Gore High School prizes and dux, 2012

16:00, Dec 11 2012

The 2012 Gore High School prizelist is:







Rongo Mai Bates (English, 1st= Maori); Walter Cross (Junior Boys’ Cross Country G.A.A. & H.C. Cup); Ethan deGroot (U14 Blue Most Valuable Rugby Player); Benjamin Highsted (1st= Technology Food Term 3 & 4, P.T.A Diligence), Cameron MacLeod (Health and Physical Education); Josie Smith (1st= Music); Charlotte Todd (Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, 1st in Form Overall 9A)




Ahmad Alani (Mathematics); Anna Maree Allan (9A Netball Team Most Promising Player, 1st= Graphics Term 1 & 2, 1st= Technology Food Term 1 & 2); Mikaela Cornwall (French, 1st= Technology Fabric Term 1 & 2, P.T.A Diligence); Madison Haugen (Drama Term 3 & 4, 1st= Music Appreciation); Rebecca Lilly (English); Darian Little (1st= Music Appreciation), Cameron MacKay (1st= Music Appreciation); Simone Miller (1st= Music); Krystal Ritchie (Social Studies, Science, Art Term 1 & 2, 1st= Graphics Term 3 & 4, 1st= Technology Fabric Term 3 & 4, Technology Wood Term 1 & 2, 1st in Form Overall 9G); Lydia Shirley (U14 Girls’ Athletics Champion The Odette Fitzsimons’ Cup, Health and Physical Education); Will Sutherland (P.T.A Diligence, Technology Wood Term 3 & 4); Keziah Taeiloa McCornick (Drama Term 1 & 2); Devyn Wills (Most Promising Female Rugby Player, 1st= Graphics Term 3 & 4)




Emma Craig (P.T.A Diligence); Lucas Cross (English, Science); Brayden Hardy (U14 Blue Most Promising Rugby Player, 1st= Health and Physical Education); Danielle Harris (Mathematics); Nikita Haywood (P.T.A Diligence); Samantha Johnstone (Social Studies, Agriculture, 1st in Form Overall 9H); Michael King (P.T.A Diligence); David Lamb (1st= Health and Physical Education); Keely McGuigan (P.T.A Diligence)




Reuben Caughey (U14 Gold Most Promising Rugby Player); Shania Cleland (Art Term 3 & 4, 1st= Technology Fabric Term 1 & 2, P.T.A Diligence); Sam Keighley (English, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, 1st= Graphics Term 1 & 2, 1st= Technology Fabric Term 1 & 2, 1st in Form Overall 9W), Blair Van Tongeren (Most Promising Boys’ Soccer Player), Rachelle Voigt (1st= Technology Food Term 3 & 4, P.T.A Diligence)




James Baird (Technology Metal Term 3 & 4); Emma Eden (English); Adam Hillis (1st= Technology Food Term 3 & 4); Gypsy Kapea Hoani (1st= Maori); Andrew McDonald (Technology Metal Term 1 & 2, P.T.A Diligence); Larissa McDonald (Junior Girls Cross Country B.M Kernick Cup); Maddy McKenzie (Social Studies, 1st in Form Overall 9Y); Rob B Piper (Health and Physical Education); Caitlyn Smith (Science, Mathematics)






Michelle Aitcheson (English, Science); Jacob Ave (Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, 1st= in Form Overall 10E); Shanan Bell (U14 Gold Most Improved Rugby Player, 1st= Technology Wood); Travis Hayward (U14 Gold Most Valuable Rugby Player); Julie-Anne Williams (Social Studies, 1st= in Form Overall 10E)




Krystee Barclay (Junior Girls’ Swimming Champion Rector’s Cup, 1st= Food, Gore High School Girls’ 1st XI Hockey Best & Fairest); Emily Black (1st= Food); Nick Bos (P.T.A Diligence); Laura Gardyne (U15 Girls’ Athletics Hamilton Cup, English, Social Studies, Science, 1st in Form Overall 10H, Music); Keri Giles (1st= Agriculture, 1st= Fabric); Madi Hasselman (French, 1st= Graphics), Luke Heslip (1st= Agriculture), Nicole Hook (Gore High School Hockey Club’s Most Valuable Junior Girl Player, 1st= Fabric); Peter Kelso (1st= Technology Wood), Nicole Kennedy (P.T.A Diligence); Rebekah McGregor (Art, 1st= Drama, Drama Trophy); James Tan (Mathematics); Lisa Waddell (1st= Drama); Thomas Wallace (P.T.A Diligence); Hamish Watson (U15 Junior Boys’ Athletic Jumping Cup 1911 Cup, U15 Boys’ Athletics Bowler Cup, P.T.A Diligence); Holly White (Gore High School Hockey Club’s Junior Girl who best epitomises "No Reward Without Effort", Health and Physical Education)




