Letter: CEO appointment

I like many others totally endorse the sentiments expressed by Ms Asha Dutt on the re-appointment of the city's chief executive.

Some may possibly be offended by her language while others may accept it as appropriate, considering the depth of betrayal she is obviously revealing.

As with the "Ruby" issue, the immediate reaction to attack the messenger and ignore the message, claiming to be the outing of a personality change, was not surprising.

Your informative and highly informed editorial of February 1 served to supply what was denied us by the secrecy provisions of Local Government Act. For that we must be grateful and fill in any gaps ourselves, although in light of what has been revealed few confidential details will remain so for long.

I was disappointed by the re-appointment of the incumbent nominee. Little real progress can be seen across the city for his 24 years in office, especially when measured against the millions of dollars of ratepayer money sacrificed on the alter of dreams. Much of that period has been divisive, mired in controversy and rarely meeting expectation.

All of this, and more, must have been known to the councillors but unfortunately seems to have been overlooked when put to the vote.

Here was a glorious opportunity, filled with expectation that finally this city was being gifted the chance to take a great leap forward but which to our five-yearly regret, was flagged away.


The Southland Times