Effort to find this book well worthwhile

By Gillian Flynn (
Phoenix - an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd, RRP $50)

The ordeal I went through to get this book was incredible. Local bookshop hunting, scouring the Internet for deals, a package going missing, re-ordering from another vendor, missing package turning up months later and then finally the book arrived. It was exhausting, but completely worth it to read this amazing novel by Gillian Flynn.

Nick Dunne's wife, Amy, goes missing on the morning of their wedding anniversary and all evidence points to him being responsible.

Told from the present perspective of Nick and past diary entries from Amy, the reader is thrown into a world where a marriage is breaking down and how this impacts of husband and wife. Both characters are addictive and fascinating to read. As each narrative unfolds it becomes clear that not all is what it seems and at a certain point in the story the plot is turned completely upside down which was incredibly frustrating for me as the plane I was on had started to disembark.

If you enjoy a great thriller, with tortured characters, Gone Girl is perfect for you. I also urge anyone that loves a good story to pick it up as well.