Mayor stands up for former colleagues

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Southland District Council Mayor Gary Tong has come in to bat for the work of Environment Southland's Ali Timms and Marion Miller.

Should have been squeals. Not screams.

It turns out they can flip. Disastrously.

EDITORIAL: It wasn't even meant to be scary.

Enough milk for calves

08032016. News. Photo: Supplied

A reader wished the world would revolve less around money and more around people, animal and environmental welfare.

A great idea if . . . indeed

Headlining in Townsville

EDITORIAL: NZ's free trade delegation was grounded in Townsville rather more emphatically than in reality.

From the Eye newsdesk

Bill Bailey - pic enlarged

When a big act comes to a small town everyone gets excited.

Hassling of Exit International supporters

08032016. News. Photo: Supplied

A reader thinks police have wasted their time hassling Exit International, supporters of euthanasia.

Fair warning from the boss

Duane Trafford has been inundated with CVs after posting an ad offering a 'bloody job'.

EDITORIAL: No need to read too much between the lines of this job ad.

New native forests? Wright's idea appeals

Jan Wright

EDITORIAL: Nice to see a simple bit amid the science in the Wright report

Are we undervaluing ourselves?

Chris Ramsay: "People are wanting to spend"  632801637

The SoRDS tourism strategy will include ways to get better value from what's already precious about southern attractions.

Maybe we're the missing link

How are you going?

EDITORIAL: The Government and the professionals cannot take our responsibilities off us.

From the News Desk

Colin 'Paddy' Paterson's huge cauliflower that he grew at Kaka Point.

From the News Desk

Sick and tired? Bad combination.

Junior doctors on strike

EDITORIAL: Rest and recovery aren't optional extras.

Tribal Huk are really just copping out

These guys aren't cops.

EDITORIAL: This isn't community policing, guys.

Dylan honoured and Dillon dishonoured

EDITORIAL: Fame has its downside: infamy.

Letters to the editor

08032016. News. Photo: Supplied

No sympathy

ICC needs teamwork, not tribalism

Take me to your Old Boys' network . . .

EDITORIAL: Alliances should result from intelligent scrutiny. But never replace it.

Downbeat and upbeat science

Brian Cox

EDITORIAL: Thanks a bunch, Professor Cox. One more scary scientific scenario.

From the News Desk

Spring has sprung and, if you're anything like me, suddenly the urge to exercise and get remotely fit rears its ugly head.

Scary clowns are self-pleasuring kids

Boo. Or, whatever . . .

EDITORIAL: Psychotic killer clowns aren't a problem. Mean pranksterism kind of is.

Letters to the editor

08032016. News. Photo: Supplied

Services underfunded

Invercargill caught in a Tim warp

EDITORIAL: He's baaaaack.

Footpath caution timely for city

Posties on Paxsters

EDITORIAL: Our more motorised posties need to take care. So do we.

Stags have plenty to play for

The Southland Stags have plenty to play for in their final two games of the season.

OPINION: The Southland Stags still have plenty to play for in 2016, if they are to avoid their worst rugby season in over a decade.

Give the trail a finishing burst

Walk this way . . .

EDITORIAL: It's not about impatience. Just safety.

Pest control is everybody's business

Lou Sanson

Department of Conservation director-general Lou Sanson put his take on the latest 1080 controversy.

So you still haven't voted?

Drop it in to your council.

EDITORIAL: The odds of a good outcome, for you, are still better than Lotto.

Letters to the editor, 5/10/16

Letters to the editor

A letter writer thinks it's time to stop using animals for our own gain.

1080 protest: Passion valid, care needed

EDITORIAL: The 1080 debate risks becoming, itself, poisonous.

Why people don't vote

Young voters don't like the complex process of voting, including the postal ballot.

Too busy, too complicated: Why local elections don't get people's vote

Trumping the taxman? Step one, be rich.

EDITORIAL: The blue-collar billionaire doesn't like paying taxes. His fans don't either. So no problem there?

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