Renee Booth (English, Social Studies, Science, 1st in Form Overall 10N, Quiet Achiever Award); Jodie Burke (Mathematics); Shania Hauraki (1st= Maori); Sam McCall (Most Valuable Boys’ Cricket Player); Nicole Miller (P.T.A Diligence); Rachel Stanton (P.T.A Diligence); Brad Taylor (U14 Blue Most Improved Rugby Player, Health and Physical Education)




Kim Allan (P.T.A Diligence); Sam Choie (Mathematics); Melissa Davie (P.T.A Diligence); Emily Docherty (P.T.A Diligence); Eilish Fallowfield (Health and Physical Education); Christina Goodwin (English, Social Studies, 1st in Form Overall 10O, 1st= Graphics); Robert Kennedy (Science); Ben Mwangi (U14 Boys’ Athletic Champion Peter Anderson Cup); James Napier (U15 Most Valuable Rugby Player, P.T.A Diligence); India Reid (P.T.A Diligence); Caleb Stevenson (Junior Boys’ Swimming Champion Latty Cup, Technology Metal); Evelyn Sutherland (P.T.A Diligence)




Dailey Christie (1st= Mathematics); Sam Fallowfield (U15 Most Improved Rugby Player); Brodie Horrell (P.T.A Diligence); Alice Pavitt (P.T.A Diligence); Jessica Popham (English, Social Studies, Science, Health and Physical Education, 1st= Mathematics, 1st in Form Overall 10S)




Amy Johnstone (10A Netball Team Most Promising Player, Health and Physical Education); Georgia MacKay Holz (English); Sheamus McGuigan (Mathematics); Taryn Ramage (1st= Maori, Most Valuable Girls’ Cricket Player); Ethan Ward (Science); Tom Wood (Social Studies, 1st in Form Overall 10T)




Nick Bos, Melissa Davie, Laura Gardyne, Keri Giles, Robert Kennedy, Andrew McLeod, India Reid, Willow Reid, Georgia Rhind, Evelyn Sutherland, Georgia Turnbull, Holly White and Julie-Anne Williams (bronze award)




Ahmad Alani (Overall Year 9 Mathematics); Lucas Cross (Overall Year 9 Science); Emma Eden (Year 9 Foundation Scholarship 2012); Kim Allan (1st= Everest Cup); Renee Booth (Quiet Achiever Award); Laura Gardyne (Overall Year 10 Science, Gore Town and Country Club Junior Instrumentalist, Year 10 Foundation Scholarship 2012); Nicole Kennedy (Bronwyn McBain Cup for Diligence and Application); Georgia MacKay-Holz (Hayley Morris Memorial Trophy for Contribution to Netball); Rebekah McGregor (Drama Trophy); Haidee McRae (The Allan Boyer Borland Prize); James Tan (Overall Year 10 Mathematics); Hamish Watson (1st= Everest Cup)




Andrew MacLeod (John Clark Memorial Trophy - Most Improved Trapshooter)




Emma Eden (Year 9); Laura Gardyne (Year 10)




