Letter: Haast road

Your news report "Hypocrisy exposed says tunnel proponent" quotes Milford-Dart Ltd managing director Tom Elworthy saying no Te Anau residents had spoken out against the idea of a road link to Haast. Wrong.

I hope readers of The Southland Times do read between the lines and don't always believe everything that is stated, as the item is not correct.

Just because people have wanted a road through to Haast for yonks and clapped after a closed meeting, and wave the so-called piece of paper saying it's marked there and we have a few private bucks, means nothing at all.

So please stand corrected, Mr Elworthy, there are people out there who don't agree with those who back these ideas and are speaking out.

Gone are the days of more forest destruction in our national parks for convenience for any harebrained designs, whatever they be.

Te Anau

The Southland Times