Saturday morning rituals important

Zach and Piper enjoy their all-important post-pancake pre-cartoon watching Saturday morning picnic.

Creating Saturday morning memories is important, writes Mark Hotton.

We deserve the rewards

Tim Shadbolt

It's easy to mock Councillor Kett's proposal to have a limited number of free trips to Stewart Island for Gold Card members but I wish to publicly congratulate him for drawing attention to the injustice of this issue. 

Which way, where....

Writer Pat Veltkamp Smith.

OPINION: Which way, where…

It takes more than parents to raise a child

Piper is all-serious during her graduation ceremony.

Five important people have played a vital role in helping to mould and shape Piper into the strong, confident and independent little girl that she's become.

Drug testing for meetings?

Mary-Jane Thomas.

OPINION: Why would someone who is going to a meeting, need to agree to be drug tested?

Water and land plan worth attention

Ali Timms

OPINION: We had a good turn out and some honest discussion at Environment Southland's public meeting in Riverton this week.

Manana from heaven?

The budget that budged

OPINION: This looks an even-handed Budget. Which is to to say it's part open-palmed "have this" and part backhand "take that!"

Court appearance not like X-Factor

And rather a lot of it ...

OPINION: She's an ardent drug supplier, in good standing in her community. But it wasn't popularity that kept her out of jail.

Card declined - at least for now

The Foveaux Express.

OPINION: At least as things stand, we have an airy-ferry idea in front of us.

Looking back and ahead

Pat Veltkamp Smith

Looking back, and ahead

Is Auckland killing NZ?

Rino Tirikatene

OPINION: The media have an obligation to report what's happening in the rest of the country as well.

Who's afraid of the big bad Winz?

Anne Tolley.

How many unhappy campers does Work and Income really have?

Dairy industry critics need to tell both sides

Federated Farmers dairy chairman Andrew Hoggard.

OPINION: Recent report on the cost of NZ's dairy industry needs to look further than evidence that suits its needs.

Key right to put our flag to the test

Our flag. Has its moments . . .

Respecting tradition doesn't mean we needn't ever bother looking good and hard at whether we can do better.

Sick children aren't much fun

How to take a photo of an unwilling child beside a tree? Stick the aforementioned child in the tree.

The recent bout of illness in Mark Hotton's house had a silver lining, however.

Russell MacPherson reflects on term

Outgoing Federated Farmers Southland president Russell MacPherson.

Outgoing Federated Farmers Southland president reminds Southlanders of agriculture's importance to economy.

Ignore message, face consequences

Mary-Jane Thomas.


Harry has the X Factor

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt and Prince Harry

OPINION: What an absolute triumph the visit by Prince Harry to New Zealand has been.

Levitating levies grounded at last?

What goes up ...

Welcome though the ACC levy cuts are, the corporation itself sorely needs rehabilitation.

Not clowning. Connecting

Prince Harry; amiable guest

It must take hard work to be quite that easygoing.

Moving beyond the daily grind

Piper does her best Peppa Pig impersonation - note how well dressed she is for the conditions.

As a parent, there can be a lot of daily repetitive grind.

Above board - but under the carpet?

Ian Pottinger

OPINION: More sleight of hand from the Invercargill City Council. Even councillors - or those not on council companies - are confounded.

Gypsies, tramps and bureaucrats

Up for a chat?

If you build it they will come (if only to go crook about what you've just built).

When ninja babies strike

Behold, the ninja cat. Feline of many skills.

Cats are funny things, particularly when it comes to children. Regular readers will remember that 4-year-old Zach has had his battles with our feisty feline Furley Cat.

Just look up, Harry

Here comes Harry.

OPINION: We'll be showing the prince one of our own crown jewels.

In with a sporting chance

Sport and/or recreation?

OPINION: Whose up for playing mind games with sporting bodies?

The spirit is unwilling

Not on parish property.

Should a Christian church be so tetchy about tai chi?

You've got to laugh. Apparently.

Barack Obama  and his anger translator.

OPINION: Obama's climate change jokes were enough to make you weep afterwards.

Helen Kelly: Keep up the pressure

CTU President Helen Kelly says pressure to improve worker safety has worked in forestry and now the agricultural industry is the target.

OPINION: Workers need a three-pronged approach to improve safety in the workplace.

Our occasionally puerile PM

Up close and personal, certainly. But there are still boundaries.

OPINION: Prime Minister John Key stands exposed as a bit of a serial ponytail puller. He'll grow out of it, right?

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