Today's letter: The trial by media

23:00, Nov 29 2012

A curious imbalance of justice exists in the trial by media.

Environment Southland must always behave impeccably and, granted it has not, mainly at levels deeper than that of the prosecuting officer.

These issues will be fixed.

However, the reasons for the council having to act have faded into the background.

The roads of Southland are doused with cow manure around Gypsy Day every winter, causing a serious road hazard to motorists, and in some cases pollution to streams.

This has been forgotten in the excitement.


Sediment, rich in fertiliser and bacteria, washes off land that has been churned to a muddy slurry by stock that are grazed too close to a stream.

It pollutes rivers and estuaries.

The only concern of the anonymous editorial writers is that Environment Southland must always dot its i's and cross its t's.

Yes it must, but if the roads weren't splattered with cow manure, and the rivers and estuaries weren't polluted, then it wouldn't have to get involved in the first place, would it?
Environment Southland Councillors

The Southland Times