Today's letter: Highway delays

23:25, Nov 20 2012

One of the reasons that we first elected Frana Cardno to her present position as mayor in 1992 was because she was a strong supporter and advocate, and publicly stated her views on the recommencement of the Haast Hollyford highway.

Now some 20 years later, she finds it difficult due to time restraints to meet with the Westland District Council on the matter and suddenly is strangely unsupportive.

This is an important issue for all Southland ratepayers and the future development of the region, especially when nobody is being asked for funds.

This road was first promoted in the 1870s and fully surveyed 128 years ago, and due to many reasons was only ever half completed.

There is less than 100 kilometres still to be constructed and we are told it won't cost us the ratepayer or taxpayer a single cent.

Come on Frana show some leadership and support here.
Te Anau


The Southland Times