Letter: Sewage discharge

23:46, Feb 05 2013

Wake up, Manapouri and surrounding area residents.

Are you aware that the Southland District Council is planning to pump Te Anau sewage to Te Anau-Manapouri airport to be sprayed onto the surrounding land?

Have you ever driven past dairy effluent being sprayed onto pasture? Now think of human effluent. Would you be happy to have that aroma on your back doorstep?

As Manapouri is only 2 kilometres away, it would be naive to think you are not going to be affected by this odour.

While the council will say all the information is out there and it has been up front about it, very few people either know about it or understand the language used in the District Plan proposal.

The District Plan proposal is to change the designation of the land use to a waste-water discharge area.

Be aware that submissions close on February 25.

Get the submission forms, have your say and don't let it be too late.



The Southland Times