A classic for the kitchen

16:00, Dec 29 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Dulcie May Kitchen: Everyday
By Natalie Oldfield (HarperCollins, RRP $45)

Following on from the earlier success of her Gran's Kitchen and Gran's Family Table cookbooks, Natalie Oldfield has produced another winner packed with recipes both desirable and accessible.

All too often, modern cookbooks tend to feature ingredients that no normal person has in their pantry or food that looks like it's been painted on to the plate and is all about art over appetite.

However, Oldfield isn't one of those arty-farty types, preferring food that will appeal to all and work for the average family.

She knows what people want to eat, hence her award-winning cafe Dulcie May Kitchen, in Auckland.

Oldfield learned to cook the old-fashioned way: her gran taught her. And her grandmother continues to inspire her, both in cooking and writing.

This book is a celebration of everyday dishes that aren't too fussy but are packed with flavour: You'll find classics such as roast beef with all the trimmings sitting quite comfortably alongside modern dishes such as pork and herb terrine. There's also baking, breakfasts, children's recipes and much more, beautifully illustrated and simply explained.

This one is likely to become a well-used kitchen classic.