Letter: Stadium rebuild

23:58, Feb 19 2013

There appears to be a huge amount of public disquiet surrounding the stadium rebuild, and the reasons are obvious.

In the interests of transparency and good governance, people who have been involved commercially in the rebuild should have distanced themselves from any involvement with the stadium board.

The old adage that you can't be both the gamekeeper and the poacher may be centuries old but is just as applicable today.

Public projects should have a large degree of scrutiny as public funding is often given without the public having much recourse to knowing just where their money is spent and for what reason.

From the day the Hero or Zero options were put in front of the public I had concerns that the rebuild was far too much about public emotion rather than any proper solid planning, and the heroes have now faded into the undergrowth as more and more has heaped almost $10 million on to their promised option.

Again the failure to have sound independent governance has clouded far too much of what is going on, and we are now seeing a manager who is reactionary rather than being proactive and looking forward.

I have no doubt everyone has had the best of intentions, but failure to observe the principles around conflicts of interests is going to lead to continued speculation by the members of the public who are, at the end of the day, the people who have put up the funds.



The Southland Times