Letter: Fit for the road?

20:09, Jan 31 2013

In the ''good old days'' (early seventies) I drove tour coaches carrying visitors mainly from America and Australia, and also local school buses (the world's most valuable cargo). 

The coaches were maintained to a high standard and warranted every six to 12 months.

Likewise myself - a compulsory annual medical to confirm, like my vehicle, I too was in good shape.

The coaches still have a stringent annual inspection. Not so myself. The annual driver's medical was changed, some years ago, to five-yearly.

Now I am old. I am overweight, smoke and drink, physically inactive and my last medical was over four years ago.

Oh dear. Will  I pass the next one? Meanwhile, I continue driving and hope for the best.

Fit for the road? Yeah right.

Te Anau


The Southland Times