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12122014 News Photo: Grant Matthew/Fairfax NZ

Rural delivery letterbox

The Future of Houses

From the Hotseat: Southland's strategic revolution

Bill Richardson Transport World in Invercargill.

From motorbikes to a museum opening, November has been a busy month, writes Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt.

First Church will need a hand, now

Fire Safety officer Duane Shannon at First Church.

EDITORIAL: It's not just parishioners who should care.

Rage against the elderly

030712 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. 8 Letters were sent and received the next day.

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The attitude by the public regarding allowing suffering without pain relief, when one would be prosecuted for doing that to an animal needs, to be made clear by as many people as possible.

Time to clean up the city

12122014 News Photo: Grant Matthew/Fairfax NZ

Rural delivery letterbox

It's time to give Invercargill's grass a mow, G Bulling writes in a letter to the editor.

Mafia v Islamic State? Fuhgeddaboudit

Giovanni Gambino

EDITORIAL: Once again, the Mafia's offering protection.

A word to the ageing and overtaken - letters

Not happy.

The old and inert are upset, but the world has moved on, Bruce McGarry contends in a letter to the editor.

The real "Why?" of Christmas

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

OPINION: The Paris massacre, and terrorism, continue to dominate world news, and the state of emergency declared on November 14 is to be continued for three more months.

Glacier crash inquiry must itself withstand scrutiny

Questions arise

EDITORIAL: Inherent danger means inherent responsibilities

After the fireworks

Fireworks light up the sky above Rugby Park at the Fireworks  and Music festival in Invercargill on Saturday night.

EDITORIAL: Turns out people like free entertainment. Who knew?

Where are the outback lettuces? - letter

Why not Southland-grown?

Gary McEwan writes to the editor to brand climate change a scam.

Opinion: Letter to the editor

Opinion: Letters to the editor.

OPINION: Cimate change woes

Flag referendum views diverge - letters

Referendum 1 options.

More opposition, and support, for the two flag referendums emerges in letters to the editor.

Obama and Turnbull on Key: Nice of them to say . . .


EDITORIAL: Were John Key's ears burning?

Read them and weep - letter

It stacks up.

David Williamson suggests a little not-so-light reading in a letter to the editor.

Two lessons to learn from Jonah


EDITORIAL: The strong can be vulnerable. The vulnerable can be strong.

Cheese roll charlatans

Say cheese

EDITORIAL: No roll reversals allowed

Southland on a (cheese) roll - letter

Say cheese.

Carole Sutherland springs to Southland's defence as the cheese roll capital.

Bill Richardson Transport World: a museum that shows a way forward

Bill Richardson Transport World

EDITORIAL: Now this is regional development.

Paris atrocities demand pointy, but not indulgent, reckoning.

Back in a tick. A French jet takes ff on a mission to bomb the Syrian city of Raqqa.

EDITORIAL: In the battle against terrorism, precision matters.

The terrorist strategy

Gwynne Dyer.

As always after a major terrorist attack on the West, the right question to ask after the slaughter in Paris is: what were the strategic aims behind the attack?

Boag wrong to rain on "victimhood parade''

Michelle Boag

EDITORIAL: An unworthy piece of victim-shaming from the former National Party president.

Toheroa issue coming to crunch at Oreti

Waihopai Runanga tangata tiaki Michael Skerrett at Oreti Beach.

EDITORIAL: The sands of time may be running out for vehicles on some parts of Oreti Beach.

Let's hear from the Invercargill mayoral challengers

Tim Shadbolt

Tim Shadbolt encourages mayoral challengers to declare their intention soon.

A great woman

Helen Audrey Selbie (nee Collis- Brown): A great southern woman 1920-2015.

Helen Audrey Selbie (nee Collis- Brown): 1920-2015

Think before you vent

Mary-Jane Thomas

OPINION: Non-Disparaging Comments – Where venting on Facebook could have you fined

South Invercargill housing project worth a try

South Invercargill - looking up.

EDITORIAL: Another south Invercargill initiative. Good.

Anti-dopers roll up their own sleeves

Vladimir Putin

EDITORIAL: Drug cheating is widespread, but Russia can hardly feel picked on.

From the Beehive

090314. News. Photo supplied.
NATIONAL PARTY CANDIDATE for Invercargill Sarah Dowie

Quality education of our children has been a prime focus for this Government since 2008.

Striking the right notes

Bright new money.

EDITORIAL: If money talks, our brighter new banknotes talk louder.

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