Scoring brownie points

After reading the unconfirmed minutes of Southland Fish and Game's meeting (August 8) one is left with the impression the absurd decision to tinker with the anti-lead shot regulation has little to do with hunter success and duck welfare, and more to do with scoring brownie points with their greenie mates.

The suggestion that the Government will force Southland Fish and Game's proposed changes to existing regulations is pure speculation and completely devoid of fact.

Those ''successful'' hunters taking home a 15-bird bag limit are probably killing another 20 to 30 unrecovered ducks wounded with inefficient and inhumane steel shot, dying hours or days later.

A situation forced on them by the shonky decision to ban lead shot.

Depletion of mallard numbers is concerning hunters nationally. Wasting $100,000 annually on ''research and protection of mallards'' for the next three years will prove to be nothing but an expensive smokescreen to divert attention from the real reason duck numbers are declining.



The Southland Times