Today's letter: Creating jobs

23:00, Nov 13 2012

Creating jobs I found Invercargill MP Eric Roy's letter extraordinary (November 13).

The Green Party judged the meeting to discuss Southland's job crisis as an important one and consequently we have one of our co-leaders attending. To not have anyone fronting up to represent the Government is concerning.

While the wealthy of New Zealand have enjoyed tax cuts, and have seen their incomes grow by almost 20 per cent, the burden of the recovery has been placed on ordinary New Zealanders.

While Mr Roy claims his government has created 57,000 jobs, this figure is very similar to the 53,000 people who have migrated to Australia over the same period (the highest level ever). The numbers of unemployed have grown by 78,000 under this government and the true number of New Zealanders without jobs is actually close to 300,000.

Mr Roy bizarrely appears to blame the lack of growth on Forest and Bird for protesting against the mining of a significant natural environment and unions for not allowing even greater erosion of pay and conditions.

He should be looking instead at his own Government's cutting of around 4000 jobs in the state sector (resulting in systemic failures in almost every department) while spending record amounts on consultants and $2 billion a year to maintain tax cuts to the rich.

The Greens' home insulation scheme is one of the few initiatives that have managed to produce a positive return on the investment while the Government's $12b motorway projects largely fail cost benefit analysis. It is about time Mr Roy and his Government got serious about creating sustainable jobs and supporting the regions instead of protecting the incomes of the already wealthy. We have suffered enough.


Invercargill Green Party Spokesperson


The Southland Times