Maniototo Area School prizes, 2012

16:00, Dec 11 2012

The 2012 Maniototo Area School prizelist is:




Year 12 - Lachie Edwards



Year 11 - Ruby Albert, Colleen Hollows


Year 10 - Holly Thompson, Jessica Smith


Year 9 - Laura Dowling, Reuben Pyle


Year 8 - Candice Ferdinands, Renee Grant


Year 7 - Ellie Duncan, Rina Watt


Year 6 - General Excellence - Olivia Hall, Diligence - Dion Norton-McInnes


Year 5 - General Excellence - Sam Flanagan, Diligence - Te Ariki Tapatu


Year 4 - General Excellence - Anna Stuart, Diligence - Mia Steele


Year 3 - General Excellence -Hayden Clark, Diligence - Mark Smith


Year 2 - General Excellence - Max Hore, Diligence -Hayden Becker


Year 1 -: General Excellence - Hannah Hunter, Diligence - Brylee Hazlett




Workshop Technology - Lachie Edwards


Mathematics - Isaac Taane


Senior Art Prize - Andrea Voyce


Graphics Award - Ruby Albert


Junior Science - Colleen Hollows


MAS Cultural Award - Simon Neilson and Andrew Scott


Musical Excellence - Holly Thompson


Speech Competition - Katherine Inder


NZ Science Silver Award: - Level 1 Jeff Guevarra, Level 2 Raymond Hollows




Year 13 - Andre Fonternel – Diligence in all subjects


Year 12 - Jeff Guevarra – Diligence in all subjects, Andrea Voyce – Diligence in all subjects


Year 10 - Catherine Greer – Diligence in all subjects, Ashleigh Smith – Diligence in all subjects, Shanae Taylor – Diligence in all subjects, Josh Whyte – Diligence in all subjects


Year 9 - Dominick Geoffrey – Diligence in all subjects, Sarah McMillan – Diligence in all subjects, Gabriella Rutherford-Carr – Diligence in all subjects


Year 8 - Katherine Inder – Diligence in all subjects, Robert Sangster – Diligence in all subjects, Mikaela Woodhead – Diligence in all subjects


Year 7 - Taylor Duffy – Diligence in all subjects, Nina Flanagan – Diligence in all subjects


Year 6 - Jack Hutton Atkins - merit for Mathematics, Samantha van Turnhout - merit for English, Stephanie Smith - merit for English and Mathematics, Morgan Forrester – merit for English, Mathematics and Physical Education, Matthew Lunam – merit for Effort in all Subjects, Andrea Smith – merit for Effort in all Subjects


Year 5 - Paris Anderson – merit for Reading and Mathematics, Lucy Neilson – merit for Reading, Mathematics and Art, Will Duffy – merit for English and Mathematics. Amanda Boulton-Voice – merit in Reading and Mathematics


Year 4 - Hamish Hunter – merit for English


Year 3 - William Hunter – merit for English, Mathematics, Topic and Visual Art, Amy Simpson – merit for Reading and Effort in all Subjects, Harmony Devitt – merit for Effort in all Subjects, George Hazlett – merit for English, Mathematics and Topic, Tom Duffy – merit for English, Mathematics and Art


Year 2 - Jasmine Balloch – merit for all Subjects, Phoenix Tapatu – merit for Mathematics, Reef Becker – merit for English and Art, Charlotte Paterson – merit for Effort in all Subjects


Year 1 - Lili A’ho – merit for Writing, Zoe Simpson – merit for Effort in all Subjects, Peta Smith – merit for English, Perri Hore – merit for English and Art, Thomas Inder – merit in Reading, Jack Steele – merit for all subjects




James Guild-Inder - Senior Cricket Trophy, Josh Whyte - Boys Curling, Holly Thompson - Girls Curling, George Johnston - Junior Cricket, Lachie Edwards - Rugby Player of the Year, Brett Perriam - Rugby Most Improved Senior, Liam Harrington - Rugby Most Improved Junior, Colleen Hollows - Swimming Senior Girls Champion, Lachie Edwards - Swimming Senior Boys Champion, D J Cromb - Swimming Intermediate Boys Champion, Jessica Smith - Swimming Girls Intermediate Champion, Liam Harrington - Swimming Junior Boys Champion, Rina Watt - Swimming Junior Girls Champion, Elle Steele – Senior Hockey, Natasha Whyte - Junior Hockey Most Valuable Player, Colleen Hollows - Tennis Senior Singles Girls Champion, George Johnston - Tennis Junior Singles Boys Champion, Andrea Voyce - Contribution to Netball, Andrea Voyce - Girl’s Softball Most Valuable Player, Ellie Duncan - Primary Athletics, Ellie Duncan – Athletics, D J Cromb - Senior Athletics, Lachie Edwards - Boys Road Race, Holly Thompson - Girls Road Race




Arneka Whaanga Memorial Trophy for Leadership in Year 8 - Candice Ferdinands


Holly Crutchley Memorial Trophy (Effort and Achievement in Years 11/12) - Simon Neilson


Plunket Award for the Best Prepared New Entrant - Brooke Huddleston


PTA Award to the Most Improved in the Junior School - William Becker and Lucy Girvan


Oturehua School Cup (Citizenship) - Morgan Forrester


President’s Cup-Outstanding Sportsperson - Lachie Edwards


Forrester Cup (Citizenship) - Raymond Hollows


Umbers Memorial Award (Service) - Andrea Voyce


Principals Award - Andre Fonternel

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