Letter: Focus on children

I want to share my disappointment after reading the paper, watching the news and seeing documentaries but still seeing not nearly enough action taken in regards to our children and families, especially by the National Party.

I want to give a challenge to the other parties in Parliament and every New Zealand citizen who feels the same as I do, as well as The Southland Times which I feel can be innovative in starting a change.

We need to start investing in our future. How? With our future generation, our young people of today. In fact, all people of today.

I'm sickened to read how now there will be cuts to the already vulnerable families who have made the brave decision to use the Family Court. Now they have to pay and do it alone. With what money?

Also, I'm sickened by the poverty our New Zealand children are living in and teachers, like me, having to be the ones to make the nation aware of it.

Our profession revolves around the young children and whanau of New Zealand. Isn't that what the whole nation, more importantly the leaders of our government, should be focused on? There is no better investment than in our children, our people.

Then we wouldn't need so many services to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, but let me give credit to those agencies which are trying their absolute hardest with the bare minimum of funding and staff. Every child born from today onwards should feel loved, valued, supported, wanted, needed and that they have the support of all New Zealand people.

Let's get our priorities sorted and have a nation to be proud of. Thanks to all those who already are helping in so many ways.


The Southland Times