You've got to laugh. Apparently.

Barack Obama  and his anger translator

OPINION: Obama's climate change jokes were enough to make you weep afterwards.

Helen Kelly: Keep up the pressure

CTU President Helen Kelly says pressure to improve worker safety has worked in forestry and now the agricultural industry is the target.

OPINION: Workers need a three-pronged approach to improve safety in the workplace.

Our occasionally puerile PM

Up close and personal, certainly. But there are still boundaries.

OPINION: Prime Minister John Key stands exposed as a bit of a serial ponytail puller. He'll grow out of it, right?

Things are hotting up for winter

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt.

OPINION: This is shaping up to be one of the most dramatic, exciting and challenging winters we have faced for some time.

Like it was just yesterday

Richie Benaud

OPINION: You won't want to be too tediously anti-Aussie. Or insufficiently, either.

Swinging a bit high, there

Just a useful learning experience? Really?

OPINION: MInimise the hazards without minimising the experience of being alive.

Sleep baby, sleep


OPINION: If you're a regular reader - and apologies to those who'd missed the columns while I took an extended holiday - then you'll know that there are some things I'm quite passionate about when it comes to parenting. 

Never wear a skirt to the doctor


The signs were there from the start - my hip appointment was not going to go in my favour.

A hotel idea of towering faultiness

Tim Shadbolt.

Mais non, Tim. Mais non.

Our forgettable edibles

Perfectly good, some of it?

OPINION: Didn't we do better with "best before'' before?

Blurred Lines jury way off track

And then it all went horribly wrong

Where would we be, creatively, without thieving swine?

When faced with poisonous intent

Worth protecting, right?

1080 is less poisonous than this clown's thinking.

But he was a friend ...

Paul Graham Yeo

OPINION: So no one told you it was going to be this way?

Talent show producers acted badly

Shae Brider

OPINION: The notoriety of X Factor talent show contestant Shae Brider who served six years for his role in a manslaughter is testament to the fact that putting past wrongdoing into careful context is an important thing to get right.

Not one for the banknotes

Painting of Captain James Cook going defecating in bushes. Painted in 1998 by Southland artist Nigel Brown.

Southland artist Nigel Brown's work, Intestinal Tract, has been clenching the colons of Captain Cook Society members.

Standing safe and sound?

SAFETY ISSUE: Are we all standing comfortably?

For safety rules on school buses, is "so far, so good'' satisfactory?

An unappealing situation? Good.

This sign illustrates the strong feelings in Manapouri against the Te Anau sewerage waste water proposal.

OPINION: Let's not get litigious if we don't absolutely have to.

Isn't this survival-instinct stuff?

Dairying needs clear-eyed farsightedness, right?

OPINION: Can our dairy farmers explain what's the problem with the Southern Dairy Hub proposal?

Hotel still on the horizon

Alan Dennis

OPINION: The ILT isn't about to be hurried into committing to a flash new hotel.

So someone else invested

24STL-Photo---John Hawkins---Southland Times- Fairfax Media------Right, Robert Boekhout of Blue River Dairy with sfaff and a  tin of their  NZ Sheep Milk Powder which won a NZ Food Award

OPINION: An opportunity we failed to milk for all it was worth.

Getting down to (and with) business

23012015 news Photo: David Unwin/ Fairfax NZ..

Labour Leader Andrew Little.

The Labour leader's speech hasn't come up with the goods, but at least he seems to know what they are.

A bit of RMA-wrestling

Them's the rules: Nick Smith with 80,000 pages of RMA codes.

The Resource Management Act needs to be healthier, not weaker

Unforgettable? If only ...

OPINION: Places to go, things to do, have we forgotten anything?

Sour truths about sweet stats


OPINION: We continue to throw down sugary drinks with truly rotten results for our health.

Long-eared interlopers, begone


OPINION: They're cute. They're thriving. But, yes, let's kill them.

Stupidity behind the savagery

Councils currently can't fine dog owners for attacks such as rushing, growling and barking.

OPINION: We don't have a dog problem. We have a dullards problem.

Boy racers wising up?

Police are urging drivers to take care on Queensland roads for the rest of the holiday period.

OPINION: The fewer boy racers we have, the more men we'll end up with.

Going not-so-boldly backwards

OPINION: In the nation's driveways, hindsight really is a fine thing

Bigger issues at risk in film debate

A still from Sony Pictures' as yet unreleased comedy "The Interview", set in North Korea.

OPINION: Sony Pictures' cowering to the demands of cyberterrorists is a disturbing invitation.

The sane response to atrocity

We protect ourselves as best we can. We pursue the wrongdoers with steely resolve. But we don't, ever, lose focus on the rights of the innocents on both sides of the conflict.

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