Adult supervision required

EDITORIAL: Children's entertainment has its perils.

Letters to the editor - September 24

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What drilling gets us

Under the pump

Letters to the editor correspondents write about council campaign signs, council companies and oil/gas drilling.

From the News Desk

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Clutha Leader reporter Mary-Jo Tohill.

From the News Desk

South Alive is evolving. That's OK.

The concept drawing of the South Alive Community hub to be developed on the Bin Inn site.

EDITORIAL: Infrastructure matters. But it's not everything.

(x) the hell happened? And (y)?

How hard can it be?

EDITORIAL: Something doesn't add up with the NZQA Year 11 algebra exam.

Easter trading -- democracy at its untidiest

A sign of the bygone times.

EDITORIAL: Councils prepare to consult on the contentious issue.

When in doubt, don't be

And it happens so fast . . .

EDITORIAL: It's fast, it's brutal and it's out there.

Govt seeks sense against violence

More than 50 law changes are coming to try to help.

EDITORIAL: The Government moves to better confront family violence.

Her pneumonia vs his egomania

Hillary Clinton: how's the health?

EDITORIAL: Hillary's feeling poorly. Donald's behaving poorly. Who's more likely to improve?

Better with a businessman mayor?

Tom Conroy

EDITORIAL: The council isn't a company, remember.

Just a little case of existential terror

Open Water

EDITORIAL: Even when really bites, that's not the worst of it.

Letters to the editor

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Connect the dots

Let's not jolt to conclusions

The impact of tsunami waves on Rangitukia east coast.

EDITORIAL: We shouldn't be too quick to judge the efficiency of our quick-response alert system.

Letters to the editor - September 2, 2016

letter writing

Rates relief

Not just dog owners need training

Endearing. But communication breakdowns can lead to violence from even beloved, well-treated dogs.

EDITORIAL: ''Nice doggy'' doesn't cut it.

Savagery of a single blow to the head

Matthew Coley

EDITORIAL: It's not enough to know a king hit is dirty. When your dander's up, the knowledge needs to matter.

Letters to the editor - August 31

Letters to the editor

A letter writer suggests erecting a monument to the money wasted on the cycle trail.

A dim debacle from the ICC

Don't trip, buddy.

EDITORIAL: How to fashion a noose for yourself with festive lights.

Pig-headedness the cause of Awarua closure

What future awaits the Auckland Island pigs at Awarua?

OPINION: New Zealand's must not squander the enormous potential benefits of the Auckland Island pig breeding facility, argues Grant McLachlan.

Letters to the editor - August 30

Letters to the editor

A letter writer wonders whether ratepayers are too busy to express concern about Southland District Council spending.

Youi prosecutions carry strong lessons

So that went well . . .

EDITORIAL: The Commerce Commission prosecutions back up the talk about shameful conduct from the insurer.

Letters to the editor - August 29

Letters to the editor

A letter writer wants to know what councillors REALLY get paid.

Letters to the editor - August 27

Letters to the editor

A letter writer wants the council to divvy up its profits to those who need it.

Our heritage offers us our brand

Philip Todd

OPINION: Invercargill's brand should invoke its heritage, Philip Todd contends.

Will it be a weaker or a neater Easter?


EDITORIAL: Who said open-and-shut issues were easy?

Insecurity for pigs of purity

Can we sell their cells?

EDITORIAL: Is it really a case of "That'll have to do pig. That'll have to do''?

Letters to the editor - August 26

Letters to the editor

A letter writer is calling for leadership so more people will be attracted to the city and even enticed to stay in the region.

Banks will keep closing smaller branches


EDITORIAL: Banks will keep closing.

Letters to the editor - August 24

Letters to the editor

A letter writer is exasperated about the number of labourers being brought in from overseas when there are 15,600 unemployed labourers already in New Zealand.

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