Today's letter: Tiwai layoffs

23:00, Oct 28 2012

After 40 years of production at the smelter it is sad to see the staff morale at its lowest and workers getting counselling.

As for the 65 workers they want to get rid of, it won't solve the problem. It will just get worse. They will be lucky to get 65 workers to put their hand up because once they walk out the gate there are no jobs out there for them.

Which then forces the smelter to point the finger at workers who they have graded on performance and attitude and force them to leave when they don't want to go.

If they want to save money and jobs, maybe they should cancel the free bus transport. Only half the workers travel by bus; everyone in Southland has to find their own way to work.

Cancel the telephone allowance and leave loading - and as for the staff who are earning $100,000-plus a year, take a 30 per cent pay cut or put your hand up.

Cutting the workers at the coal face is only going to make the workplace very unsafe and someone could get seriously hurt.

(Abridged - Editor)


The Southland Times