Letters to the editor - May 27

Letters to the editor

The police seemed more interested in eating pies than rescuing people, a letter writer says.

What will this Budget really budge?

Bill English

EDITORIAL: Bill English: smooth operator or up to his elbows in it?

At this rate . . .

Anderson Park - where to put its art collection?

EDITORIAL: We got what we asked for, apparently.

Learned Facebook users bag Blenheim

Should Blenheim doff its name, would other beleaguered towns dare to follow suit?

OPINION: Should Blenheim decide to doff its name, would other beleaguered towns follow suit?

The perils of the marginal call

Chris Coory, of Dunedin Land Search and Rescue, who helped rescue the 38 4WD enthusiasts stranded in Central Otago.

EDITORIAL: They seized the day. The day seized them right back.

Swinging against the 'stream

Joseph Parker

EDITORIAL: Boxing promoters should do less wild swinging and more disciplined jabbing.

We must gain, retain and value young workers


EDITORIAL: Southland has work to do to find, and keep, young workers.

Star Spangled Kiwi

The Civic Theatre in Invercargill.

People in Southland seem to prefer to dress casually at all times, as Ben Mack learns in his latest column.

Answers for farm toddler's death in Philippines' hands

Bea Daleon

EDITORIAL: The death of a Filipino toddler in Southland cries out for answers that can only come from one woman.

Lower power prices corrections, not favours


EDITORIAL: The savings locally would be small enough, but the thinking behind it has merit.

Letters to the editor - May 19

Letters to the editor.

With the country's roads being so busy, and more tourists in campervans expected, a letter writer suggests transporting more goods by train instead of heavy trucks would be beneficial.

It's not just about slogans


EDITORIAL: Not that slogans aren't fun . . .

Letters to the editor - May 18

Letters to the editor

A letter writer has offered his bucket list of interesting places in Southland to visit.

Letters to the editor - May 17

Letters to the editor

Importing cheaper goods makes the playing field uneven, a letter writer says.

Getting to know Matthew Graham

Matthew Graham

EDITORIAL: Degenerate that he is, Australian Matthew Graham cannot simply be locked up and forgotten.

Star Spangled Kiwi

Brisbane Airport - a sight many Southlanders have probably seen.

Ben Mack discovers in his latest column that many Southlanders are quite worldly.

Neuro kids on the block

Andrew Becroft

EDITORIAL: A legal mind tells us we need to get into the disorders within young offenders' heads.

Accidents will happen, your majesty

Britain's Queen Elizabeth speaks to Commander Lucy D'Orsi during a garden party at Buckingham Palace in London,

EDITORIAL: That umbrella wasn't the cone of silence the Queen imagined.

Letters to the editor - May 12

Letters to the editor.

Anderson Park Art Gallery Society president Dave Kennedy says his staff are working hard.

Shot and forgot


EDITORIAL: Dead, discarded ducks are not a dead-duck issue.

From the News Desk Clutha Leader May 12

Clutha Leader reporter Mary-Jo Tohill.

The end of the golden weather

Letters to the editor - May 11

Letters to the editor.

Anyone who kills a child, an elderly person or someone with a mental incapacity, should do 25 years.

Asleep in charge of a city?


EDITORIAL: There comes a point where restful contemplation becomes doziness.

Letters to the editor - May 7

Letters to the editor.

A letter writer is concerned about the increase in the number of dog bite injuries.

Thanks for the velvetleaf response

Searchers comb a fodderbeet crop looking for signs of velvetleaf infestation.

A big thank you to everyone who helped in the velvetleaf response, from Ali Timms.

When unreasonable behaviour is mistaken for bullying

Are Kiwis really the worst in the world for bullying?

Mary-Jane-Thomas wants to know what bullying really is.

Simply: When IRD can pass on tax debt details

Craig Macalister

Tax continues to dominate our news of late, and I thought I would raise a matter that concerns me, and that the rest of the media machine missed completely.

Star Spangled Kiwi

The Highlanders vs. Brumbies Super Rugby clash at Rugby Park in Invercargill.

Ben Mack experiences "the rugby" for the first time.

Letters to the Editor - May 5

Letters to the editor.

To make informed submissions to the council, the ratepayers should be included in most council discussions, not excluded, a letter writer has observed.

Happy day, Mother mine

Heather McCorkindale has ushered into the world countless newborn babies in Southland.

For decades Southland Times birth notices have had that grateful "thanks to Heather McCorkindale" line, writes Pat Veltkamp Smith in And Another Thing.

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