Letter: Making our own choices

23:26, Feb 24 2013

Surely people have a right to decide what is best for them.

Just because a teenager or whoever decides they want an abortion as they realise the implication of bringing a child up in the real world can be expensive and time consuming - just because they made one mistake could ruin their lives and potential - they don't need religious fanatics telling them what is best for them.

Euthanasia is another religious hangup - again, surely people have a right to decide what's best for them?

I'm sure there are a lot of very elderly people suffering, lonely and just existing.

I have done meals on wheels for many years and have seen some very sorry sights.

We treat our animals better.


I had an Irish setter family pet. The vet said the dog was in pain and medication would not help. I decided what was best for the animal.

The procedure was very enlightening. The vet told me to hold the animal and make it feel safe and secure. He shaved its front leg and, with the dog standing up, gave it an injection. The animal did not flinch. Within 30 seconds, it had passed on very peacefully.

Maybe instead of seeing a doctor who wants to keep you alive for future income, we should see a vet.

In her letter ''Time to speak up'' (February 18), Madeline McGilvray says Southland Hospital is ignoring the community. I think this is a rash statement.

Just because her views are different from others. I consider they are providing a necessary function in a modern real world. In a democracy people should have the right to decide what is best for them, we don't want dictators.


The Southland Times