Letter: Council trips

23:07, Jan 24 2013

The Invercargill City Council should start up its own travel bureau.

Under the convenient guise of "promotion" this city of a mere 21,000 long-suffering ratepayers now supports two twinned city holiday destinations for mayor Tim Shadbolt and no doubt anyone else in favour at the time.

Wow, it's a great job that comes with paid overseas holidays.

The carrot of a ratepayer-funded overseas trip would have to be a good inducement to do things per Team Tim. I wonder if any out-of-favour councillors will get a look in?

On the matter of the richman's A to B yacht race, which seems a forgone conclusion irrespective of cost, when will the ICC start rounding up errant ratepayers to man the oars of the city corporation barge? Somehow I can't stop humming the Volga Boatmen tune.



The Southland Times