Many magnificent memories

Many magnificent memories were made in the Mighty Mondeo.

OPINION: I've officially joined the world of adults: I bought a new car.

Show me the money, honey …

With a couple of bills to pay, columnist Pat Veltkamp Smith has sworn off opening sale catalogues for the time being.

With a couple of bills to pay, columnist Pat Veltkamp Smith has sworn off opening sale catalogues for the time being.

Farmers need to re-invest in environment

Farmers will ultimately benefit from environmental initiatives, Peter McDonald says.

 The Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan will ultimately benefit farmers, Peter McDonald writes.

Where has all the business gone?

Whitcouls store manager Paula Winslade and Invercargill City Council city centre coordinator Kari Graber hang kites in ...

OPINION: Walking through Invercargill CBD, you cannot help but notice the empty buildings and lease signs. 

'We need a game changer'

Tracy Hicks.

OPINION: I must admit the life of a mayor at times feels a little like being in one of the classic Mainland cheese TV ads from a decade ago.

This Ma Baker has a little bone to pick

The male singer, who replaced Bobby Farrell who died in 2010, had an unforgettable, amazing voice.

I feel I don't say "Freeze, I'm Ma Baker, put your hands in the air and gimme all your money" enough as I should.

A win for Bluff traditionalists

Bluff skipper John Edminstin.

OPINION: A company that hires a fishing boat skipper isn't necessarily entitled to his closely-kept records when he departs.

Ready to roll, but won't say why

John Prendergast: ousted why?

OPINION: What compelled the Community Trust of Southland to roll its longstanding chief executive?

Immunisation shots for diplomats

Diplomats can be immune from prosecution; but not from all consequence for their actions.

OPINION: Diplomatic immunity does serve a purpose, but the downside stings.

Get those oysters out of there

So very, very worth protecting.

OPINION: About that "certain window of time'' to react to the south's bonamia oyster scare.

What those little birds told him . . .

U.S. President Donald Trump told his top diplomat that the dispute over probes into links between his inner circle and ...

OPINION: There are worse things than impoliteness.

Greatest good for the greatest number

New Zealand's health minister, Jonathan Coleman.

OPINION: Fluoridation: Who likes having even a good idea shoved down their throat?

From the News Desk

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

The right song can turn a bad day into a good one.

Skating on thin ice

The frost was so thick, I couldn't even open the car door.

Opinion: Now, I love a little bit of ice skating, I just prefer not to do it on the pavement on the way to work.

The kids are all right

A little uplift from Manchester.

OPINION: Manchester deals with its grief.

A Winter driving message from Southland police

Southland police Constable Brett Dillon and Constable Debbie Stenning.

OPINION: Winter driving warning from Southland Police Winter has officially started and we've already had some cold days to remind us what it has in store for us.

A long, slow baton change

The Southland Regional Development Strategy.  Tick tock, councils . . . .

OPINION: There comes a point where automatic-pilotry gives way to headless-chookery.

Rise and shine, sunshine

Wakey, wakey, Che'.

OPINION: For some reason my body has always had the philosophy that when it is awake, it likes to be awake, and when it is asleep, it likes to stay asleep.

OPINION: The future of Dunedin Hospital is critical for Southlanders

Dunedin Hospital.

It's time to stand up and fight for our health, says Southland District Mayor Gary Tong.

Let's get formal, ICC

Darren Ludlow: why is there no record of the councillors' vote to oust him?

OPINION: The Invercargill City Council's record keeping looks dodgy.

From the News Desk

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

When my dad discovered The Mavericks, I was horrified.

OPINION: Some people are given more

Some families will have more money in their back pockets, especially wealthy families, but that comes at the expense of ...

Sometimes I wonder what New Zealanders think of politicians.

Are you ever a tourist in your hometown?

The view from one of Queens Park 108 park bench seats.

OPINION: Do ever feel guilty for not participating in things that are considered iconic in your hometown?

We adore a southern aurora

The Aurora glows green in the sky behind Kingston.

OPINION: Free-to-air entertainment doesn't come any better than this.

Put it there, Donald

Not such a pleasantry. Donald Trump's handshake with  Emmanual Macron went on for a while.

OPINION: Actually, you don't have to hand it to him.

Budget 2017 -- what the Clutha-Southland candidates say


Clutha-Southland candidates discuss their high and lowlights of Budget 2017

Budget 2017 -- what the Invercargill candidates say

Liz Craig, Labour Party

Invercargill candidates discuss their high and lowlights of Budget 2017.

Just a little bit of kindness can go a long way

Koha Kai founder Janice Lee says, "It was kindness. Giving something of value to somebody who needed it at that exact ...

Opinion: Years ago, while living in Central Queensland, it happened that there was a knock at my office door one day.

Noting facts, and fantasies

Pat Veltkamp-Smith.

There are more beds in the Invercargill men's prison than there are at Southland Hospital (Kew).

A new deputy mayor emerges

Cr Rebecca Amundsen,left, has been appointed deputy mayor by Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt, replacing the resigning ...

OPINION: Rebecca Amundsen fills a vacancy created by carnage.

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