay (individualised career programme, mathematics vocational); Olivia Turner (hospitality, tourism); Jackson McCutcheon (english literacy, individualised career programme); Alana White (textiles technology, hospitality); Laura Findlay (health, economics); Samantha Brookes (mathematics fundamentals, digital technology – information management); Scott Martin (physics, biology); Rebecca Clarke (mathematics, biology, history)




Bailey Koppert Duggan (mathematics vocational); Sharna Olds (individualised career programme); Ka Ming Ho (personal financial management); Alysha Canning (self-directed learning); Jared Paterson (farm skills programme); Keegan Murphy (primary industry training); Christopher Morrison (economics); Thomas Odgers (geography); Charlotte Sutherland (art printmaking); Erika Scorgie (art painting); Samantha Powell Bayne (health merit: mathematics fundamentals); Alyssa Clapperton (communication english merit: gateway); Jemma Gray (digital technology – information management merit: communication English); Daniel Cresswell (accounting merit: economics); Thomas Hale (sports leadership merit: physics); Janaye Eketone (music merit: tourism); Hannah Grant (mathematics merits: chemistry, English); Isaac Timoko (trades academy theory merits: trades academy workshop, automotive, workshop technology wood); Rachel Storer (hospitality, tourism); Olivia Knights (textiles technology, gateway); Man Kit Chau (trades academy workshop, english for speakers of other languages merit: trades academy theory); Craig Jamieson (english literacy, workshop technology wood merit: automotive); Daniel Brown (physics, drama merit: English); Ryan Rosevear (physical education, mathematics fundamentals merits: english, geography); Joseph Carey (chemistry, computer and information technology merits: mathematics, electronics); India Sawyer (english, biology, history, Zonta prize for excellence in mathematics / sciences merits: mathematics, chemistry)






Courtney Gillies (level 2 communication English); Blake Fox (trades academy); Melissa Bates (health); Kelsey Paterson (physical education); Renee Mikaere (tourism); Tegan McKenzie (classical studies); Kimberley Holmes (hospitality); Tori Wilson (trades academy); Mayce Ballantyne (geography); Corbin Willis (computer studies); Codi Fletcher (tourism); Luke Roberts (classical studies); Eden Daniell (accounting); Tracey Harvey (health); Emerson Wood (statistics and modelling); Meredith Clement (biology); Joanna Flamank (tourism); Danielle Booth (history); Timothy Jones (computer studies); Brett McLean (individual career pathway studies); Todd Mears (workshop technology wood); Aleisha Legg (tourism, sports leadership); Melanie Warhurst (english, physical education);




Taylor Reid (level 2 automotive); Stephen Reynolds (computer studies); Todd Bates (sports leadership); Rianna Palmer (hospitality); Olivia Mitchell (art printmaking); Maria McDonnell (gateway); Michelle Young (communication english); Corey Hart (individual career pathway studies); Amy Gough (drama); Nicole White (art painting merit: english); Kelly Hyslop (textiles merit: health, year 12 communication english); Alice Neilson (health merit: english); Arisa Ayata (english speaker of other language merits: statistics and modelling, health, year 12 english literacy); Katie Bathgate (tourism, Sir George Seymour College scholarship); Lareina Livesey (accounting, CETA commerce medal sponsored by Polson Higgs, Mosgiel Paper Plus prize for top mathematics student merit: economics); John Robertson (farm skills programme, workshop technology wood); Rhiana McKay-Stewart (classical studies merits: drama, art painting, music, english); Matthew Bruce (music, physical education); Abigail Clark (calculus, physics merit: chemistry)




Mayce Ballantyne; Melissa Bates; Tayla Boock; Murdoch Braid; Courtney Hewson; Lewis Howell; Alesiha Legg; Tegan McKenzie; Robert Murray; Kelsey Paterson; John Robertson; Holly Robinson; Sarah Sandford; Harrison Smith; Emerson Wood; Abigail Clark (Cultures Prefect); Timothy Jones (Arts Prefect); Rebecca Henderson (Sports Prefect); Todd Bates (Sports Prefect); Melanie Warhurst (Social Prefect); Brooke Hannah (Community Services Prefect); Aleisha Lord (Head Prefect); Matthew Bruce (Head Prefect)




Cultural Ambassador of the Year - Matthew Bruce, Cultural Ambassador of the Year -Tayla Boock, Sportswoman of the Year - Holly Robinson, Sportsman of the Year - Jarrod Casey, Sportsperson of the Year – Holly Robinson, Team of the Year – Netball Senior A, Achieving is Believing Trophy –Holly Robinson, Centennial Cup - Holly Robinson




