Job well done in Southland

Job well done

Like many Southlanders, I am an avid fan of second-hand shops and a good bargain and we are blessed to have quite a few in Southland. 

Mainly the shops are well presented and you cannot tell (smell wise) that they are second-hand shops, but for me there is one that stands out above all the rest and I had to write and congratulate the ladies that run the shop and do all the hard work, Windsor Street Salvation Army shop is not at all your typical second-hand clothing shop, it is well presented (looks more like a fashion boutique), does not smell like old clothes, the ladies behind the counter are always happy to see you and ready and willing to help you with purchases, there is always a good buy to be found be it women's, men's or children's clothing. 

Well done Windsor Street Salvation Army, keep up the good work, your dedication and pride in your shop have been noticed and best of all, the proceeds go to a worthy cause in our community.
S Robbie

Council spending

So our mayor and chief executive think they are prudent!  Yeah right.

Spending thousands of dollars on things that are not really necessary like buying a rugby club, spending half a million on  Stadium Southland, when the council doesn't even own it.

Also, do we really need to spend money on the library to please someone's ego?

And then there is the art brigade always holding up their hands up for more.

Please do not try and blindside us and say that most of the money is for public works.

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People understand that and have no worries.

What the council needs to do is attract factories and Industry down here, with perks like rate free terms.

Most peoples' families cannot find jobs for their sons and daughters, and most leave town for other places, hence the 30 or so empty shops. 

Elderly ratepayers do not get over $100,000 like a lot of council staff etc.

LJ Derriman

Listen to ratepayers

Here is a novel idea.

What if we had a council, which stuck to its core job of providing services such as water and decent footpaths etc to its voters?

A council which employed competent people who were qualified to do the jobs they have to do and left them to it.

A council which was not trying to run businesses or compete with local concerns etc but just did its core job.

One that actually listened to the wishes of the majority of its ratepayers.

I wonder where our rates would be then?

Gordon Kilkerr

Religious education

Tim Newman's "advertorial" for Bible in Schools (Demand outstripping supply for bible in schools - 13/2/2017) failed to mention the reason that religious instruction classes have been a hot topic in New Zealand for many years.

Most parents have no idea that the religious Instruction classes their children take at school are not even part of the school curriculum.

They are not approved or even reviewed by the Ministry of Education and because they are designed to spread Christian religious faith, the school has to be "closed" while the classes take place.

Their children are not even required to be in school during that time.

Since the Education Act of 1877, New Zealand State Primary Schools have always been secular (non-religious) places that are welcoming of all children regardless of their parents' religious views. 

The Churches Education Commission seeks to change this through a loophole established in the Education Act Amendment of 1964 that allows state primary schools to close for up to 20 hours a year for religious instruction.

State schools have always been allowed to teach "about" religion from an academic viewpoint (such as social studies or history classes) but not allowed to instruct "in" religious faith.

Now we have a situation where Christian religious indoctrination is happening in around 40 per cent of New Zealand primary schools.

Mostly, I believe that this is because parents are under the impression that their children are being taught "about religion" and not being taught faith by people who are seeking to convert them to their church.

These classes are manipulative and unnecessary.

Our teachers are perfectly capable of teaching children good values without unqualified individuals coming in to also preach their religious faith.

To find out more about this issue, visit

Dave Smyth 

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