Letters to the editor July 4

How much?

Spare us fanciful figures, Philip Todd writes in a letter to the editor.

So here's the long-term plan

Ali Timms

This week the council approved our Long-term Plan 2015-2025 which includes a drop in some of the rates increases that were originally forecast, as well as some extra community support.

A word of caution to the nauseating

Dead animals aren't on the list of civic recyclables

EDITORIAL: Who would cram a carcass into a recycling bin?

Letters to the editor July 3

State housing for sale

Picture a desperate and dateless Government putting itself out there with stuff to sell, Lesley Soper writes in a letter to the editor.

We can slowly exhale now

More power to them

OPINION: A bit of optimism-tinged relief would appear to be in order.

Letters to the editor July 2

Just asking.


At last, Lego to the fore

Pat Veltkamp Smith

Listen, there's a use for Lego quite apart from its propensity to cripple an unwary foot going bare in the dark, writes Pat Veltkamp Smith

Our alarming lack of alertness

Some bad news can save your life.

OPINION: We are not being vigilant on our own behalf.

Southland is a great place

Kindy kids at Polyfest

If you look at people with only one eye open you will probably miss something, writes John Galbraith in a letter to the editor.

When tears don't work

Piper enjoys a beach-side version of Peppa Pig's "muddy puddles".

OPINION: Mark Hotton would like to think that after almost five years, he'd have this parenting thing sorted. Yeah, right.

Schools seize option to confound parental choice

Rules are rules . . .  eventually.

OPINION: Southland's primary schools have a new, or rediscovered, way to make life hard for picky-picky parents

Letters to the editor June 30

Trevor Daley

OPINION: An arts centre may yet happen, no thanks to the ICC's approach so far, Trevor Daley writes.

Letters to the editor June 29

Is this us?

Many of us take a cavalier attitude to our own ideals and biases, Bruce McGarry says in a letter to the editor

CBD development worth teaming up for

Not too far from this guy?

OPINION: If major players can combine their visions for Invercargill CBD development then that's a huge plus.

Illegal Tegel on the news menu

Not on the menu, right?

OPINION: You don't want to be potted with dead native birds in the hand.

Body-shamer shaming is . . . shameful

Mum's Diet by Joy Cowley

OPINION: Critics of Joy Cowley's children's book Mum's Diet should try to develop a more nutritionally balanced approach to reading

Letters to the editor June 26

Geoff Piercy

Grey Power Otago/Southland director Geoff Piercy puts a historical perspective on the Southern District Health Board's woes in a letter to the editor.

"Soft'' invasion could be catastrophic

Tim Shadbolt

It's not a question of if New Zealand will be invaded, it's only a question of how and when, writes Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt.

Hearing aid options abound

Simon Melville

OPINION: Invercargill audiologist Simon Melville has cautions and encouragements for those in need of hearing aids.

We must confront culpability

Amy Adams

OPINION: Let's have laws that make life-and-death decisions a matter if vivid accountability for corporations.

Letters to the editor June 25

Helen Kelly

While some quibble about too much red-tape in the proposed Health and Safety Act, we cannot afford to lose sight of seeking to protect workers' rights, and their lives, CTU president Helen Kelly writes in a letter to the editor.

No easy cure for local health woes

Clare Curran

OPINION: The Southern District Health Board has been showing symptoms of strain for years.

That tell-all black box

Pat Veltkamp Smith

It is funny that whenever a plane goes down -- and there have been a few -- the finding of the black box provides all the answers,

All th-th-th-things bright and beautiful

Turned out nice again

OPINION: These days are gaspingly cold but glorious to behold.

Letters to the editor June 24

Southland Hospital


Phone books bound for relic status

On their way out

Coming to a bookshop near you (probably) 1001 uses for a dead phone book.

Letters to the editor June 23

Feeling exploited?

People are being trapped in untenable social situations and economic exploitation, Aaron Nicholson writes in a letter to the editor

OK, let's look into MDMA then

Ecstasy tablets contain MDMA, though they usually have a mix of other ingredients too. Pure MDMA remains rare in New Zealand.

OPINION: There are worse drugs, no question, and some are legal. But that doesn't mean we lower the safety bar for this one.

Letters to the editor June 22

Southland Hospital

SDHB budget changes will widen the gap between the haves and the have nots, Nobby Clark writes in a letter to the editor.

Letters to the editor June 19

Warmth matters too.

Instead of BreathEasy websites, how about a WarmEasy one, James Smith asks in a letter to the editor

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