Every fan will want this

03:53, Jun 22 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Breaking Dawn Illustrated Movie Companion
By Mark Cotta Vaz (Hachette, RRP $35)

Following on from the previous movie companions, this one also features dazzling colour photographs of your favourite cast members with behind-the-scenes commentary on key scenes, including the wedding, the honeymoon and the special effects used to make Bella look so gaunt during her pregnancy – a favourite of mine to read about.

Stephenie Meyer, who made a special appearance during the movie as a guest, offers a special Q&A session where she talks about topics such as seeing her writing come to life, her emotions during her cameo and how she sees Edward and Bella as a married couple.

This companion is just as good as the previous ones, allowing fans a special insight into how the movie is made and the experiences the cast and crew had. A must-have for every fan.