Letter: 'Shout it Out' a lifesaver

02:59, Jul 14 2014

When I heard of Maggie Barry's nasty experience with Rolf Harris, I recalled very good advice given at a women's self-defence class.

Course facilitator Alison Broad told us that, if you are being crowded, have someone in ''your space'' and experiencing unwelcome touching, the first weapon to use is your voice.

Tell the person, using a very loud voice, shouting even, to ''take you hands off me - I don't like that!'' It surprises the perpetrator and all those within hearing are alerted also. Alison used this technique in a crowded London subway carriage to good effect.

How different things may have been for all those young and older, who suffered from Harris' horrible hands touching and, for some, violating them if they had known of the ''Shout It Out'' lifesaver.

Tell your young people about it.



The Southland Times