SoRDS is 'hog-wash'

Letters to the editor.

City parking time limits are stammering business, one reader says.

A Southlander steps forward

Who's been a busy boy, then?

EDITORIAL: Yes, Prime Minister

Library change cost a 'profligate waste'

Letters to the editor.

"I have never heard of such profligate waste'' says a reader on the proposed library changes.

A request for a smokefree Esk

Not even outdoors?

EDITORIAL: Asking nicely is all the ICC is looking likely to do.

Distasteful information

Letters to the editor.

A reader was unhappy about coverage of a dig project at a disused Milton cemetery.

Get it out of our system

Anne Tolley

EDITORIAL: The big picture is there is no big picture? Look harder, Minister.

From the Eye news desk

John Key leaving it up to caucus

This week, I, like many others, was shocked when John Key announced his resignation. 

Key kept eye on the exit lights

And it's goodbye from him.

EDITORIAL: The timing, but only the timing, was unexpected.

Now for signs of traction

Lights, camera . . . action.

EDITORIAL: That $2.4 million is something to be getting on with.

Top tips for travelling with parents - don't

The Scottish town of Falkland, in Fife, where some of Outlander was filmed. The compromise in coming here on out holiday ...

I recently took a trip overseas with my family. It wasn't all rainbows ad unicorns.

'Bureaucratic nonsense'

Letters to the editor

A reader is unhappy about the decision to opposed the liquor licence for the Gibbston Valley Concert.

Letters to the editor, December 1

Letters to the editor

A reader is concerned about city assault during the weekend.

From the news desk

An example picture of some of the lights to be installed in Invercargill for Christmas this year.

It's December, this means it is now socially exceptable to cover as many surfaces you can with tinsel, holly and fair lights. 

SoRDS: So now we have a plan

Tom Campbell

Can we agree on it? Or at least get cracking with our areas of disagreement so we get them resolved in time?

Freezer to feed the future

Have a freezer full of bones and man and dog are content.

Opinion: Make no bones about it, a chest freezer frees you from being dependent on the seasons.

Changing my life

17102015; newsphoto; supplied; northern outlook; Joe Bennett

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone lives under some sort of delusion.

Dead men tell the same old tales


EDITORIAL: Lifejackets matter. Who knew?

Conversations: Things in life that don't make sense

Jeremy Holmes at Burt Munro Challenge, Honda Invercargill Street Races Sunday 27 November 2016

An Aussie's opinion on the 2016 Burt Munro Challenge.

Intestinal promptitude matters too

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman

EDITORIAL: Bowel-screening in the south is good news, but could have been better

Confessions from your Tinder date bartender

Columnist Che' Baker sticking to the Dutch wine and avoiding the Dutch courage she'd need for a Tinder date.

We've all heard success and horrors stories from the dating app Tinder. Bartenders get to see it all.

Tobacco's death throes too slow coming

The industry is outliving far, far too many of its customers.

EDITORIAL: Declining smoking rates are cause for encouragement, not satisfaction

Letters to the editor, November 25

Letters to the editor

Having attended all the cycle trail's Environment Court hearing, given evidence and having conducted limited cross-examining, I feel qualified to an opinion on the result.

Prescription price rise

04122014. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Old letter

abstract, aging, antique, background, blank, book, brown, calligraphy, coin, ...

A reader is concerned with an increase in the price of his prescription.

The SDHB's course correction


EDITORIAL: It's not just about whose hand is on the tiller.

From the Eye news desk

Burt Munro Challenge 10th Anniversary- NZ Beach Racing Championships held at Invercargill's Oreti Beach in 2015

From the Clutha Leader News Desk

13012016 News Photo: Nicole Johnstone / Fairfax NZ

Clutha Leader reporter Mary-Jo Tohill.

From the News Desk

From the Newslink News Desk

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

Have we, as a nation, reached Peak Fluro?

Clothes don't maketh Trump

When Donald Trump appears to say things we should remember that he is speaking in much the same way as a dog sits – he ...

Opinion: Humans are partial, gullible, and above all emotional creatures and we make our societies in our own image.

Environment Court made right decision

Letters to the editor.

Readers have come out in support of the Environment Court's ruling on the Around the Mountain Cycle Trail.

Look elsewhere for safe places, Donald

Safety-in-arts campaigner Donald Trump

EDITORIAL: Well aside from that, Mr Pence, what did you think of the show?

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