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The Book Chooks blog

Old ideas

Is there really anything new in the latest diet trends?

Tangled Web blog

The 'cuddle game'

Apparently there's some sports-like event happening in Brazil at the moment

The Roar sports blog

Riddle me this

Stricter measures at odds with TAB presence

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Editorial | Georgina gets fortright

Georgina Beyer OPINION: With Georgina Beyer what you see is what you get.

Cheers to true inspiration

Southern Focus OPINION: Congratulations to SIT for hosting yet another brilliant Start Up Weekend where IT students can receive support for initiating new business proposals.

Frontline becomes firing line

winz OPINION: Ashburton yesterday convulsed under terrorism; in effect if not intent.

Worker safety - policy and practice

Lyttelton Port OPINION: WorkSafe New Zealand's description of the third death at Lyttelton Port in the past year as "completely unacceptable" might invite some derision in itself - how many deaths are just partially unacceptable?

Calming down Riversdale

School classroom So Riversdale children may soon be in the thrall of the Devil's own Ritalin.

Opinion poll

Do you approve of the jersey the Stags wore at the weekend?

Yes, it's always good to freshen things up

No, we should stick with our traditional colours

Vote Result

Related story: Jersey here to stay

Letter: Defending 1080

Southland Times letter to the editor DOC science advisor says 1080 has been critical for the recovery of several North Island kokako populations.

Letter: Water quality

Water fluoridation seems to be an emotive subject.

Letter: Tax cheats

Letter: Rugby Park beer prices

Cup equation adds to zero

America's Cup New Zealand's dysfunctional relationship with the America's Cup is coming to an end.

Jolly bad show wherever you go

Everyday Housewife Danyel Southwark shares her thoughts on the week past, as relayed by satirist Steve Braunias.

Water supply under threat

Pest problem put on the table

Fair wages won't make the sky fall in

Last year, 46 per cent of working New Zealanders didn't get a wage increase. More people didn't get a pay rise last year than in the year before, even though we have been told things have got better.

Compelling and edgy

we were liars E Lockhart's new novel, We Were Liars has been making waves on the book blogosphere.

A walk on the wild side

As often as I stop to think, then forget to start again, I am also plagued by bouts of my mind wandering off unattended and delivering all sorts of random thoughts that I then share with the world.

Satire fails to fire

Tackling gender debate with lots of humour

Revenge and justice central to storyline

BOOK REVIEW: In Jo Nesbo's "Son", a prison cell confession reveals a hidden secret about his father.