Watching the motoring industry with interest

Car prices

I suffered a stroke in February last, and that meant an end to my long driving career.

In the interim, I have had plenty of time to read The Southland Times and in particular the motor industry ads.

During the past 14 months I find them mouth watering with regard to the interest rates and the terms of purchase.

Oh, how I wish I was again in the market to purchase!

I continually wonder if there is a crisis in the industry but no doubt someone will put me straight on this point. I frequently mourn for a beautiful BMW I bought shortly before I was struck down.

My son now treasures this wonderful vehicle.

J Husband

A question of rates

I would like to ask two questions.

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One: What happened to the rural rates?

A grader was put over the top end of Blackhill Rd last winter. What a mess, not a road for a modern day car.

People in that area, do farm, live and have to use that road.

Nicholson Rd is much the same, very poor and rates are taken.

Little bridges in the area over 100 years old still the same and rates are still paid.

A county council used to look after theses areas but not now.

Two: Joseph St and Paumai St - why are the trees (silver birches) in the town not being removed? They have been proved to be a health issue, and they will grow so high if left and cause more problems. A council issue.

The Pyramid Bridge has been in need of a replacement for a long time.

It serves both town and country, so money not going into rural roads, the money must be there. So, spend on this bridge.

Also, the Otama rural supply; there has been huge man hours put into this scheme over the years, it should be left as it is. Perhaps put some money back to where it is taken from. 

J H Whyte

Abridged, Editor

Meeting speculation

There is a meeting in Queenstown this weekend, I would speculate that it is top (international) military brass.

Yes, we want Regime to oust President Bashar al-Assad, who uses chemical weapons against his own people, much like the use of the insecticide Zyklon B against an elite race of righteous people. 

But if a strike is launched against Syria, then their ally, the USSR will launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM's) with nuclear warheads against US cities.

Yes, we want to prevent North Korea from developing long ranch missiles with nuclear warheads, but if a strike is launched against North Korea, their ally, the PRC will launch the missiles with nuclear warheads against American cities.

So let us remember the oratory of the greatest American leader, after Abraham Lincoln, the Catholic President Kennedy who said: "Let us not risk the cost of worldwide nuclear war, in which even the fruits of victory would be ashes in our mouth".

The fallout from a nuclear winter would turn all the edible plants and animals to ashes, including our tasty lamb. 

Then the prophecy spoken on Ash Wednesday in the Catholic Church, "Dust you are, and dust you shall return" would come true, somewhat more quickly in the time-line of human history than one would want it to.

S MacDonald

Apartheid creeping in

Correspondent Ian Brougham (19/4/17) has every reason to be concerned and nervous about the apartheid creep in our once unified society.

Separatist race-based initiatives include Maori-only consultation rights under the Resource Management Act, co-management of parks, rivers and lakes, unelected representation via seats on local councils, appointments onto local government committees, (statutory boards and advisory committees) plus the Maori seats in Parliament. 

Additional anomalies include Maori language funding, radio and TV, a special Maori Authority tax rate of 17.5 per cent and an exemption to allow blood relatives to qualify for charitable status.

Our largely unwritten constitution the envy of many worldwide is under threat from a treaty-based Maori empowering written constitution.

Our beaches via customary marine title applications have been opened up to suspect claims by tribal opportunists, about 40 claims nationwide, with 13 in Northland alone (most of its' coastline). 

Arguably, the gravest threat of all is, part-Maori iwi personages want race-based control and management of the nation's freshwater.

Gallingly, the justification for all of the above is usually based on mistruths, twisted fabricated history and a false assertion of a Crown - Maori partnership. 

Question; when will mainstream New Zealanders (the irrelevant majority) wake up and tell our politicians/government that all reference to race must be removed from all our legislation?

Geoff Parker

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