Letters to the editor - July 25

Letters to the editor

Affected ratepayers have fewer than seven days to give feedback on Environment Southland's Water and Land Plan, says one letter-writer.

Clark knockback -- are the reasons good or shabby? video

Helen Clark

EDITORIAL: Is the best person for the job the last person the UN security council really wants?

We must set our house in order

Anderson House

EDITORIAL: There's no problem-free option, but several that are better than rack and ruin.

Letters, July 21

Letters to the editor.

Theresa May hand us interesting times and Helen may Clark the UN, says a letter writer.

Trump OTT - and then some

Donald Trump.

EDITORIAL: That was an unconventional convention.

You win a few, you lieus a few


EDITORIAL A quarter of a century later and what do you know? NZAS was still wrong.

Are we in China's steely grip?


EDITORIAL: Do we need nerves of steel, or just need to be less nervous?

Star Spangled Kiwi

Fascinating as Machu Picchu is, it's not Southland.

Ben Mack discusses some of the benefits of living in Southland in his latest column.

Letters to the editor - July 16

Letters to the editor

A letter writer is concerned about the value of homes in Ohai and Nightcaps.

Not all our past has a future


EDITORIAL: Historic awareness isn't the same as hidebound thinking.

Not an Olympian contest

Rory McIlroy: not sold on Olympic golf.

EDITORIAL: For the world's top male golfers, Rio simply isn't the mountaintop.

Does Govt have tweet credibility?

Steven Joyce

EDITORIAL: What was the Government thinking? The question is not rhetorical.

Letters to the editor July 12

In your dreams

In 2008 the Government was fully informed about the growing housing crisis and yet it is much worse eight years later.

Animal entertainment tests our own humanity

Stylised barbarity

EDITORIAL: We should honestly check our tolerances for having animals suffer for our enjoyment

History revised


Let's not take a simplistic approach to history.

Not so golden


The "golden rice'' story is misleading, writes Robert Guyton.

Respect can't be complained into existence

Tall Blacks haka booed in Phillipines

EDITORIAL: The haka is precious. That doesn't mean we should be precious about how sporting opponents react to it.

Letters: A de-lightful idea

Starry, starry night . . .

Why not Te Anau for a dark sky destination?

No fanfare yet for Rugby Park work

It had to be done. But let's not forget why.

EDITORIAL: Somebody had to do it. But where's the accountability for the Rugby Park leaks?

Letters to the editor - July 7

Anderson Park ducks; like their Queen's Park counterparts, bread isn't good for them.

Duck digestion troubles our correspondent.

Library consultation

The ICC answers questions about the Invercargill City Library change consultation.

Now Kai has gumption to burn

An artist's impression of the type of affordable home on offer as part of Kaitangata's house and land package scheme.

EDITORIAL: Things did get weird for a while there.

New Govt fund welcome; more still needed

John Key

EDITORIAL: A $1 billion loan fund won't fix our housing crisis. But does, actually, help a bit.

Letters - July 4

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Minimum wage

Haast Hollyford road is battleground-bound

Haast Hollyford Rd promoter Durham Havill.

EDITORIAL: The idea appeals mightily. Can we now at last consider practicalities?

Letters to the editor - July 1, 2016

Letters to the editor

A letter writer is concerned that we should understand mistakes that have been made so as not to repeat them.

What's wrong with a plain name?

Not, particularly, a highwayman

EDITORIAL: Not everything's about marketing.

From the new desk

Southern region editor Natasha Holland.

From the News Desk Clutha Leader Thursday June 30 2016

Letters to the editor - June 29

Letters to the editor

A letter writer says he turns down the volume so he can watch rugby matches without all the "yappy bits".

Moko's killers face huge infamy atop their penalty

Tania Shailer and David Haerewa

EDITORIAL: They're Moko's killers. Whether it's called murder or manslaughter, we know what they did.

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