Wonderful experimentation

Black Moon
By Kevin Calhoun (Random House, RRP $37)

I love my dystopia fiction, especially when they are outside of the young adult genre which often concentrates on the destruction of civilisation due to a war or aliens.

Karen Thompson Walker's Age of Miracles, released last year, was a wonderful experimentation of what would happen if the rotation of the Earth slowed down.

Now, Kevin Calhoun delivers his vision of an apocalyptic world; a world where sleep evades everyone except for a select few know as sleepers.

The premise of this novel is fascinating to read. Without sleep we begin to panic, we begin to hallucinate and dreams that were once inside out heads seem to spill into reality.

Following a number of characters, Calhoun explores humanity at its most desperate.

The instant division between those that cannot sleep and those that can is terrifying to read. Loyalty disappears and relationships are torn apart.

Black Moon is dark, violent and trippy to read and a fresh look at one way the world as we know it could end.