A bit knocked off the bastard?


OPINION: It turns out a mountain can miss a step.

Connecting the ages

Age Concern registered nurse, educator and community worker Jan Pfeifer.

Opinion: Research indicates there is a growing concern in our community regarding the lack of opportunities for building healthy connections between youth and older adults in our society.

It's not the oyster life for me

The Bluff Oyster and Food Festival has sold out but I'm one of the lucky ones able to attend.

OPINION: Of the thousands of Bluff oysters to be eaten on Saturday - only one has my name on it.

Rotating stars key for Steel

Southern Steel shooter Jhaniele Fowler-Reid is crucial to her team's ANZ Premiership campaign chances.

OPINION: The Steel will have to manage their stars carefully heading into the hectic final month of the national netball league, with injury potentially derailing their campaign.

Taking health and safety seriously

Katherine McDonald

It's no secret that New Zealand has one of the worst health and safety records in the developed world.

Whatever gets you out and about is fine by me

13012016 News Photo: Nicole Johnstone / Fairfax NZ

Clutha Leader reporter Mary-Jo Tohill.

From the News Desk

Housing crisis? Take to the trees

The DOC track where Australian emigre Andy Marshall built a tree house which was chainsawed down by an angry property owner.

OPINION: A rat-faced Australian has shown us how to fix the country's most pressing problem.

The people are most important

Tracy Hicks

 What is the most important thing in the world?

Steel's wake-up call just the tonic

Southern Steel captain Wendy Frew passes the ball down the court against the Mainland Tactix in the ANZ Premiership ...

OPINION: Closer than expected win over bottom-placed Mainland Tactix is just what the southern netball franchise needs.

From the News Desk, Newslink

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

It seems like there's hardly a week goes by now without some kind of sporting star scandal.

Need a new out fit? Why not raid the yellow bin?

Ranui Kindergarten pupils Maddie Sutherland, 4, and her sister Grace, 2, wear recyclables in the Kindy fashion show, ...

Some people have the ability to see things that others can not.

Letters to the editor - May 9

Letters to the editor - May 9

One reader is concerned about midwifery services in Lumsden.

OPINION: Putting Unity into Community

Trudy Saunders (center) and family gather at South Alive's Night Food Market.

OPINION: We live in a fast-paced world. We go to work, take the dog for a walk, go to the gym or pick up the kids, go home, eat dinner, sleep, wake up and do it all over again.

Community spirit celebrated

200514. Photo: 123rf.com
Illustration - 3d illustration of opened red mailbox with letters

address, await, box, ...

A reader comments on what can be achieved when a community rallies together.

Finding my own mint mansion

One time, dad decided to paint our house mint green.

OPINION: Growing up we always had trippy houses. They were filled with art and random artefacts. They were always interesting.

Letters to the editor - May 5

Letters to the editor - May 5

The Around the Mountain cycleway is a wonderful trip and congratulations to all

The universe strikes back

Despite all the vitamins, honey and garlic I consumed I still ended up sick.

The universe can play cruel tricks sometimes.

Deputy down. So what happened?

OPINION: What, really, were the reasons behind the step-down of Invercargill's deputy mayor Darren Ludlow?

The beating heart of a community

Glad they could help. Volunteers  at the Molloy home, Ohai.

EDITORIAL: One generous act speaks volumes about Ohai-Nightcaps, and many an assailed small town besides.

Settle down about that resettlement

Local, and settled refugee kids participate in a multicultural mural with a theme of 'home' at the Victory Community ...

EDITORIAL: Invercargill needn't fear the social impacts of accepting refugees..

Openness has its values too

Video footage shows robot and two workers inside the Pike River mine shaft, three months after explosion killed 29 men.

EDITORIAL: We should have seen that Pike River footage long ago.

Letters to the editor - May 2

Letters to the editor, May 2.

One reader thinks Landcorp farms should be farmed by young Kiwis, not sold.

OPINION: Go to the arts things or they won't come back

Attendance to events is just as important for the performers as it is the promoters.

Are you sick of there being "nothing to do in Invercargill"? Well, what do you want then?

Let's not fixate on the job.

Ben McLean

EDITORIAL: The accused killer is a cop. What are we really entitled to read into that?

From the News Desk

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

Is there a more haunting piece of music than The Last Post?

Work to Rule

Nicole Johnston

I think we have all had those moments where we wish we could speak our minds about colleagues, employers/employees and sometimes even clients.

Standing up for daddy

Ivanka Trump

EDITORIAL: Ivanka Trump can expect more hostility if she seeks to defend her father's

And another thing

Pat Veltkamp-Smith.

Opinion: Somewhere just the other day I read that size 16 is the average size for a New Zealand woman.

From the beehive with Ria Bond

New Zealand First MP Ria Bond.

On Monday, Prime Minister Bill English appeared on The AM Show and pledged "more money for more people, because in the end this is a people business", when talking mental health. 

How to carry Anzac forward

Upholding tradition still allows scope for careful change.

EDITORIAL: So between now and next Anzac Day, what?

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