Today's letter: Racing judicial body

The racing industry, like many, is facing difficult times but with the new racing minister and the recent appointment of Southlander Graeme Cooney to the racing board I am sure we can look forward to a more viable industry.

One area of concern is the judicial control authority, brought in some 25 years ago.

It seemed a good idea at the time but in the interim its cost to the industry has been millions of dollars.

I have been a licence-holder in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and New Zealand is the only country in the racing world where this ridiculous system is in place.

From minor to serious charges, there are shameful decisions made by the authority on a regular basis.

Recently, I showed the rules on prohibited substances that the judicial control authority and integrity unit work under to a senior police officer.

His response was that if the New Zealand police worked under the same rules they would have a field day. No lawyers or judges; guilty as charged.

I intend to pursue this issue to the highest level and have the authority disbanded for the good of the racing industry.

The Southland Times