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Life in jail for son's hot-car death

Cooper was in the car for seven hours when his body was found. His dad said he forgot about him, a jury ruled it murder.

Breakthrough in toddler's cold case

8:13am Police in Australia say the abductor of a three-year-old girl, taken from a beach almost 50 years ago, is still alive.

MH370 families offer reward for debris

Anyone finding debris from doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could receive a financial reward, victims' families say.

Dispatcher jailed over deadly crash

A train dispatcher has been convicted and jailed for 3 years over his role in the collision of two commuter trains that killed 12 people.

'All we could do was stand there'

While her girlfriend went to a California rave, Anya Taylor decided to stay in - until she saw the news of the deadly fire.

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