Georgina gets forthright (part 123)

17:00, Sep 02 2014

With Georgina Beyer what you see is what you get. At least as a politician. So what was it that Internet Mana didn't see?

Mana enlisted the former Labour MP with an eye to her credentials as a changemaker and challenger to what others may regard as implacable realities, political or otherwise.

Beyer, whom nobody ever called biddable, has now detonated on the campaign trail with extraordinary criticisms of the alliance she nominally represents. Several of her comments either confirm, or at least amplify, the view that Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom is essentially more vengeful than idealistic in his Government-toppling ambitions, and that Mana's Hone Harawira is compromising too much for the financial heft that Dotcom adds to the agenda.

For her to say of Dotcom "there's something about him I just don't trust" is a nailbomb far more damaging than most of Internet Mana's political opponents could have mustered.

If her accusations are a call to political repentance, it's hard to see either Internet or Mana heeding this and, even then, reacting in any meaningful way. This being a bit late in the piece.

You could say she's gone rogue. You could even call this treachery. But that would be to overestimate the rigour of the Mana vetting process that allowed her into the party tent.

Beyer is a latecomer to Internet Mana and is not on the party list. She has resisted the view (was this not made plain to her beforehand?) that she should content herself campaigning for the party vote. Instead she's in the Te Tai Tonga campaign to win it, wretchedly under-resourced though she now finds herself, having decamped from the party roadshow and alienated herself from whatever financial and structural support had been there.

Mana's Waiariki candidate Annette Sykes says Beyer has not been privy to some of the internal discussions over Internet-Mana's "ever-evolving" internal relationships. The redoubtable Beyer's selection as a candidate may have, for a while there, seemed like a natural choice. The thing is, she's been known to give the natural order a bit of a hurry-up.


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