Too many upsets can take the gloss off

Germany's Mischa Zverev embraces Andy Murray after winning their men's singles fourth round match at the Australian Open.

OPINION: While I don't mind the odd Cinderella story, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a clash of the titans in the Australian Open final.

An apple a day

Zest, apples line up, Blush
Golden delicious apple with a blushing French cousin.
Kate Fraser
pic Jane Sanders
ZEST ...

The humble apple is in short supply in the country because of the weather. 

Letters to the editor

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Illustration - 3d illustration of opened red mailbox with letters

address, await, box, ...

Labels versus debate

Editorial: Skipping school zones

EDUCATION:980907:SMH GENERIC:Pix by QUENTIN JONES........Generic Education Pix..
Primary Schools / School Children / ...

OPINION: As long as there have been rules, humans have found a way around them. 

It's hard to stay fearless

Columnist Che' Baker wants to be like Pukekohe great-great-grandmother Mary Manssen when she is older, who at the age of ...

Columnist Che' Baker use to live carelessly on the edge. Now she is trying to ensure she still becomes that 82-year-old sky diving over shark infested waters.

Letters to the editor

08032016. News. Photo: Supplied

A reader is concerned with the doctor's strike saying "it appears the essential public necessities are treated as minor needs''.

Grief is the price we pay for love

C.S. Lewis wrote, A Grief Observed, that "no one told me grief felt so like fear."

Many of us feel very uncomfortable when we experience grief. We wonder if we are going crazy and how to manage the intense feelings that come with it.

Taking a stand

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Stock Photo - Young man with hands clasped together

addict, addiction, agony, blue, concept, cruel, ...


Letters to the editor

08032016. News. Photo: Supplied

Trail upkeep

From the Eye news desk

10082016. News.Kavinda Herath. Southland Times/FairfaxNZ-Southland disAbility Enterprises worker Brett Sutherland and ...

Doesn't it suck when one persons actions make your life harder.

Letters to the editor

08032016. News. Photo: Supplied

Land claims

Learning the skills for life

10112014  News Photo: Stacy Squires/Fairfax NZ.
First major NCEA exams started today. Photo: Riccarton High School ...

In life, there are many different measurements of success. 

Hairdressers say 'It's not OK'

Hairdressers often know secrets - such as our real hair colour.

OPINION: Hairdressers can be entrusted with painful secrets.

Letters to the editor

08032016. News. Photo: Supplied

Make it a success

No payWave for me

Letters to the editor - January 13.

A reader is unhappy payWave cards are compulsory at their bank.

Here comes the bride... and the rain

Friends: it's your duty to tell your bestie when she's becoming a ridiculous bridezilla, or you're going to end up with ...

As the sun comes out (or doesn't in Southland), the wedding season begins to fill up everyone's Facebook feeds.

Turning a blind eye to speeding bikers

Tougher on drivers than motorcyclists?

EDITORIAL: The comings and goings of motorcyclists have become a tad contentious.

Go ahead, make my day?

Home invasions are getting rural hereabouts.

EDITORIAL: Castle doctrine remains an untaken option for home-defence law. Rightly so.

From the Newslink news desk

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

New Zealand - what's the hurry?

Keep toheroa within arm's reach

Dig this.

EDITORIAL: Here's hoping the latest toheroa survey brings good news.

Helping an ageing population in Southland

A SupportLink volunteer helping an older person with their grocery shopping.

As we age, the challenges of living at home increase. What can you do about it?

An offer he could so refuse

Steven Joyce was hit in the face with a not-so-unidentified flying object at Waitangi.

EDITORIAL: The Prime Minister RSVPs to Ngapuhi.Thanks but no way.

Letters to the editor - January 7

Letters to the editor - January 7.

Letters to the editor - January 7

Letters - January 9

04122014. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Old letter

abstract, aging, antique, background, blank, book, brown, calligraphy, coin, ...

Age of victims

Heartening little recoveries

EDITORIAL: Let's not undervalue that recent case of camera karma.

Peter Leitch is hardly racist

It was sensitive stuff, but Peter Leitch made, at worst, an error of judgment

EDITORIAL That said, a tad more carefulness wouldn't go amiss in these sensitive times.

That syncing feeling

Singing her heart out?

EDITORIAL: What you see is what you get, but not necessarily when Mariah shows up.

And Another Thing

Pat Veltkamp-Smith.

It's a big day today.

Opinion: Letters to the editor

Do you know who this is?

Lack of priests

We're still not ready for a Hen3ry

Naming isn't always a game

EDITORIAL: Naming isn't always a game

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