Today's letter: Speaking plainly

23:00, Nov 01 2012

I was delighted to see in the Southland Times (October 31) that someone has done something about the deterioration in our speech standards and I congratulate the new authors for their attempt to change some of the decline through their recent books.

Responsible parents would do well to ask whether these books are in use with their children in our local schools.

In recent times, we have seen on television numerous matches in the ITM Cup in rugby and heard the commentators.

I heard of matches between "Cannerbree" and "Bayerplenny", to say nothing of "Cow Knees an wotappened in the seggunarf". The "continooty" needed for a "twenny-poinner" was amazing "an the refzappy!"

(I kid you not - and I believe they are actually paid to speak like that.)

All power to those who work for improvements. It can only be good.


The Southland Times