Today's letter: Crossing the line?

23:00, Dec 20 2012

I thought that in New Zealand it was against the law to incite racial hatred, but it seems to me that Louis Crimp can do so in his obviously racial letters to The Southland Times.

His latest letter with the very derogatory statements about the Maori north of Auckland, can only be designed to create racial disharmony and begs the question of why did The Southland Times print such a letter.

Surely they do not agree with his repeatedly racial comments.

l have been often tempted to answer his racial letters, but have been reluctant to do so as I think that Louis Crimp would use such a letter to print even more racial rubbish.

If The Southland Times was to edit any derogatory racial comments out of his letters New Zealand would be a better place.

There is no way that stirring racial tension can ever improve racial relations. The old saying "if you go looking for crap, you find crap, if you look for roses you find roses", is very true.

You should try giving it a go Louis, and you will find the world and its people are a lot better than you thought they were.
Colac Bay

The Editor replied: The Your View public opinion column is an open, frank forum for people to express their views within fairly broad tolerances. Mr Crimp's letters are provocative and do sometimes brush up against the boundaries, to the extent that some of them don't run, but we accept he writes honestly held views about social and political policy. People are free to disagree. We certainly detect no agenda to incite racial hatred.


The Southland Times