Matthew Ainge (Alternative Science); Laura Bolger (Clark Shield For Technology Fabric, Science, 1st= History); Bradley Catto (1st= Technology Metal, Agriculture, Senior Boys’ Cross Country Fleming & Co. Cup, Senior Boys’ Swimming Haggart Cup); Hannah Cooke (U16 Girls Intermediate Athletics Champion; General Excellence in Year 11); Jonny Cox (Graphics); Samantha Dwyer (General Excellence in Year 11); Jordan Edwards (Music,); Tyler Haslemore (Boys’ Best Cricketer of the Year Pearce Cup); Justin Hellier (1st= Alternative English); Alyssa Hewlett (General Excellence in Year 11); Leisa Johnstone (Eastern Southland Home Science Alumnae Trophy); Wiremu Karena Tutapu (1st= Te Reo); Joe Kerse (U16 Intermediate Boys’ Cross Country GAA & HC Cup); Jak Knowler (1st= Alternative English); Sutton Lowry (General Excellence in Year 11); Thomas Luoni (Economics, English); Tabitha Marr (Accounting); Tammie McCandless (French); Luke McClintock (Technology Wood); Brenna McFadzien (General Excellence in Year 11); Jessica McIntyre (Mathematics, 1st= History); Rhiannon McIntyre (Gore High School Girls’ Soccer Most Promising Player); Demi McLeary (General Excellence in Year 11); Kendra McMath (General Excellence in Year 11); April Miller (Senior Girls’ Swimming Condie Cup); Bradley Nicol (General Excellence in Year 11); Sasha Ritchie (U16 Intermediate Girls’ Cross Country W. Wilson Cup); Connor Ross (Mathematics Applied One, Digital Technology); Kate Smith (Physical Education); Laura Smith (1st= Geography); MaryAnn Thomas (General Excellence in Year 11); Jahvis Wallace (Best Achiever Year 11 Rugby Nunn & Fiveash Trophy); Olivia Wilden (General Excellence in Year 11); Peter Williams (Art, 1st= Geography); Kyle Wills (1st= Technology Metal, General Excellence in Year 11); Maxine Wilson (Drama); Loretta Wood (General Excellence in Year 11)




Taylor Allan (Senior Boys’ Tennis McPhail Cup); Steve Barclay (Gateway); Jack Boland (Contribution to School Soccer Wanderers Cup); Jenny Choie (General Excellence in Year 12); Aimee Clement (1st= Geography, 1st= Physical Education); Leigh Clutterbuck Young (1st= Geography); Vaughan Cowan (General Excellence in Year 12); Maisie Dale (1st= Technology Fabric); Eleanor Davie (Graphics); Georgia Evans (English, Digital Technology); Richard Gardyne (1st= Most Improved Boys’ Hockey Player Wright Cup); Laura Gilkison (Drama); Jade Graham (Accounting, Senior Girls’ Athletics Gillan’s Footwear Cup); Olivia Grant (1st= Technology Fabric); Jordan Highsted (Economics, Music); Julie Humphries (General Excellence in Year 12); Rachael Kelso (Tourism, Art); Ashleigh Kirk (1st= Year 11 Te Reo); Rebecca Lamb (General Excellence in Year 12); Karlena Lawrence (1st= Mathematics with Stats, Hospitality and Service Industry); Lauren McLeod (Technology Food, Agriculture); Brandon McMurdo (1st= Mathematics with Stats); Kateleen McWhirter (General Excellence in Year 12); Laura Miller (History); Kesoni Natuikata (U16 Rugby Most Improved Player); Leah Osborne (Most Improved Girls’ Basketball Player); Sean Pay (U16 Boys’ Athletics McGibbon Cup); Logan Ramsay (Technology Wood); Blake Shirley (1st= Physical Education, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics); Brinly Weller (Most Improved Senior Player Violet Lynch Netball Trophy); Scott Welsh (Technology Metal, McNamara Trophy for Excellence in White Water Kayaking)




Carrie Adams (1st= Tourism); AJ Birse (Gore High School Hockey Club’s Most Valuable 1st XV Boys’ Player); Tessa Black (Contribution to Girls’ Basketball, General Excellence in Year 13); Michael Blondell (Most Improved Player in the 1st XV Ogg Family Trophy); Ashley Bolger (General Excellence in Year 13); Amanda Clark (Gore High School Girls’ Soccer Player of the Year); Tyson Crown (1st= Most Improved Boys’ Hockey Player Wright Cup); Brittany Cuthbert (French); Tessa Dickie (Economics, 1st= History); Morgan Fallowfield (Physical Education, Contribution to School Netball Gillian Cooper Trophy); Mark Gow (Physics); Bridget Hardy (Graphics, Contribution to Girls’ Soccer Caversham Cup); Sarah Harniss (General Excellence in Year 13); Leiana Hayward (Girls’ Best Cricketer of the Year Pearce Cup); Lang Inder (Technology Metal); Joe Kelso (Senior Boys’ Athletics Citizens Trophy); Lucy Kingsbury (Senior Girls’ Cross Country Linda Beach Cup, General Excellence in Year 13); Sean Lennon (Contribution to Boys’ Basketball, Most Improved Boys’ Basketball Player); Keegan Marr (Technology Fabric); Damon Mathieson (Senior Boys’ Athletics Field Events Jenkins Cup); Melissa McKay (1st= Tourism); Courtney McQueen (Digital Technology); Caroline Morton (Drama); Anna Nicholl (Year 12 French); Alicia Prescott (Hospitality and Service Industry); Chad Ritchie (Alternative English); Jamie Shanks (General Excellence in Year 13); Renee Sinclair (Service to Girls’ Hockey Logan Cup); Emily Smith (Biology); Hayden Stephen (Adventure Leadership Programme, Best Player in the 1st XV Richards Trophy); David Tan (Accounting); Imogen Walker (Art, 1st= History); Kelly Whitten (Senior Girls’ Tennis Nicol Cup, Gore High School Hockey Club’s Most Valuable Girls’ Player, Muskett Trophy for Commitment and Dedication to Girls’ Rugby, General Excellence in Year 13); Kaye Williams (Mathematics with Calculus, Mathematics with Statistics); Alice Wohlers (General Excellence in Year 13)




