No sympathy for Smith

No sympathy

I have no sympathy for All Black Aaron Smith and his disrespect for his partner.

It would please me if she gets rid of him, given that he has lost a previous partner over his unfaithfulness.

It was interesting that the person who took the footage of Smith entering and leaving a toilet with a female, now feels remorseful and wishes to remain anonymous.

I found it outrageous that after keeping this footage away from the world of the internet, for two weeks, that person then thinks it is OK to post it.

One would have to be a half wit to not realise the damage especially for the partner involved.

I believe that someone should trace, name and shame that person who posted the footage and let them also feel the shame.

There is too much garbage enjoyed on the internet by reckless people who post the "affairs" of others or are silly enough to post stuff of themselves.

Nobby Clark

Similar logos

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I am sure that I am not the only one who has noticed the similarity between our own SBS Bank logo and that of TVNZ.

Google, the source of everything, tells me that TVNZ produced theirs in house.

TVNZ Blacksand is responsible.

I cannot find anything about the origins of the SBS logo.

Is the similarity of the two coincidence or are there subtle forces at play?

Can anyone shed light on these similar visual ringtones!

Daniel Phillips


Swastika debate

On The Southland Times, (Tuesday, page 7) gross error.

The Nazi swastika and the India region symbol of "good luck or well being" are not the same.

I think one may be the mirror image of the other.

At least, one is right-handed and the other left-handed.

Mathura-Jeffree and Peter Meecham/Fairfax need a slap on the hand for what is probably unaccustomed carelessness.

Jack Murrell


Family dynamics

When I think my father went to war to stop us going under the reign of Hitler and live in peace, love and harmony, and now Invercargill is a town of conflict.

Families have broken down so much through lack of communication. When a family splits there's a lot of spite of "I don't want you to have the children, but I don't want them either".

During the past four years Invercargill has seen a large number of motherless children and mothers losing their children through family courts.

A number of these children are then being deposited in to CYS, day-care or into permanent care of father's parents, as they don't have time or inclination to want to be with their children, they want to work and life their life.

This generation will have a lot of issues. You're noticing now a lot of children taken from mothers, their health deteriorates, clothes too small, dirty and undernourished in such a way, lack of healthy food, learning and stimulation and living in poverty.

Legislation  was put in where parents go through mediation but research shows a large number of lawyers are going for Without Notice papers and bypassing mediation and then the mother receives papers in mail and states "you never heard my story".

C Cook




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