Today's letter: Economic debate

23:00, Nov 12 2012

Your story "Government too busy for debate on economy" ignores several key facts.

First, there was no dialogue over dates for the meeting - I was told it is this date and that's that.

The National-led Government does have a business growth agenda. In the manufacturing sector alone, the number of jobs has actually been growing over the last two years. The number of jobs in the economy overall has grown by 57,000 in the same time period.

Unions and opposition parties have an opportunity to support areas that make a real difference for companies- like reforming the RMA, supporting employment law changes to increase flexibility, and controlling ACC's costs.

If the political opposition and unions were serious about jobs, as one example they would ask Forest and Bird to withdraw its objections to Bathurst Resources' Escarpment Mine project near Westport.

Doing so would create 225 new jobs on the West Coast straight away and 400 over time.

The Government is working hard to give businesses the opportunity to grow and create jobs across a range of sectors such as in oil and gas exploration, the expansion of intensive agriculture, the development of aquaculture, investment in hi-tech innovation, and encouraging foreign investment.

We are doing something - ensuring the right conditions are in place for businesses to grow and create jobs, and making it easier for business owners to access markets.
MP for Invercargill


The Southland Times