Yes, we do judge books by their covers

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OPINION: Wise old sayings were once taught to us all.

Southland's past presents itself

EDITORIAL: Our heritage is to the fore, just now.

Vicious cycle of quitting smoking

Columnist Che Baker - a semi-closet social smoker - is trying to stop being a Mad Woman.

OPINION: Somehow, my inhibitions towards smoking after drinking cocktails get the better of me.

Unhelpful Barclay faces fresh reproach

Todd Barclay:  ". . .  as is my right".

EDITORIAL: Todd Barclay has certainly not been helping the police with their inquiries .

Secure your Property

Crime is preventable – a burglar will usually act on easy or tempting opportunities, especially when it is evident that ...

Crime is preventable – a burglar will usually act on easy or tempting opportunities, especially when it is evident that no one is home, or the risk of being caught is low.

From the news desk: The Eye

daylight savings ends next Sunday

This may be a little premature but I can not wait to wind my clock back an hour on April 2.

Ratepayers group faces challenges


EDITORIAL: Its stamina and unity of purpose is bound to be sorely tested.

The cost of goods

Letters to the editor - March 22.

I have been buying 250g packs of 'Macro LSA' (Linseed sunflower seeds and almonds) for quite a while.

Mischief afoot in Middlemarch


EDITORIAL: But it's of a sort that happens all over the place

What does it mean to be a volunteer?

Would you be prepared to work for 12 hours every week – sometimes more – to learning or teaching new skills if in the ...

A question for you; Would you be prepared to work for 12 hours every week – sometimes more – to learning or teaching new skills if in the process of acquiring those skills, you knew that you were helping many others?

OPINION: It's OK to be a hermit, in moderation

Why spend weekends with actual people when I can live vicariously through rich Upper East Siders?

Do I feel like talking to people today? Nope. Netflix it is.

A search at plodding pace?

Our regional economy hasn't been squirting on all tits lately.

EDITORIAL: The search to energise and stabilise Southland's economy needs momentum.

The bottle not the water is the problem

Essential. But in this packaging?

EDITORIAL: Bottling water is an environmental issue, but not so much a water quality one

From the news desk: Kiwis please take care on the road

The most important thing is to not panic and use your indicators so emergency drivers know what you are doing.

 New Zealand what is going on, on our roads?

A man, a dog and a social conscience

Murray Ball, with Finn, 1993. (Photo Bill Kearns / Dominion )

EDITORIAL: Here's hoping we never learn Dog's name.

Blue card a welcome development

EDITORIAL: We have to get our heads around the dangers of concussion

Japan, you've changed me

Columnist Che' Baker in the snowiest place on earth - Japan.

OPINION: It was the best time in Japan, it was the worst time in Japan. Columnist Che' Baker has been enlightened.

Don't sell the Teviot reserve

Letters to the editor - February 28.

A reader wants the Teviot St reserve brought back to how it was in the past, an assets to the community.

Take better care of foster carers

How many more people would be foster carers if they trusted the system?.

EDITORIAL: It's not easy to give foster care. But it needn't be as hard as we've been making it.

True cost of Lumsden freedom camping

Letters to the editor - February 28.

A reader thinks Lumsden ratepayers would benefit from a subsidy to balance the cost of freedom campers.

A debt toupee to society

Phillip John Smith in his self-esteem-enhanced state

EDITORIAL: A convicted killer wigs out.

From the news desk: Talk about your breasts

Tina Kowalski and Shanelle Moisy checking out info from Breast Care Nurse Gill Mockford at the Breast Cancer  Pink ...

Breasts, it is a word that often puts us all on edge.

A super-duper manoeuvre?


EDITORIAL: Slowly doesn't always do it.

From crazy talk to small talk

Might it be time to adjust the handbag?

EDITORIAL: Not all quiet or communications from leaders and heads of state are unreasonable.

'Stop damaging animal agriculture'

Letters to the editor - February 28.

A reader supports other letters to the editor which blast animal cruelty and rodeos.

Photoshop in real life is called Spanx

How I looked vs how I felt in my layers of shapewear.

OPINION: Spanx and shapewear layered upon one another is the closest I will come to real life Photoshop.

Southland's changing meat industry

Letters to the editor - February 28.

A reader questions whether the changing face of meat industry in Southland is a replay of the early 1900s.

Let's help direct ICC directorship directions

Inquiring minds: The Invercargill City Council may seek independent scrutiny of its directorships policy and Holdco's ...

EDITORIAL: An ICC directorship review needs to head off in the right direction.

The ranking files

Pretty good, wouldn't you say?

EDITORIAL: We're a top-ranking country in all sorts of lists, but it takes a swirl of subjectivity amid the statistics to get up there.

From the news desk: Gotta love a little bit of history

Southland Museum and Art Gallery operations co-ordinator Hayley Browne ahead of the Torch light tours to be held at the ...


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