Stadium luxuries not necessary

For those who are rather ''negative'' regarding the stadium, can Nigel Skelt tell us where the $4 million is to come from, for extras that are not essential.

The museum could be repaired at far, far less than the alterations that Darren Ludlow wants.

Yes, Nigel, I have been to Disneyland and one can't compare it with anything Invercargill has.

Perhaps you should go to a mall in Canada. It is one mile in length and there are several side streets.

A water park includes a swimming pool which can accommodate 10,000 people. The slides, 20 of them, one reaches 85 feet in height and you can come down it at 40 miles an hour.

There is also the Ice Palace - skating rink Deep Sea adventure - which is a 1.6ha lake which contains a replica of the ''Santa Maria'' and submarines.

A pool with dolphins.

An amusement park which has 25 rides, games and attractions. Children well catered for. White water rafting on the Tyre Tub run.

A mind-bender rollercoaster which is 14 storeys high and races along a triple look track at 100kmh.

Bourbon St, themed after the famed street in New Orleans, contains nightclubs.

There are 800 other stores and restaurants and banks.

The hotel is fabulous. The bedrooms are truck rooms, coach rooms, Roman rooms, Hollywood, Polynesian and Arabian rooms; we had a coach room complete with a coach, horses a driver. Also a jacuzzi.

Many more things to see and do which one needs time for.