U15 Girls Champion - Kimberley Bates; Cross Country Senior Female Champion - Hayley Stevens; Cross Country Senior Male Champion - Jarrod Casey; Intermediate Boys’ Sprint Champion - Cameron Archer; J Wells Cup - Intermediate Boys’ 1500 Metre Champion - Hayden Dyer; Intermediate Boys’ Athletics Champion U16 - Hunter Fiddes and Hayden Dyer; Intermediate Girls’ Sprint Champion U16 - Megan Ward-Hartstonge; Intermediate Girls’ Field Event Champion U16 - R Muirhead and J Rivett Cup - Tessa Nicol; Intermediate Girls Athletics Champion U16 - Tessa Nicol; Senior Boys’ 1500 Metre Champion - Jarrod Casey; Senior Boys’ Athletics Champion - Jarrod Casey; Senior Girls’ Sprint Champion - Ryah Christiaans; Senior Girls’ Athletics Champion - Aleisha Lord; Senior Girls’ Field Event Champion - Holly Robinson; Outstanding Achievement in Secondary School Atheletics - Raylene Bates Trophy - Holly Robinson and Todd Bates; Best Performance New Zealand Secondary Schools - Shooting Trophy - Hayley Rowe; Water Polo Outstanding Contribution (Taieri College Trophy) - William Pickering; Year 11 - Intermediate Boys Swimming Champion - Callum Robson; Senior Girls Swimming Champion - Rebecca Clarke; Senior Boys Swimming Champion - Robert Murray; Most Proficient Swimmer - W Muirhead Cup - Robert Murray; Mosgiel Association Football Club Trophy Service and Sportsmanship - Riley Anderton; Taieri College Team Contribution Girls 1st XI - June Gill Trophy - Charlotte Sutherland; Taieri Hockey Club Trophy - Most Improved Senior Girl - Vanessa Simpson; Annual Contribution to Boys’ Hockey - Evelyn Anderton Trophy - Jarrod Casey; Taieri College Team Contribution Boys 1st XI Boys - Bain Cup - Jay Bremer; Taieri Hockey Club Trophy Most Improved Senior Boy - Jay Bremer; J E Cagney Trophy Contribution to Senior Girls’ Volleyball - Sarah Smeaton; Taieri College Cycling Best Performed Cyclist at the Highest Level - Daniel Cresswell; Campbell Trophy Taieri College Multisport - All round contribution to multisport - Robert Murray; T Boyle and Taieri Basketball Club Trophy Most Improved Player - Billy Thom; Ashton Trophy Contribution to Boys’ Basketball - Bart Lind; Steven Walsh Award Captain's Trophy - Boys Basketball - Ryan Rosevear; Most Promising Player Under 15 - Cameron Archer; Jack O’Connell Cup Most Improved Player in 1st XV - Arlen Docherty; Mark Farmer Memorial Cup Best Contribution to Rugby - Ryan Rosevear; Taieri Rugby Club Scholarship - Craig Jamieson; Most Improved Senior A Netball Player - Ryah Christiaans; Hammer Trophy Contribution to Senior Netball - Rianna Palmer; Mann Trophy Most Promising Senior Netball Player - Melissa Bates and Rianna Palmer; Taieri Cricket Club Tony Wenlock Bowling Trophy - Matthew Bruce; S. Findlay's Award General Excellence in Cricket - Jarrod Casey; Taieri Cricket Club Trophy Most Improved Player - Joshua Boath




Enviro-School Award: Contribtuion to Eco-Warriors and Taieri College as an Enviro-School - Danielle Booth; Year 11 Primary Industries Trophy - Latana Sickels; Year 12 Primary Industries Trophy - Keegan Murphy; Pasifika Young Achiever - Melissa Bates; Mana Pounamu Young Achiever - Rianna Palmer Bush Road Trophy - Excellence in Skills for Life - Alysha Canning; Student Council Award - Best Individual Contribution to Work Day - Morgan Anderson; Student Council Award Best Class Contribution to Work Day – (11HL) Lynsey Macaskill; House Awards - Yellow House Leader (Melanie Warhurst); Blue House Leaders (Brooke Hannah / Blake Fox); Green House Leaders (Tegan McKenzie / Jesse McQueen-Richards); Red House Leaders (Kelsey Paterson / Robert Murray); Black House (Melissa Bates / Ricky Buchanan); Inter-House Trophy - Black House; Korero Wahapu Trophy - Year 11 Public Speaking - Rebecca Murray; Rotary Club of Mosgiel Trophy Public Speaking - Bart Lind; Korero Reka Trophy - Year 12/13 Public Speaking - Rhiana McKay-Stewart; Wordsmith Trophy Year 11-13 Writing, Speech, Drama - Rhiana McKay-Stewart; Debbie Waalkens Cup Contribution to Drama - Daniel Brown; Taieri Arts Society Trophy - Kelly Hyslop; Taieri Performing Arts Society Prize - Contribution to the School Orchestra - Hannah Grant; I A Murdoch Prize - Contribution to School Music - Matthew Bruce; Outstanding Contribution to Rock Music - Janaye Eketone; Jane Beaumont Cup - Most Talented Pianist - Abigail Clark




Frances Cosgrove Memorial Prize - Excellence in Writing - Rhiana McKay-Stewart; Otago / Taieri AandP Society Scholarship - Beau Kerseboom; Friendship Society - Contribution to College Life - Courtney Hewson and Tegan McKenzie; Altrusa Club of Taieri Contribution to the College or Community - Holly Robinson; Salisbury Scholarship - Tayla Boock; ANZ Trophy - Lead and Inspire - Matthew Bruce; Taieri Herald Leadership - Melanie Warhurst; Cumberbeach Scholarship - Sarah Sandford; University of Otago - Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship - Sarah Sandford; Otago Polytechnic Principal’s Scholarship 2012 - Kelly Hyslop

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