Letter: Pro-life harassment outside the law

22:35, Oct 23 2012

I appeal to the anti-choice/pro-life community to strongly encourage its supporters to act within the law and attempt to stop those who plan to break it.

The anonymous threat that was sent to us, promising violence against hospital staff and ourselves, is cowardly and disgusting.

Harassing me and yelling "baby-killer" at me isn't okay either.

We wouldn't dream of harassing or bullying anti-choice people. We simply respect that their viewpoint is different than ours.

We are real people, with children, families, emotions and personal histories.

We are a peaceful, law-abiding group who believe in choice for women, and enabling women to access all options safely and without harassment.


Hospital staff are also just doing their job. They have kids and families too. They do not deserve harassment. They do not deserve to be "named and shamed", stalked and abused.

They don't deserve to be afraid every day. This is just pure bullying and its shameful. It's also illegal.

We hope media refuse to publish any detail concerning staff.

Threats will not deter us.

We will continue to support hospital staff and women needing a termination, in a peaceful, respectful and legal way.

Southland spokesperson
Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand

The Southland Times