Emily Smith and Zac Thomas (gold award); Jessica McIntyre, Kate Smith, Erin Costello, Shannon Costello and Caroline Morton (silver award); Morgan Fallowfield, Kelly Whitten and Caroline Morton (bronze award)




Hannah Cooke (Year 11 Foundation Scholarship 2012); Jordan Edwards (Gore Operatic Society prize); Tyler Haslemore (Jones and Cooper Builders Award for Practical Craft); Aleisha Cavanagh (Gore Repertory Society prize for Dramatic Work); Karlena Lawrence (Dakin Leadership in the Outdoors Award); Brandon McMurdo (Year 12 Foundationship Scholarship 2012); Michaela Roy (Gore Town and Country Club Band Senior Instrumentalist Trophy, J H Grieve prize for performance in music); Blake Shirley (VetSouth prize Year 12 Excellence across the Sciences); James Bell (The Margaret Logan 2012 Gore High School Foundation Year 13 Scholarship); Stefan Blakeborough (Rector’s prize for Head Boy); Mark Gow (Rector’s prize for Deputy Head Boy); Bridget Hardy (Rotary prize for personal intergrity); Jessica Hewlett (Barron Family Trophy for contribution to Dance); Lang Inder (Senior Hospitality and Service Industry Practical Skills Award); Hamish Kerr (Contribution to Kapa Haka); Lucy Kingsbury (Rector’s prize for Head Girl); Alicia Prescott (Nathan Dickson Trophy for contribution to the community); Chad Ritchie (Braithewaite and Gray Award for Contribution to the Performing Arts); Emily Smith (Excellence in Physical Geography); Kaye Williams (Rector’s prize for Deputy Head Girl)




Sasha Ritchie (J O McPhail Memorial Prize for Agriculture in Year 11); Jordan Highsted (Peter Reid Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Guitar); Dion McGuigan (Peter Reid Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Craftsmanship in Woodwork); Michaela Roy (Bruce Smith Trophy for Public Speaking); Rebekah Tripp (Thomas MacDonald Scholarship); Tessa Dickie (Florence Dickson Memorial Prize for Geography); Mark Gow (W D Milne Memorial Trophy for marksmanship); Emily Smith (Edward Pickering Memorial Prize for Chemistry, J A C Macartney Memorial Scholarship); Imogen Walker (Anne Campbell Memorial Prize for English, Anne Campbell Memorial Prize for Classics)




Morgan Fallowfield and Lucy Kingsbury (joint recipients ex pupils’ association - excellence in and out of classroom); Sean Lennon (Ex-Pupils’ Jubilee Bursary)




Bradley Catto (Gore High School Best All Round Sportsman Trophy); Kelly Whitten (Kate Wayte Special prize - best all round girl)




James Bell (hostel head boy); Kelly Whitten (hostel head girl)




Bradley Catto (NZ Open Water Swim Team); Liam Henare (Special Merit NZ 2013 U20 Ice Hockey Team)




House shield was won by Cargill received by house leaders Hayden Stephen and Tessa Dickie




Hannah Cooke (year 11); Brandon McMurdo (Year 12); James Bell (the Margaret Logan year 13 foundation scholarship)




Mark Gow (rector’s prize for deputy head boy); Kaye Williams (rector’s prize for deputy head girl); Stefan Blakeborough (rector’s prize for head boy); Lucy Kingsbury (rector’s prize for head girl)




Head boy: Blake Shirley


Head girl: Rachael Kelso


Deputy Head boy: Dirk Morrison


Deputy Head girl: Laura Miller


PROXIME ACCESSIT - IMOGEN WALKER (Osborne Proxime Accessit prize)


DUX - TESSA DICKIE (recipient of the E C Smith bursary and Dux of Gore High School 2012)

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