For pity's sake . . .

Refugees. Who needs 'em?

We're the not-so-good Samaritans

Government priorities wrong -- letter

Not a priority

Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie answers letters to the editor on priorities and bureaucracy.

Changes must keep people safe at work

Ria Bond

The Government's health and safety categorisations are a mess, Southland's New Zealand First list MP Ria Bond writes.

More years than we'd guess

Pat Veltkamp Smith

OPINION: Pat Veltkamp Smith considers coronations, consistencies and commonalities. As you do.

Puzzling pipes occurred naturally

What's all this about, then?

 About the South columnist Lloyd Esler found his interest piqued by pipes.

Keas at home

A kea couple.

Those beaks are like a Swiss army knife. Natural World columnist Paul Gay considers the kea.

Everyone's a critic. Ideally.


EDITORIAL: Now we’re getting into a flag debate, as opposed to shadowboxing a nebulous opponent

Still doing a Jetstarve

Jetstar NZ head Grant Kerr

Invercargill is still too far for Jetstar. How will Air New Zealand react?

Home help for seniors may be at risk -- letter


Might the Government be tempted towards transferring senior now receiving home help to profit-driven aged care facilities instead, Greg Smith wonders in a letter to the editor.

Govt must review health funding

It's been 10 years since the health funding formula was reviewed -- too long, says Labour's associate health spokesman David Clark.

Dog control officers need to pull up their socks -- letter

Roaming dogs are killing cats

After a dog's third attack on cats, Christina Laughton writes to the editor urging more action from civic authorities.

Safety trumps all, Mr Vincent

Alfred Vincent, as a boy.

EDITORIAL: The Alfred Vincent case tests our stamina for vigilance, not vengeance

Safety reform mustn't drive education indoors -- letter

It's educational.

Health and safety law reform mustn't stifle the benefits of outdoor education, Catherine Kappelle writes in a letter to the editor.

SDHB needs solutions not political opportunism

Todd Barclay

OPINION:The poor financial management of the former Southern District Health Board has to be addressed and -- in spite of what the Opposition portrays -- consultation is key, Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay writes.

Flag from the touch judge -- letter

Servicemen prepare the flag for the Anzac Day dawn service

Just because we had had previous flags does not change that for more than a century we have had law, order and patriotism under this one, David Russell writes in a letter to the editor.

Where's it all going, and so fast

Pat Veltkamp Smith.

Columnist Pat Veltkamp Smith stabilises after a few speed wobbles.

Polyfest a luminous event

Winton Weka Pre School pupils at Polyfest.

EDITORIAL: It's a cultural kaleidoscope out there.

Progress made, challenges ahead

Sarah Dowie.

Invercargill and Southland are a great place to live, MP Sarah Dowie writes.

Of water, fisticuffs, fruitful fatherhood and villainy

Achievements and shamefulness feature in Lloyd Esler's About the South column this week

The smell of success

Natural World columnist Paul Gay celebrates the result of a long, experimental plant breeding process.

Govt does apologise for state care trauma -- letter

Anne Tolley

The Government can't have been any more public about the apologies and compensation being offered to people who were abused in state care, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley writes in a letter to the editor.

An Easterly change is forecast

Easter angst

EDITORIAL: What with one thing and another, now's as good a time as any to be thinking about Easter, the Government figures

Flag change up to us - letter

Marked by a fern, not a flag.

It's the silver fern, rather than our flag, etched into the crosses marking New Zealanders' last resting place in Commonwealth War Graves overseas.

Getting the light back on

Good to have him with us: A J Clothier.

Editorial: There's a lot to be said for being open to a change of plan. Especially this one.

An end to treaty claims -- letter

King Tuheitia

The Treaty of Waitangi gravy train must end, Nobby Clark writes in a letter to the editor

"Somewhere, out there'' health care

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman

EDITORIAL: The health care we need won't be denied, but may be more distant, the minister is telling us.

TPPA defies Anzac sacrifice -- letter

Generations of soldiers past opposed foreign tyranny which the TPPA threatens to deliver, Pauline McIntosh writes in a letter to the editor.

A few wee looks behind the scenes

A vital role of all organisations in this modern age is reaching out to the public and explaining what you're doing and why.  In this week alone I have been involved with four community groups who have undertaken these transparency projects that basically encourage the public to have a look at what happens behind the scenes.  

Pharmac threat very real -- letter

An anti-TPPA protester writes to the editor that she is a middle New Zealander, neither rent-a-crowd nor misinformed.

Welcome scrutiny into unsettling areas

John Key

EDITORIAL: A pair of inquiring minds are doing us the service of examining the Government's never-you-minds.

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