Letter: Frustration shared

02:45, Jun 18 2014

I read of the ''building frustration'' for the historic Anderson Park art gallery (June 14).

It appears that the frustration is shared by gallery management, staff and art society membership.

I would like to assure those parties that their frustration is also felt by the general public of Southland.

We have enjoyed the surroundings of this grand residence since its presentation to the city through the generosity of the Anderson family some 60+ years ago. What amazing generosity it was.

I firmly believe that it is time now that the buildings future and eventual reopening plans are made known to the public who, after all, are in fact "the ownership".

Keep the public in the loop. If it is bad news, spell it out - we can take it. In fact, we may even be able to assist in some way and hasten its reopening.

Whatever, an update from our representatives would be timely.



The Southland Times