It's OK to sell, and wear, German war gear - letter

A hat featuring a swastika in the window of an Invercargill store.

Surely if a shop owner wants to sell German hats it is his business, writes Jack Ricketts in a letter to the editor.

Trainspotting. In a good way.

It's not complicated.

EDITORIAL: Surprise encounters with trains. Not good.

New health and safety laws

Mike Mitchell

New health and safety law affects volunteers and charities, writes Mike Mitchell in Work To Rule.

Defacing flags sometimes tolerable, seldom classy

Someone's not rallying around this flag.

EDITORIAL: There are better ways to protest

Colac Bay suffering from road closure - letter

Gravel washed over the Colac Bay Foreshore road.

Tourist have disappeared over the summer, Julie Guise writes in a letter to the editor.

A romantic decimal point

Pat Veltkamp Smith celebrates the lack of decimalisation observed on Valentine's Day.

All for free education

Clare Curran

Labour's free education policy gives New Zealanders a clear choice, writes MP Clare Curran.

Dismissed in high dudgeon

Mitchell Marsh, unhappy.

EDITORIAL: Now about that out . . .

TPP a rat casserole - letter


David Russell picks through the TPP in a letter to the editor.

Our wealth explained in one word

Tim Shadbolt

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt gets back to basics.

Not a pharoah in sight, this time

The Great Pyramid of Giza. Remind you of anything?

EDITORIAL: No pharoah, but the Invercargill museum upgrade has had its plagues.

Hot but not all that bothered

Turned out nice again

EDITORIAL: Nothing exceeds like excess

Star Spangled Kiwi

In Berlin, a döner kebab is never eaten with a fork.

Some things in Southland are similar to Germany, but others are not, as Ben Mack writes in his latest column.

Undercover Boss 'underhand'

Robin Pollard.

EDITORIAL: Honesty wasn't deemed the best policy at Lincoln University.

Rule of life

Writing letters is a dying artform.

Rule of life:

TPP good for NZ

Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is positive for New Zealand, writes Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie.

Donaldson: Green jersey positive

Greg Pleasants-Tate and Waisake Naholo show off the Highlanders new alternative jersey for the Super Rugby 2016 season.

The Highlanders have unveiled their alternative fluorescent jerseys, but could the franchise actually be onto something?

Council negativity

Letters to the editor

Council negativity

A small stirring of social inadequates

US-based "neomasculinist" and legal rape advocate, Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh.

EDITORIAL: Real men? Oh, please . . .

Labour's tertiary plan vulnerable to criticism

Labour leader Andrew Little speaks to reporters after his State of the Nation speech.

EDITORIAL: Labour is offering new intakes of tertiary students a gift horse that needs close dental examination by the wider community.

New Zealand's housing crisis

Letters to the editor

The world's population is on the move. Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown have become congested cities.

Star Spangled Kiwi

The Otago Volts and Auckland Aces do battle at Queens Park in Invercargill.

Cricket is front and centre in Ben Mack's latest column.

TPP and the Treaty

Letters to the editor

TPP and the Treaty

Opinion: Letter to the editor

29012013.News.Photo:Scott Hammond/The Marlborough Express.
Colin Draper ( NOT SHOWN ) (Grey Power President) post's a letter.
NZ Post want to reduce deliveries.
Stock photo
Mail Box in McLauchlan


What's in a name?

Welcome to Invercargill. Or InverVegas. Or Shadbolt city.

Some things change, and some things should never change, writes Pat Veltkamp Smith.                               

From strangers to winners video

Daniel Jones, left, of Whakatane and Alex Hunt, of Tasmania,  won the Defiance Adventure Race 2016 in Wanaka.

Winning multisporters meet just days before Wanaka's Defiance race.

Off the clock

The clock tower in Gore.

Southlanders never seem to be in any great hurry, as Ben Mack discusses in his latest column.

GST and cross border goods and services

One of the tax issues dominating the media in 2015 was the issue of charging GST on cross border goods and services, including online purchases.

One of the tax issues dominating the media in 2015 was the issue of charging GST on cross border goods and services.

Safety fears unfounded

Keep making movies and going on school camps, writes Mike Mitchell in Work To Rule.

Opinion: Letters to the editor

Stock Photo - Mailbox

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